Are we destined for each other?????(His Feelings!)

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S: Om, I have only one doubt, what is the problem with her and Mom?

Om narrates the whole incident to Shivaay.

Note: Om didn’t inform Shivaay about Anika’s love for Shivaay.

S: So, she thought that I will divorce her because of Tia. It’s true, that I don’t know what is love, how does love mean, but I only meant if we can’t live together for 6 months, then we can separate. She just takes everything in the wrong way.

O: She wasn’t like that. She doesn’t expect anything. She is like a hopeless person, nothing to cling on to support her life. We all tried a lot. She needs someone to make her understand when trouble comes, the ones she love, is with her because of the same love, not a burden. When mom and dad fought, they never put the blames on me neither a case came such that I was the cause of it. But for her the case was different, most of the times she was the cause of the fights occurring, which made her think herself as a burden for her family.  She is a talented person, but because of all those problems, she wasn’t able to concentrate properly in other activities. In between, she is a good dancer, like you.

S: Ok, if that is the case, then don’t tell her that I asked you this.

O: Ok

Shivaay goes.

Shivaay’s POV

I never thought a girl like her to suffer this much. She fights with me, she is now my wife due to circumstances, she likes me and I don’t know what I feel for her. Anyway, I will solve her problems. She is different from me. She is talkative, I am silent. She doesn’t like sweets, whereas I love them. She believes in love, whereas I don’t  understand what is it. She is an atheist whereas I am not. How do we go along with each other?


Whatsoever is the differences between us, now my priority is to make her happy. She even cared for my feelings even if it was for  a fake girlfriend. Never did she insulted any of my family members. She is Om’s inspiration. I should make sure that she will be the one like us.  She always keeps her preferences aside for us. I have to make sure from now on she gets the happiness she should get.

Shivaay goes to their room. He sees Anika reading a book.

S: Anika, can I talk to you?

A: What happened to you, Billu?

S:(even though he hated someone else calling him billu, today it seemed beautiful) Ani, is there something which you hide form me?

A: (looks cautiously) N..No

S: Your’e lying.(sternly)

A: No, I am not lying

S: Yes

A: No

S: I know everything about you, your history, etc.

A: What do you know?

S: Your childhood, afterwards, likes, dislikes.etc. [ He added something which he doesn’t know]

A: Om told you?

S: Not exactly, but I confronted him.

A: Ok, you know everything?

S: Exactly!

A: Do you like me?

S: No infact, I hate you! I do hate you, because you have taken up a place in me after Omru and family, before itself. I hated you because you were able to make feelings for you in me. I hated you because you influenced me a lot. I hate you because only after our catfights, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I don’t like anyone coming between me and Omru but when you come, it is like I don’t care, I feel like your’e my family. I don’t know why your’e some one important to me..!

What will be Anika’s reaction?

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