Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 26

Let’s begin….

Both RagSan compose from the hug
Sanskar was still laughing remembering how she managed chulbhuli.coming out of the thought he asked:so what next?

Ragini twists her lips: first time i didn’t got any idea!!
She looks at him pouting
Sanskar:we should tell truth,the don will accept i think so
Ragini: noo..hum sabko suli pe chada diya tho.. She asked with a horrified expression
Sanskar:you are impossible!!
Ragini:i think we should wait till tomorrow

Chulbuli who heard it: so something is cooking here,how dare you to show my place(she realised what she said) i mean show me so low,just wait and watch what chulbuli can do!!
She smirks

Ragsan comes out

Ragini sees chulbuli:ae chuhiya idar aa..
Sanskar:Ragini…(he gave an disbelief look)

Chulbuli burns inside but fakes a smile and moves to her
Ragini:if anyone got to know then!?

Ragini: good..


Next day
Sanskar was passing by from outside the mansion
At the time don call him:suno ladke…
He turns to him and points at himself

Rajnath: yes you only

Sanskar moves to him
Rajnath smiles at him

Adarsh who witnessed this: kuch tho gadbad hai!
He was fearing

Rajnath places his hand on sanskar’s shoulder: what do you do?
Sanskar confused: haan..?

Rajnath:i mean profession? Only singing in weddings or is there something else too
Sanskar:no only singing in orchestra
Rajnath: come with me
Sanskar was suspicious and he was feeling something will happen

They reach hall
Where mehendi function was going on

Ragini and pari and purvi were serving food to the guest
Nithya was applying the mehendi

When Rajnath: today i want to make an announcement!!

Everyone looks at him

Rajnath:along with nithya,even chulbuli would married to sanskar

Sanskar/Ragini Shocked??: what?

All looks at them
While chulbuli smirks at Ragini

Sanskar:but saab ji i can’t…i am married
Rajnath laughs: goli maar use

Ragini was like????

Sanskar:no saab ji i ca…
Adarsh who entered the scene: no saab ji

Chulbuli:thankyou ji…you have listened my words

Pari:it can’t can you separate a husband from wife!!

Rajnath:sanskar where is your wife?i would ask her the release and give her the things which she requires instead of you…

Chulbuli herself: now i would see,you warned me right now you have to blurt out yourself

Ragini burns in anger and as chulbuli’s plan she bursts and how could she not?how can she bare this fact?but no she can’t wait!

Ragini moves to Don and angrily bursts: how dare you to say this? You would make my husband married, and what you said mujhe..mujhe Ragini ko goli maaro and aap uss chuhiya se mere sanskar ki shaadi karwane wale the…

Chulbuli angrily glares her

Rajnath: ae girl you are nithya’s friend right?

Ragini:konsi friend kaisi friend wait let me tell you the truth
She looks at around and sees laksh in sikh attire

And drags him:this is laksh,my husband sanskar’s brother who is in love with your daughter nithya so his brother adarsh bhaiyya sanskar and babhi’s pari bhabhi and me came to help him along with my bhaiyaa and bhabhi

Everyone are shocked
Sanskar covers his eyes through his palm

Rajnath angrily he was about to say something
When Ragini shows her palm:i haven’t completed,and yes (she looks around and sees the groom there)woh dekho ghada khada hua hai(groom look at himself)..mere devar ki personality tho want your daughter to get married to a donkey?huh!

Rajnath:sun ladki teri itne himmat

Ragini: i would dare!!what would you do

Sanskar held Ragini’s wrist and about to drag her from there before the situation goes out of control

But Ragini is Ragini:sanskar one minute..i want to clear his confusion

Sanskar:Ragini you..
Before he could continue
Ragini again started her lecture to rajnath

Ragini:bolo, what would you do? You don’t even look like don?

