Spoilers 14th August 2018 Revised

Jija ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham gets kidnapped. He asks his Seth ji to save him to paying the ransom to the kidnappers. Murari doesn’t want to pay anything to save Pancham. The kidnapper scares Murari and tries to strike a deal with him. They ask Murari to send Bijli with her magical cape. Murari tells them that he doesn’t know anything about Bijli, where she lives and how to reach her. Ilaychi is the problem maker. She is acting like Bijli and fooling everyone. The kidnappers have spotted Pancham with Bijli. They get Pancham captive so that they can get Bijli to their godown and ask for her invisible jacket. The kidnapper wants to use the magical cape for executing their crimes. Ilaychi will reach Pancham to rescue him from the kidnappers.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil’s story will get a short leap. Vedika stays in an old age home. She imagines Sahil with her. Vedika and Sahil have sweet moments in her dream. Vedika misses Sahil. Badi Amma instigates Sahil to hate Vedika. She has poisoned the water, consumed by Anjana. She has killed Anjana only to put the blame on Vedika. She doesn’t want Sahil to run after Vedika. She succeeds finding him annoyed with Vedika. She wants to separate them.

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