Research about Naags by Naagin (Behir) Episode 3

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Mahir: yeah Bela why you lied to Sumi aunty? I forgot to ask it.

Bela: if my mom knows she won’t let me here. Because my mom promised my dadi that no one from our family won’t come to this place especially in search of naags.

Mahir: but why?

Bela: reason is my dadu. My dadi is a big devotee of naags. They lived near to this village. They often come here to visit a naag temple.One day, by mistake they went into forest, there she saw a temple at middle of forest. So she requested my dadu to take her there. There they saw one havelli. It’s really one old peice. My dadu admires it. He was fond of painting. One day he went into forest alone to paint that havelli.

Boltu (hold Adi’s hand):what? Alone? Why yaar?

Adi: to have masti with Ghost.

Boltu: what?

Yuvi: chupko. You continue Bela.

Bela: he take a hunting gun with him as it is forest.

Pratham: hunting gun means that long one na. (Everyone look at him as now he started) vo that constables will have na.

Mahir: no, it will be like that.

Yuvi: now do you want to know with which gun powder it’s bullets are made.

Pratham: no. Hmm, continue.

Bela: he started painting. He lost himself in painting it. (She take something from her bag) Just then he saw a man there. He saw that man was walking behind a bush. He was about to call him, but then he saw that man fully, that he was half snake and half human. He was afraid. That naag na turn towards him. He was afraid and without thinking he shoot at that icchadari naag.

Everyone: what?

Bela: as soon as My dadu left that place. For him he just killed snake which is about to attack him. But my dadi strongly beleived that snakes will revenge. Then, she went to one temple and told one Guru jee about that incident. He told her to leave that place and also, told her that icchadari naags in that place won’t cross their limit from that forest. If they cross that limit means they won’t attack any person. It’s their Promise to Lord Shiva. So my dadi make my dadu and mom that they won’t come or let anyone from our famiy to this place.

Suhani: then, Bela why you came here? If anything happens wrong

Bela: relax na, i am innocent. They won’t attack any innocents. Also, i won’t justify my dadu’s act. But he was afraid. Ok leave it. Here, see it. This is the painting of that haveli.

Everyone look at that painting. It’s outersketch of that haveli.

Anu: guess, this is a clue where we can find any icchadari naags.

Bela: exactly.

Boltu still holding Adi: Bela are you sure to continue it.

Bela: yes

Pratham: but why?

Bela look at Mahir then others: will you be with me?

All: obviously.

Mahir: but reason

Bela: Mahir frankly, i don’t know. But my heart is overwhelming to come here.

Boltu: what overwhelming? How could you bela?

Bela: i don’t know why.

Yuvi: okk. Let’s have some sleep.

Adi: ok Girls in one room. Upstairs, it has double bed, it is big enough for you three. Then, me, Yuvi and Boltu in guest room, it too

Boltu interrupt: definitely not, i won’t sleep with you. Pratham will

Pratham: not at all

Mahir: ok i will sleep with them. You two share that room.

Yuvi: fine let’s sleep. Hmmm, i forget to tell Boltu that room has small hole in it. It is big enough for snake to come inside. Ok Good night.

Boltu and Pratham: what? Nooo.

Suhani: enough of your pranks. He is just making fun of you. Go and sleep.

Everyone went to their rooms and slept. Next day, boys wake up and get freshen up and went to living room.

Boys: Good morning girls.

Bela and Suhani from Kitchen: Good morning yar.

Suhani gave them their coffee.

Adi: it seems like for someone it’s not yet dawn.

Bela: yeah, Adi she is sleeping. Let her sleep na. We will do everything.

Yuvi: you carry on, we will come.

Mahir: hey guys, let her sleep.

They didn’t hear him. They went upstairs and started waking her. She na, not at all move her eyelids.

Yuvi: off that fan, she will wake.

Adi: wait a minute ah, let’s do a little touch up to her.

Yuvi: not bad idea. Ok then,

He went to dressing table and take something and come to Adi.

Yuvi: here are weapons (make up items)

After a while they switched off fan. She wake with a jerk.

Adi and Yuvi hold mirror infront of her: Good morning Princess.

Anu sleepily: Good Morning.

She slowly opened her eyes and screamed in fear. She just then realised that is their work and started chasing them. While in downstairs everyone look in the direction of staircase. She is chasing them. Everyone burst into laugh.

Mahir: wow, what a pleasant view in morning.

Anu: Mahirrr

Mahir: hey my coffee.

Bela: let’s capture a photo na.

Anu: noooo

Suhani: obviously.

Boltu and pratham hold her hands and everyone jump over her and atlast they took some selfies with her ghost face.

Adi: ok, today’s caption selfie with ghost.

Anu: no Adi, you can’t do that.

Suddenly Bela remember that she not yet call her mom.

Bela’s pov: how i forget to call mom. If she call us for sure she will found out that we are not in ooty with the service voice recorder.

She called her mom. Sumi picks the call.

Sumi: Good morning sweet heart.

Bela: Good morning my dear mom. Whats up

Sumi: morning coffee. Missing my darling

Bela: miss you too ma.

Sumi: where are you? Whether you all had anything?

Bela: haan ma, we had. We reached here by early morning.

Sumi: how

Bela: mom, when there is Adi and Yuvi then it is not at all wonder if we reached here by night means also.

Sumi: yeah, but adventure will be thrilling also it is dangerous. So be safe.

Bela: ok mom. Gayatri aunty kaha.

Sumi: she not yet come here. Ok when you are going to start your research.

Bela: after breakfast. Mom when we get into forest tower may not get properly. So, i will call you once we reach home.

Sumi: ok beta, no problem. I won’t disturb you. You yourself call me.

Bela: ok mom bye.

Sumi: bye dear.

Bela and Suhani prepare breakfast and everyone had food and started walking towards village.

Bela: Yuvi and Adi it will be better if you don’t do any pranks infront of them. Also, Boltu and Pratham if you don’t open your mouth means also, it will be good.

Four: okkkk ma.

They enter into village. Bela felt like some one spying them. She suddenly holds Mahir’s hand and turn behind.

Mahir: what happened Bela?

Bela: i felt like someone is spying us. But no one is there.

Mahir hold her hand: relax, no one is there. Then when i am with you why are you worrying?

Bela smiles: ok, let’s go. See they went that much far.

Some where in cave, it’s so dark. A man is standing with bowed head.

Man: Naagraj, there is a group of youngsters enter into village.

Voice: how many girls?

Man: 3

Voice: watch them closely, definitely one among them will be Mahanagrani.


I am sorry for late. Little busy with studies.

Then, How is today’s chapter?

Hope i didn’t bored you.

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Superb epi selsa.. Wasnt bored at all i enjoyed it reading waiting 4 d next one.. I am damn sure bela wil be the mahanagrani bt how.. Waiting 4 d suspense to break lovely epi

    1. Selsha

      Thank you so much Saniya? yeah, obviously Bela will be Mahanagrani but how? Stay tuned

  2. super awesome chap selsha . Waiting 4 nxt upd8

    1. Selsha

      Thank you? will update soon

    1. Selsha

      Thank you?

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