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THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


“Ohhh okay…” Pinky said leaving Anika’s hand. “Mom…” Shivay said in a pained voice and looked down. “It’s okay puttar” daadi said smiling faintly though her tears cascaded down. OmRu went beside her and wiped her tears and dropped kisses over her head. Everyone’s face became pale and no one further talked about taking Anika back to Oberoi Mansion. Anika saw this and immediately said “why being sad my fellas” in her cheerful chirpy voice that once used to ring in the ears of every members of Oberoi family. Everyone looked at her while she swayed Tianshi from one side to another through the air and moved forward and turned towards everyone. “Okay I know I won’t be there… but see my shadow will be there with everyone of you, so for her happiness you should be happy…and should never cry or feel sad because I am not there” Anika said and looked at everyone’s face and then at Tianshi. Everyone turned towards Ishana while Jhanvi rubbed Ishana’s back smilingly and Ishana blushed.

But one pair of eyes were fixed at Anika who understood what Anika actually meant. Anika’s eyes got locked with his and he smiled, his face turned bright with pride. He smiled, after so many days he smiled and that too because of Anika. She looked away and dropped more kisses on Tianshi’s face. Everyone went awe looking at the purest bond between the mother and daughter. Anika then gradually went towards Shivay and stood in front of him. Shivay straightened his back and looked at her eyes. She extended Tianshi towards Shivay and he very carefully held her. “Shivay… now did you feel how much it pains when someone snatches away your soul, your daughter from you. I can’t be as rude as you behaved, here is your daughter Shivay. You separated a mother and her daughter from each other but I promise you, I won’t separate a daughter from her father. She is and will always be yours as you said. Keep her with you, just take the utmost care of her and treat her like your princess” she said and turned back at everyone. Everyone smiled and the tears followed the way down everyone’s eyes. Anika gave a faint smile and walked to her room and closed the door.

Shivay looked at Tianshi , she seemed as the most happiest person that day on earth. She has not cried a bit after meeting her mother. He handed her to Pinky and wiped away his tears before they cross the barrier of his eyes. Elders got busy in discussing about Om-Ishana’s marriage while Soumya took Tianshi in her hold and the youngsters along with Sahil started to play with her. Shivay looked at everyone busy with one or other work. He tiptoed and walked outside. He slowly without making any sound went towards the window of Anika’s room. Fortunately the window was open and thus he peeped in to check what Anika was doing. She was sitting over the bed and was wiping her unstoppable tears. She was silently crying. He slipped in through the window and went close to her.

He placed his hand over Anika’s shoulder and Anika looked up with shock and was to shout when Shivay closed her mouth. “Shhh…” softly he said removing his hand from her mouth and she composed herself and moved away from him and stood at a distance. “Anika…” Shivay called softly and she didn’t turn towards him. ”Anika..please..please look at me” he spoke, but she didn’t wish to reply him. He turned her towards him having no option, but she didn’t look at him. He giving up spoke “Why… why did you suddenly change your decision… why did you give YOUR DAUGHTER Tianshi to me?” and waited for her answer while she looked away and didn’t answer. “Anika… you had every chance to insult me and that too in every possible way then… why… why you didn’t?” he asked again hoping that this time at least she will speak up but she kept mum. Shivay went two steps close to her and asked the same questions again ,but the response was same,  Anika didn’t answer. “Please Anika talk to me, you… you can punish me, hit me, slap me but please talk to me… I can’t bear this silence of yours… please talk to me” he requested while going close to her with each word that left his mouth. Anika moved away and faced her back towards Shivay and let go of the tears that she was holding back until then.”Anika, please say something..please for God sake” Shivaay once again pleaded.

“what do you want me to talk Shivaay? what are you expecting now from me? I have given you everything you wished and wanted…My daughter and my sisters..i have nothing else left now, except heartful of grief, guilt and pain… there are no words left and no conversations remaining, so what do you want me to answer? You will not understand through what I went when you pushed me out of your life, you can never imagine how I lived each and every moment after that day. It pains Shivay, it pains a lot… ” her voice broke down while saying , yet she  continued with hiccups ”You don’t… don’t know how I… I took care of  my family and myself. You will will never understand Shivay that if you would still continue to hurt me , even then I won’t be able to hurt you back… because… because I love you Shivay..i still love you the same way i loved you before we separated.” She took a pause trying to control and continued ” Yes I know it was my mistake… my mistake to think I have gradually become a part of your life, your routine… I know it was my fault to fall in love with you, but believe me I never loved you because of your wealth,  all I wanted was a happy family where at least trust exists if not love ..i never had a hope that you will love me back until our bond grew stronger. I know Shivay, that… that you can never love me back the way I do, I have accepted this truth. And to be true from today, no… from now on, I don’t want to talk to you about all these ever… please Shivay let me forget you, please let me start my life once again with loneliness as my wealth… and i being all alone, again” Anika completed and walked off without turning back once.

Shivay listened to each and every word she said carefully, her words were those daggers that stabbed his heart millions of time in  those few minutes. His feet stumbled and his knees felt numb. He sat down with a thud and the cyclone that stirred within himself evolved out  from his eyes started to wet him in and out. He was crying, he was crying for her. His pain came then out of his mouth as those words that he wanted to say her yet he couldn’t, he spoke to himself  “I… I love you Anika… I love you” and sat back and continued crying his heart out. “I was… I just tried to be normal without you, I tried to live back my old life after pushing you out, but… but Anika how can I? I love you, the blood that flows down my arteries and up my veins loves you… I love you like crazy… why do you think I can’t love you back? Why do you think only you are suffering through the pain of separation, why do you think and how can you think all these? I love you Anika, with all my heart. My heart belongs to you… Today, today you taught me… what love actually means… today you taught me that love makes people strong and not weak. Today you taught me, how one sided love is always special…and you proved me that true love though one-sided will turn mutual.. I love you Anika… I… I love you” Shivay said all these while crying and looked into void.

“Rudra…” Soumya softly called the man who was standing beside her and was listening to Shivaay’s confession along with her. “You are crying?” Soumya asked and Rudra looked at her. He nodded and broke down hugging her tight. “Why did this happen to them? Why are they going away when they love each other more than anything else… why is this happening to my superman and my super woman?” he asked while Soumya kept on rubbing his back to sooth himself down. After he stopped sobbing, she pulled out of the hug and very lovingly held Rudra’s face in her hands and spoke “we will not let them fall apart, we will bring them back… together, with each other… and today I promise you Rudra, my di and our bhaiya… will be together, forever” she promised as Rudra hugged her again.


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