Arjun who silently peeped to see what’s going on?!
Was shocked this sister …before he could continue his thought Ragini sees him peeping
He understands again he would be a bali ka bakra

Ragini shouts:bhaiyya idar aao

Arjun closes his eyes: this sister of mine would definitely kill me one day!
He acts to be wiping his invisible tears

Ragini:my brother alone is enough to handle you..he is gold medalist in boxing

Arjun himself:from when?i don’t know the ‘b’ of boxing

Rajnath:oh then call him here,let me see

Here arjun was lightly hitting his head to the wall:oh god,what did i do?

Ragini:bhaiyya come here
She herself goes to him

Arjun:is this needed?
Ragini doesn’t listen to him and drags him to the don

Arjun looks at Sanskar,and he assures him through eyes

Sanskar goes to Don before Ragini could reach:please listen sir,we don’t have any bad intentions my brother loves your daughter and i can guarantee you he would keep your daughter like a princess

He looks at nithya who bends her head

Ragini:sanskar Woh aise nahi sam…arjun covers her mouth
He drags her out

Arjun: chup reh meri maa…

Rajnath: but why should i believe you

Adarsh comes: we are Maheshwari’s sir

Rajnath: what did you say..? Maheshwari’s
Adarsh: yes!!!

Rajnath: durgaprasad maheshwari

Here Ragini shouts at arjun: bhaiyya..he is in the urge to marry my husband to the chuhiya,stop acting like a coward

Arjun: don’t know how sanskar manages you

Ragini glares him

Purvi comes: Ragini..sanskar is managing be calm

Here laksh:sir please give me one chance!

Nithya moves to him: papa please!

Rajnath:you are durgaprasad Maheshwari’s family so i am leaving you so before i take some actions you should better leave

Sanskar: sir…
Laksh:uncle please..

Rajnath:nithya,go in and tomorrow is the wedding that’s final

They tried to convince him but he didn’t accepted

They comes out being disappointed

Ragini was fuming and after seeing all their disappointed

Ragini shouts:Rajnath bose..

Arjun hits his head

Sanskar:shh Ragini

Ragini continues: can’t you just listen to your daughter’s wish. Hame itni bhi kamzor mat can you back of haan?

Everyone tries to stop her
But she didn’t stop
Sanskar:Ragini bas….

“Thudddd”a gun shot was heard

Everyone are shocked to see rajnath who has brought the gun with and angrily glaring Ragini

Rajnath:i thought to leave you all but no… This girl has provoked my patience so all will die today itself

Ragini angrily: what you thought we would get scared? matter how many times cat tries to become tiger but at the end only one word comes out that’s meoww

Arjun:yeh bhi maregi saath hi saath sabko marwaegi!and how much you tried to become jhansi Rani you can’t become..why are you not understanding laadoo ???mere laal maan jaa

Ragini ignoring arjun:and now if you dare then come without weapons!

He points the gun at her

Arjun:sunooo…now you are testing our patience

Rajnath looks at him

Arjun:hum itne aasani se khade rahenge aur aap hame darayenge..hum bhi leeche nahi rahenge

Ragini felt proud of her brother:haan..nahi rahenge

Arjun:hum sab saath mein…….bhaagenge..1..2..3..bhaagoooo

All starts to run

Ragini and rajnath didn’t realise what was happening


Sanskar picks her from behind and runs…..

Rajnath commands to hia goons:pakdo sab ko…sabse pehle uss ladki ko

Ragini:sanskar chodo mujhe..i want to show him his place

Sanskar didn’t utter a word

At the time there comes the car..
It was Raghav
He was angel for everyone
Everyone climbs the car

Ragini:i won’t come
Sanskar: this is not the right time Ragini frees herself from his grip and goes
She have already left to Rajnath

Good held Ragini:kameenon..leave me..i came by myself

Rajnath laughs: see you got caught
Ragini:i didn’t coward..i came by myself!

He was about to slap her when someone held his wrist
And revealed to be SANSKAR: this is too much

Ragini smiles: yahoo…sanskar…

To be continued….

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