Arrange marriage love – Ragsan – 8

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Next mrng ragini woke up. Everything seems new for her. She looks at her ring.

Rag: it’s all coz of u.

She gets sanskar’s cal. She receives.

Rag: hello.

San: gm.

Rag: gm ji.

San: today I woke up at 6. Not 10.

She laughs: I already asked sry for that. It was swara. Not me.

He lost in her laugh.

San: ur laughing face is very cute.

She stops laughing and feels shy.

San: I mean. U look gud in all way.

Rag: thanks.

San: no need to say thanks. If u don’t mind can I ask u a question?

Rag: ji.

San: we r going to marry soon. May b within a week. So I just want one answer. But u shud answer honestly and truly.

Rag: I will.

San: d..o.. do… u.. love me?

her heart beat stops for a sec. she doesn’t know how to react.

San: ragini. U there? Did u feel bad? If so then m sry.

Rag: no, nothing like that.

San: thank god. I thought u got angry on me.

Rag: no not at all.

San: then will u answer my question?

Rag: actually.. i.. i.. u.

San: I know u like me. I asked do u love me?

Rag: to b honest I don’t know exactly. I need some time to answer this.

San: no prob. U can take ur own time. But if u answer before marriage I feel gud. But no prob. As u feel.

Rag: thanks for understanding.

San: I shud thank u. for coming into my life.

Sanskar hears ap calling him.

San: ok ragini. Mom is calling me. Call u later. Bye.

Rag: bye.

Ragini feels happy. She herself doesn’t know y. but sanskar’s voice makes her happy.

Rag: I know I like him. Do I love him? How can I answer him when m only not sure. Soon I’ll answer u sanskar ji.


Marriage is fixed after a week. Ragsan were nervous. And on other hand their siblings teasing them.

Maya to sanksar: how boring u r sanskar.

San: what I did now?

May within a week ur marriage is there and u both r only talking on call. Its time of meeting, dating.

Moh: ya. She’s rite.

San thinking: but dadi won’t allow.

Moh: idiot. Who’s asking her permission? All very well know that she’ll not agree for such things. We shud do it hiding.

San: hiding?

May: chup chup k milne ka maza hi kuch aur hai.

Moh: don’t wry. Badi maa and chachi wud b knowing.

May: we will go for picnic to hill station.

San: hill station?

Moh: budhu. I’ll arrange everything. U make ragini ready and also her sis.

May: sis?

Moh: hey don’t take in other way. She cant come alone. So I told.

May: then ok. Sanskar call her now.

San: ok.

Sanskar dialed number.

San: hello uncle ji.

Maymoh: uncle ji?

San to them : I’ll take shekhar uncle’s permission first.

Both slap their head.

San: uncle ji. Can I take ragini out for picnic. Me, maya and mohit r going. So thought to ask u. not only ragini. Swara too.

Shek laughing: of course beta. U asked my permission before her, that matter me most. Both swarag wil come with u.

San: thanks uncle.

San: he gave permission.

May: obedient son. Call ragini now.

He calls ragini and all get ready to go.


Next mrnng.

Sanskar picked swarag from their home. While going in car they played antakshari. Sanskar was driving. He was looking ragini through mirror. She too seeing him but avoids when knows he’s looking her.

They reached spot and spend sometime. There were so many huts. All selected whichever they like and go to sleep.

Ragsan were not getting sleep. Ragini was thinking how to answer him. and sanskar was thinking will she answer soon.

Ragini came out of hut. She roaming just thinking abt sanskar. Someone kept hand on her shoulder. She was abt to scream but he closed mouth.

San: don’t shout. It’s me.

She relived. Sanskar was staring her only. She signed at his hand by her eyes. He sees still he has kept his hands on mouth. He left.

San: sry for making u scare.

Rag: its ok. Its very lonely place so I got scared.

San: its too late. y dint u sleep yet?

Rag: ji actually. Was not getting sleep. So thought to walk here. and u?

San: same here. lets walk together.

They start together walking. There was silence again.

Rain starts. They ran near tree. Till that they get fully drenched. She was feeling uncomfortable as her clothes were wet. She was adjusting her dupatta. Sanskar understood and turned otherside so that she feel comfortable. Soon rain stops.

San: shall we go. Rain stops.

She nods. They move towards hut. She slipped and fell down in mud. He gave his hand to help her in getting up. As she holds hand, he too fell in mud. She starts laughing seeing him.

Rag: u tried to help but urself fell.

San was looking at her only seeing her laughing. She stopped seeing him staring at her. Both of their clothes were dirty. They share an eye lock. Rain starts again. He made her stand looking in her eyes. He wiped mud which was on her face. She got scared by thunder and lightning and hugs him tightly. He too hugged her. He lifts her in his arms in goes in her hut. He took towel and gives her. She closed eyes. He goes near her and kissed on her cheek slowly. Her eyes were still closed. She was shivering. He slowly goes near her ear and says

San: I hope u don’t mind by my kiss. If so then sry. M desperately waiting to listen those words from u. gud nite.

He was going but stopped and turned. She turned other side feeling shy.

San: waise to m waiting for ur answer. But let me tell u. I love u so much. I love u more than myself. After my mom, its u whom I love the most. U became my world now. I want my world to b always with me.

He left from there. She turned and looks at him going to his hut. She smiles happily.

Rag: I love u too. I’ll not take much time to tell u. I too love u so much.

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