Ishqbaaz FF: Found My Solace Chap 8

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Chapter 8:The Monday(3)

“May I come in sir”, she asked again.

“Yes please,come in..”, Mahi answered trying to keep his calm. He was a man who gave great importance to discipline (something he learned from Shivaay and Omkara).And this girl had already broken it on the first impression. He knew about being nervous for interviews and all but walking away without paying any attention was sheer rudeness for him.

He drank a glass of water and asked Tanya to take a seat.

“I’m sorry …”,Tanya began.

“You should be”, pat came Mahi’s response.

“I know I’ve hurt you a lot but the entire fault is not mine.I agree I am at mistake but I think you know how much I loved him…and I know I don’t need to explain you what someone does for their loves’ happiness. That’s exactly what I did. And I am genuinely.. extremely sorry for that. Please forgive me if possible.I know it’ll be hard for you both and your family but please… that would put me at so much ease with myself..”, Tanya said the whole thing in one go..

It had taken so much effort for Tanya to bring all these words out.And before she lost it,she had to let them out.Who knows if she would ever meet him again by coincidence.Tanya was definitely sure she still wasn’t strong enough to go to the Oberoi Mansion to apologize.. of course she has to do it at some point but not now..”You have to stand on your own two feet first”,she had always reminded herself.

Tanya was breathing heavily after her short and quick speech.

On seeing this, he quickly handed over a glass of water.

“No.. it’s fine..”,Tanya began.

“You really need it Ms.”, he replied.

Tanya took the glass of water and gulped it down immediately.

And Mahi…

Well…all this while, he had absolutely NO IDEA what this girl was saying.
She should be sorry for what she did but why does she think she has hurt me? Yes she has certainly disrespected me but hurt is not the word!
And what is all this ‘I am not entirely at fault’ and ‘loves’ happiness’ and all”, he thought, not taking his eyes off her.

And why the hell is she bringing in my family seekin forgiveness?And ‘you both’..who both?..
What in the wide world is she saying?”, his thoughts continued,with his eyes still fixed on Tanya.

Tanya could now feel his burning gaze and she lost all her confidence.She couldn’t bring herself to look up at him,so she continued to keep her head down.If only she would look back straight into his eyes would she realise she was talking to the wrong person!

Neither of them were speaking.
An eerie silence filled the room.

Mahi, how much ever he tried, wasn’t being able to understand her words. How would he…little did he know they were meant for Shivaay and not him!!

But while his thoughts were bend over her words..his eyes had brought in some different thoughts!

Those brown orbs of his had noticed how petite and dainty this creature was…

How her beautiful hair curled down to her shoulders..
Those scared black little eyes,her red lips..
How that white salwar clung to her attractive body accentuating her her fingers fidgeted with her light pink those jhumkas made her look so cute!!….

Wait..CUTE!?!…MAHIII WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!???..”, his conscience literally shouted at him..

This was the first time Mahi was noticing a girl so intently.

What are you doing Mahi?..she came here for a job interview..for God’s sake concentrate on your job and get a grip over yourself..”, he reminded himself.

So to break the silence, he asked,

“Do you remember you are here for a job interview and not on an apologize mission?”

He decided not to focus on her words just then.

Is this for real? He is really talking about the job?”, Tanya wondered.

“Answer please..”, he brought her out of her thoughts..silence just couldn’t be allowed to creep between them coz his thoughts would go back to where it shouldn’t and…!..No.. absolutely NO distractions!!


“So why did you talk about unnecessary things?
You did a mistake and I am more than enough to forgive you..why did you have to bring my family in?”


Mahi cut her off,

“I don’t want any explanations.
And look, I really don’t have time for all of this nonsense.Do you realise you have already lost 10 minutes of a total of 20 that is alloted to the applicants?

What makes you think I’ll let you complete this session after wasting so much time? This is a growing taxi business and TIME-MANAGEMENT is the most important skill needed here. First you disrespect me by walking out,then you come back and waste some more time.. it’s evident from all of this that you just don’t know the value of you may leave!”

Tanya was shocked to the core.
Yes this is a job interview,and she should not have said all that she said but only she knew her circumstance! And here Shivaay was still talking about the job..Comeon he should know the importance of what she said..

Poor Tanya now had no idea what to do…Tears again threatened to fill het eyes.

Well..he said leave so you better..”, and she turned to leave. “But wait a sec..he was giving so much importance to this job right now so if I can convince him about saving time in the next minutes,will I get the job?”, she thought again. Her eyes now glimmered with a slight hope. Shivaay may not have forgiven but he definitely does not mix his personal and professional life.. that’s clear does she stand a chance?

“If I convince you that I do know the importance of time,will you give me the job?”,
Tanya asked.

“And how will you?”,he asked,
“Remember, you only have 10 minutes left…wait 8 now.”

“Well if I manage to do what others did in 20 minutes, then I do know how to save time right?

Tanya was all set to give it a last shot and now in realizing that he kept person and profession different,she too was ready to bring out her professional side!

On seeing this new found confidence in her, Mahi decided to give her a chance.

“Ok then..your time starts…NOW”


Precap: Did she convince him?

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