Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 14)

Starts with rads sitting alone in class,arjun comes there and shuts the door,rads getup by the noise and see arjun approaching her,she step back and bumps into wall,arjun step forward lock his arm around her,pinning her to wall,EYELOCK….he blows on her face,his warm breath seduces all her senses,he cups her face and bring his lips close to hers,he kisses her leaving rads to lift her toe,rads endup in shouting,jus then she realise its her dream..she get tensed.

Tittu: wt happened again?
Rads: nothing
tiitu: ur always telling nothing….but something is disturbing u….am i right chasni.
Rads looks at her,tiitu: ok,nw dont look at me likethis….have water,tittu gives her water,rads drink it.tittu ask her to sleep,orelse v may b late tmrw and get lecture from that big eyes lady don,rads smiles and tells her am not coming tmrw,can u inform everyone.

Tittu: who is that everyone
rads: mam,charu,pia and arjun
tittu: arjun???
Rads: s my dr
tittu: oh…ok ok,chasni,i wll inform.
Rads and tittu waves gn wishes and goes to sleep.


nextday,at clg,arjun is waiting for rads in greenroom,he hears footstep,smiles,turns around and is shocked to see tittu,his smile fade away.

Arjun: what ru doing here,wer s ur friend,tell her to come fast,its already late…
Tittu: radhika is on leave 2dy
arjun: y?…at happened?
Tittu: she told,she is very tired
arjun: ok,thanks for informing,u may leave now..tittu leaves,arjun is left thinking abt rads,he gets restless not seeing her around him,in hostel rads too feels the same….both are lost in eachothers thoughts.

At ni8,arjun is playing pool,neil comes and joins him.

Neil: dude….wat do u think abt love
arjun: thinks of rads and their movements and start to explain
neil: hey,dude…i asked generally,but u have linked everything with that girl radhika
arjun get shocked.
Neil: have u fallen in love with her
arjun: smiles in his heart and tells,no,i dont love anyone,and dont need anyone and goes out
neil: arjun ur lips say something,bt ur eyes say different stories,,,i think ur falling in love…neil thinks how to find out truth.


in clg,rads is going towards staffroom,someone pulls her inside empty room,she is shocked to c arjun,arjun ask her y u din cme to clg yesterdy…rads is busy staring at him,she thinks to stay away from him and tells its my personel matter and tries to go,arjun stops her carasses her face and ask her to answer his question,rads is lost by his touch,arjun is looking at her lips…she get tensed.

arjun lifts rads in his arm and puts her in car.

Credit to: Deepa

  1. Thank you for your mind blowing episode….love you loads dr…fr ur grt episode

  2. super………………………shocked while reding first scene……amazing……….end scene also super…………..thanks…..thanks……………nice……………….

  3. Hey Deepa u r awesoooome…racy dear…keep it going…waiting for next bud…but y radz abs ysday…me too keen like arjun hahaha….

  4. wow what an episode yaar can’t imagine the feel …
    You are really great yaar…
    your story is the best one to drop audience into the feelings
    fabulous story…
    can’t wait for precap…

  5. So sweet episode…
    Waiting for tomorrow…

  6. Hai Deepa…i was waiting for ur update yaar…i have checked at least 40 times to c whether u updated or not..
    Coming back to story wat a epi dude…First dream scene is Superb and convo between Neil and Arjun too was great,and last scene too was great dude.So happy to c Arjun Worrying for Rads…Aww..Great going…Precap Seems interesting…thank u and tight hug to u from ur fan..Take care ? u loads and ur story…

  7. Hey deepa this is not fare yaar yesterday i am eagerly waiting for update plz can you update next one also

  8. This is the first time I am commenting n I must tell it’s an awesome story. I actually read each n every episode yesterday n fell in love with it. I was never aradhika fan but u n other stories about dym present in this site made me love them I even watched the show after reading this n other dym related stories present in fan fiction.
    Please update other part soon. Lots of love n again this is awesome story ???

  9. Deepu y u tuk so much time yar. Mind blowing episode.
    Ardhika chemistry is superb. Plz update nxt episode 2day plz.

  10. Awsome story! Waiting for more.

  11. Mindblowing story yaar love it

  12. Deepa one sugestion..
    Why can’t you start your another story completely in different subjects.

  13. lovely epi…….deepa u rock

  14. usual awesome deepu.!!!!!!
    you have grate imagination skill….. hats offf
    waiting for ardhika’s farmhouse romance 🙂
    luvv you buddy ♥
    episode 15,post it soon dear.

  15. hey deepa, Wooooooooooooooooooov you rock girl.

    Lovely episode.

    Love the tunning between ardhika

    keep going girl. Want to see a sizzling dance between ardhika in upcoming episodes.

    Its totally up to you dear .

    We can read about it or not.

    Well song of the day.

    Teri meri , meri teri prem kahaani hai mushkil from Bodyguard

    Enjoy it girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees/

    And ya especially my favourite song want to dance and shake on it.

    Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri D by Dhanush

    Love you deepa , love you all girleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees tasnim samiha zara , deepa, natasha, thena, farha, tanya, anu , love you soooooooooooooo much.

  16. Loved it deepa….plz
    Continue with it…..I eagerly wait for each episode.

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    u hv a great thinking deepu with that the audience were spellbound with the grt chemistry b/w aradhika ur narrating one :-]

  19. Deepa as usual ur superb want u to shine ur life through ur writings

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