A New Start (NAUC, Epi 5)

continued from last update,,………….
kabir & viraj leave for jogging & viraj tells kabir says ok m ready bring the treadmill viraj seighs & says in a irritatd manner/voice that why treadmill why don’t u just lie on bed and raise ur legs & cycle kabir nods a yes ……. & viraj says that for jogging we need to go outside& kabir says wat’s the need for going outside their own house is big enough for the jogging purpose & viraj persuades him by saying that he is just restricted to the walls of his house & he should go out & explore …………. KABIR gives it a thought and thinks he should go out & tells viraj he is ready to go out but not too far just till the door of the next neighbouring house viru sweatdrops & thinks what does he think jogging is??? he is not at all serious about it & he is gonna think of a way to get him out of the house walls where he can exicute his plan he tells kabir that they will go to give autographs to their fans…waiting for them at a place….. kabir at once agrees & starts day dreaming about it…….& goes & appliees sunscreen so that he shouldn’t get a tan on his beauuuutifull face viraj seighs again on kabir’s childish attitude ……kabir changes & and they leave towards the venue in carr,…….viraj still doubts kabir’s thoughts that what he might have understood & how easy is it to fool him……. but he is determined to send him to colledge………

on otherside nisha gets ready for colledge & comes down in the dining room for breakfast as usual when she reaches the breakfast table on her way she leaves trails of disaster & is pointed out by roopan & dada g she sees jwala & bunty & ask them the matter and assure them that after breakfast she will drop them to their school on her scooty….just then ramesh ,sukku & umesh enter the dining space and ramesh says no need nisha as u r already late for your colledge & umesh is back so he will drop them ……. jawala grins & her braces shine…. bunty gets sad & ramesh nears bunty & say u hav to pay for your sins someday…& bunty looks confused,,….& says what sins dad?? roopan comes with her costly dinner set & says well we r not so money minded people & care for our children’s future & give them best of education that’s why she has kept best tuition teacher for jawala & she will top again unlike other children looking at bunty & ramesh…………. nisha is getting furious but luxmi enters & keeps her hand on her hand & shakes her head as a signal asking nisha to control & somehow she controls herself from answering back to roopan………… 😛 😛 but! ramesh speaks & calmly answers that bhabhi we know you are the best and no one can equal you …….. roopan gets irked by unexpected & unusual responce and leave angrily while ramesh greets dada g & others & mohan also enter & says whats thematter why roopan……… dada g says it.s no time to chat & ramesh say yess it’s no tome to chat & they will talk later…….

****** to be continued…..

next time: we see/read kabir’s reaction on knowing viru’s betrayal…….

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Credit to: fan writer

  1. Hey guyz sory for mistakes & hope u liked it like the previous ones…..& pls suggest me viru pairing & shud oh my my bua g make hr entry soon or take tym & also saurab & dolly shud i shw thm in affair , married or just met & wat abt ritesh & kirti pls giv ur veiws …… & can it b unexpected priyanka + saurabh with bhabhi g as saurabh’s kin 🙂 or saurab kirti or virti viru + kirti lol just kidding some pairs but gimme ur veiws abt pairing lol 😉

    1. excellent plot

    2. thanx a lot anu dr & nyce to c u here & keep reading……..

  2. I was thinking i m missing sme1 & its dad g so let’s see how he helps in viru’s plan

  3. nice RICHA I Like it….how about, when kabir and viraj r leaving……….buaji comes shouting” viraj! kabir!suno…….oh my my viraj mere fairness cream khatam hogaya…plz I want one immediately……& viraj,”par buaji hum to…..”oh my my viraj jitna kaha hai utna karo”
    how’s it?I know its a little boring……..lekin,u asked,so I just tried 😉

  4. Make Viraj and Kaira pair…Kaira becomes Kabir’s Tuitor…

  5. Oh no matter nibir dr i liked it & will try to incoprate it in0the stry dr itz gonna b funny… & bua g is for fun 😀

  6. Hey nibir wat abt pairing……. Pls giv ur openion

  7. It will be awesome richa di

  8. I’m so confused, I haven’t read the last few updates, what is Viraj trying to do to Kabir??

  9. @ zazzy here kabir is a lazy , rich spoilt brat who is accostmed/used to all riches and a lazy lifestyle & he is d most lvd one and knows his way out so here viru is tryin to take him to clg without being a fallen prey to kabirs clever nasty xcuses plans etc hope u got ur point

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