Falling In Love Again (Part 23)

Pragya- But why don’t you look like you are on my side ?!
Bul- ohho leave Di.. Let’s explore our conversation more.. What was special about yester night ?!
Pragya was having teary eyes. Bulbul on seeing this comforted her with a hug.
Pragya- Bulbul why are you hurting by asking these questions.
Bul wiped away her tears.
Bul- Dii… Diii…. Diii.. Why are you crying. Sorry Di if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to.
Pragya- Then why are you asking these questions when you the whole truth about Mr. Sun. Though I have texted him to forget me and move on,but I myself can’t. I still can’t get over that phase of my life..

Saying so she broke into tears. Bul had no clue why her Di was behaving like this. Why is she missing his Mr. Sun, when she is married to him. ( Bulbul know Mr. Sun is Abhi mentioned in Part 9)

Bulbul guessed that she don’t know about Abhi being her love. So she decided to reveal the truth which she might be unaware of.
Bul- I know Di why are you crying. You haven’t seen face of your Mr. Sun that’s why you are shattered and not able to enjoy your new beginning. I want to tell you that your Mr. Sun is…

Sarla came with Abhi as it was their time to go to MM. Knowing they came in the room, Pragya wiped her face and stuck fake smile on her face. Pragya turned and faced Ma
Sarla- Pragya, beta I know your conversation will never end even if you two are left alone in the room for days and years.
Abhi smiled
Abhi- Pragya Dadi is calling me again and again and asking about you.
Pragya- G chaliye.( Let’s go)
Sarla and Bulbul went out of room to make arrangements for their way back.
Pragya was lost in the thoughts of what Bul was trying to say. Her words were echoing in her mind.
(You haven’t seen face of your Mr. Sun that’s why you are shattered and not able to enjoy your new beginning. I want to tell you that your Mr. Sun is…)
Pragya in thought- What was Bully trying to say. Does she know who is my Mr. Sun. I must ask her. I should not ask.. I’m married now.
With these conflicting confused thoughts in mind she left with Abhi.
All waved bye to Abhi and Pragya and they sat in car.

In car Pragya still lost in thoughts, Abhi tried to break the ice and start the conversation.
Abhi- Your Ma is too good. She has magic in her hand.

Pragya gave no response.
Abhi- Hey Jinny, where are you lost. I’m talking to you.
Abhi got her back to senses and Pragya nodded as yes with instant fake smile which vanished soon.
Abhi- You must have inherited taste from you Ma. You are also a chef. My favourite personal chef.
Pragya again just smiled in response.
Abhi- Hey why are you so quite.. Do you want to spend some more time with your family ?
Abhi slowed down the car to take U turn.
Pragya – No it’s not like that.. I was just feeling bad about leaving them. But it’s ok. Let’s go Dadi must be w8ing.
Abhi- Without you Dadi is aadhi.. (Abhi as usual craking jokes to cheer her up)
Pragya’s mood was lightened. She remembered Bulbul gave her locket.
She took that locket out of the clutch and offered to Abhi. On seeing his long lost locket Abhi applied sudden break to the car. Both felt the jerk

Abhi- Ohh this locket… Where did you get it !?? You are really a ‘Jinny’ of my life.
Seeing Abhi’s excitement Pragya was also smiling.
Abhi- Wa.. Wai. Wait. Wait a minute. When I came to you to ask about this locket, you said you threw it away. How it is with you now ?
Pragya- (gave a nauhty look) That was just frustration because you destroyed all the art work so I was in no mood to talk to you. So I just gave the fake excuse. Actually even I didn’t know that this was in my purse. Bully must have kept it when we were collecting our stuff.
Abhi was just looking at her.. He could just see she was speaking but he was not paying attention.
Pragya- I have done nothing. This must be written in your Bhagya so you got it..
Abhi- Bully !??!?
Pragya looked at him and realized he don’t know about Bully.
Pragya- Bulbul
Abhi- oK. Bully, Jinny, Abhi.. Our names are matching
Bully Jinny
Jinny Abhi
Abhi Bully
(Trying to crack silly joke)
They reached MM
Dadi welcomed both of them. Abhi went to see Aliya and Pragya sat with Dadi.
Abhi- Aliya I have something to show you.
Aliya- Bhai ! when did you come ?
Abhi- See ( Showing her the locket)
Aliya- Wow bhai. This is amazing.
Abhi- Do you remember, One day I was talking about a locket, which I couldn’t find anywhere ?
Aliya- Yes you were searching for it everywhere.
Abhi- This is that only. See I found it. It was in my Bhagya only. I found my lost thing.
Aliya- But how ?
Abhi- Your Bhabhi found this for me.
Aliya- You are lucky to have her in your life. She is your lucky charm. She will let every good thing come across your destiny. She can find anything for you. I’m so happy for you Bhai
They gave a side hug
Abhi thinking – I wish she could help me finding mine dearest thing.. Ohh Miss Ray.. I can’t forget you. I won’t forget you. You will part of my heart forever.

Here in the room Pragya confused with the thoughts call Bully.
On call
Pragya- Hello Bully
Bul- Hii di.. Yoh missing me.
Pragya- I want to ask you something.
Bul- What you want to ask me?


Pragya- M….Mr.. Su…Sun..
Abhi- Miss Ray !!!
Where are you.. Where you have been I missed you so much..
Saying this he started crying..

Guys next will be the interesting part as Pragya will Ask Bulbul the question about Mr.Sun. I hope you guys are enjoying reading this..

  1. Awesome episode..good to see him caring for pragya.
    Fingers crossed that they come to know about each other really soon..
    Please post daily..

  2. This is Amazing Anu… Keep rocking… Eager to know how Mr.Sun will meet Ms. Ray…
    Please make their interaction emotional… I would love that.. 😍😍

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