Unforgettable Serials – 2

Hey guyz sorry for late update…

Today im gonna memmories u guyz about a cutie serial which we made fall in love….
ITs none other than RANGRASIYA..Such acute love story…this story tells us about a beautiful love tale of Paro..
The main attraction of the serial is the SET…i just love their create SET with darky lights with lots of space….
But sad thing is…you guyz know well…Paro’s death….i have cried a lot…
But still our paro is back in the form of MYRAH….A NRI girl…
One question guyz!!!
Do we miss Rangrasiya?????
Anyways i miss a lot…just hope that our writers create more beautiful serials like RANGRASIYA,DYM,NAUC…Etc.
Thank you guyz…!!!

Sorry for mistakes..


Credit to: Sweet

  1. Hai Sweet, I too liked that serial And used to miss it. But now I had almost forgotten about Rangrasiya. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful serial.

    1. Its pleasure dr …..im felt up with saas bahu serials…so for u guyz i search hit serials and helps u guyz to memmoriez

  2. Hi Sweet, it was my favorite show. I love to see it again and again. Very touchy story

  3. hey sweet …its my fav serial and will always be..
    currently im watching RANGRASIYA dubbed in tamil..

  4. Thanks Sweet for reminding this cutie serial…
    Once I loved that,now almost forgot…

  5. Unforgettable serial in my life….& will be always
    parud……I love u forever
    I will be hpy if they bring RangRasiya-2
    Waiting for that

    1. unforgettable serial like very much paru and rudra all the actress in that serial best i am
      also waiting for part 2

  6. Yess I miss NAUC alot… Sporty nisha and cutie pie Kabir..!!♥

  7. I can’t forget this serial. Luved it so much. After MJHT n IPKKND sanaya did superb acting in it. Missing it.

  8. I can never forget NAUC. when I saw the last episode,I REALLY CRIED….MISS YOU NAUC……NISHA,KABIR,COUSINS AND EVERYBODY 🙁

  9. i just luv rudr becz he express anything with his eyes and especially his moustache highlight he is apt for that role luv ashish sharma……..i wanna see u on screen wth a beautiful story hoping sooo.

  10. Thanku guyz….keeping reading

  11. Go n watch raj tv ( dub in tamil) at 9.30 p.m. srl name azhagaia laila.

  12. Sry, Azhagia laila.

  13. eager for next epi

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