Mere Sai 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Kaushalya

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Mere Sai 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai sees a distressed mother with her toddler crying outside Dwarkamayi not finding water, walks to her and offers her water. Eknath fills water in 2 buckets, his wife insists to carry one. He says he is old, but not weak yet and says she can just hold one with him. Wife feels tired after a bit of walk. Eknath scolds her that she is old now and should not do strenuous activities. Sait takes distressed mother into Dwarkamayi where she reveals that her name is Kaushalya and had come to Shirdi 1 year ago, her husband passed away 2 months ago; she had never stepped out of house till her husband was alive and stepped out after he passed away to feed her son; she does labor work and as her son is growing, he wants her to be near him and today while she was working, he cried loudly, so owner got irritated and kicked her out of work. Baizaa maa asks Sai if they can help Kaushalya. Sai says let us think about it later, first Kaushalya can help him cook food while youngsters take care of her baby. Jhipri takes baby with her. Kaushalya helps Sai in preparing food.

Eknath and his wife return home. Wife says she will go and cook food. He asks if she cooks food, then what bahu/sunbai/Usha does. She says bahu prepares dinner and she prepares lunch, they distribute work among themselves. He calls bahu and asks if he deserves a retired peaceful life or not. Bahu says he deserves. He says even her sasumaa deserves retirement, so bahu will take care of all household work from hereon. Wife asks how can she dump all work on bahu alone. Eknath says like she, his mother, grandmother, etc. did and it is a good deed. Wife tries to interfere, but he warns her to keep quiet. Usha feels angry thinking she was already busy and now baba dumped more work on her. She starts preparing lunch. Anand asks her food as he had early breakfast. She says she will call him once food is prepared. He sees snacks on rack and trying to pick it falls down and cries. Usha scolds him. Eknath walks in and scolds Usha to stop scolding Anand and console him instead.

After preparing food, Sai asks Kaushalya to taste it. She tastes food and says it is tasty. Sai says with pickle, it would be more tasty. Kaushalya says she has pickle at home and will bring it. Chihu gets tempted hearing about pickle and asks to bring some fore her also. Govinda jokes aayi needs lots of pickle as she likes spicy food. Everyone laugh. Baizamaa and others also insist for pickles. Kaushalya gets sad thinking she prepared only a small quantity and cannot serve everyone. She brings pickle from home and serves everyone with food. Everyone likes her prepared pickle. Chichu praising her skills requests to prepare some more for her. Others also request. Kaushalya gets tensed thinking where will she get money from. Masterji says they will give her money for ingredients and even labor. Everyone offer her advance. Kaushalya gets emotional and tells Sai that she had come here to seek Sai’s help, but Sai already helped her without asking and she earned so much money which she would not have earned with whole week’s labor work. Sai says everyone has talent in them and they should use it in a proper way to earn money. Kaushalya says she knows to prepare sweets and savories and while serving them pickle, she will get them sample which they can taste and order. Sai suggests her to work loyally. Baizaa asks to seek anyone’s help if she wants and everyone would be happy to help her. Kaushalya gets more emotional and thanks Sai more.

Usha serves food to Eknath, his wife, and Aanand. Eknath tastes it and coughs, says it is very spicy. Wife says he is habituated to British’s bland food. He says he worked for British, but lead a pure Indian vegetarian life; so spicy food is not good for anyone and orders Usha to prepare normal food from hereon. Usha tastes food and angrily thinks Eknath is habituated to create issues of simple things.

Precap: Eknath gives all his life’s savings to his son.
Usha complains her husband that with baba’s return, everyone got something and she got more work.

Update Credit to: MA

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