Happy Friendship’s Day to my all of you! You guys have supported and inspired me like true friends ❤ while I got to know some of you personally others have been silently supporting me throughout my writing journey! It really means a lot ?❤ Much love to all of you???????

So let’s get started ?

Recap – Swara – Ragini face off……………………….

All four of them enters the palace and enters RagPoo’s room and all settles down… silence had covered the atmosphere. Ragini looked at everyone. ‘
Sanskaar was sitting silently with his head down and moist eyes. Pooja was also playing with her hair strands while abhay was looking at the trio in confusion with his one brow up.
Abhay : kya main puch sakta hun ki kya hua tha mall mein?? ( can I ask what happened at the mall ? )
Ragini : lol… you first tell me what was all that prank about haan??
Abhay : oh bhabhi ji… sanskaar called me to come to mall directly as you girls were taking so much time to shop…
Ragini ( holds sanskaar’s ear ) : acha beta?? You complain about me to your friends haan?? Btw I have never seen you before…
Abhay : voh actually…. I’m sanky’s school friend…
Sanskaar ; g..ginu…..
He gulps. Pooja takes abhay out of the room to give ragsan enough space to talk.


As soon as pooja and abhay left the room sanskaar burst out crying. I got worried and sat beside him on the floor and hugged him tightly.
sansku.. what happened?? Why r you crying?? Shss… please stop crying…” I tried to calm him down rubbing his back.
ginu…. swara was right.. earlier also I was the reason behind your separation from your family and nw also because of me you fought with her….” he said in between his sobs.

” like really sanskaar? Are you out of your mind?? What non sense are you blurting??” I asked him separating him from me. I was irritated.

” shut up sanskaar….. dekho…. this is the last time I’m telling you that if again you talked anything like this I’ll…. I’ll get very angry from you…. ” I held his shoulders and made him sit on the bed and I sat down and took his hands in mine ” sanskaar.. look what has happened has happened.. it was past.. no need to look back.. concentrate on your present and future… my present and future both starts from you and finishes at you… you need to be strong.. and you are not to be blamed for anything… that swara is mad.. if she wants something she’ll do anything to get it… may be she’s regretting but that doesn’t mean that she has got the right to say ill about you.”
I cupped his face and wiped his tears.
” sanskaar forget everything and smile. Please for me!! Haan???”
He nodded and kissed my forehead. I could feel his love and affection . I smiled.
” and if ever again this thought crosses your mind or someone say anything like this to you.. then always remember that one, past was past … two, I’m always with you and all this doesn’t matter… only you matter to me… three, trust me, yourself and our love.. always…… okay?”
Sanskaar nodded and hugged me tightly.
” thank you ginu… and I’m sorry for these tears… I promise I’ll not repeat this again….. and I love you so much!!!”
He said wiping my tears and kissing my forehead once again with much more love and care. I too wiped his tears and kissed his cheek and we both smiled.


On the hand, pooja told everything to abhay.
Abhay : sanskaar went through so much but didn’t tell me anything… idiot.. donkey…
Pooja : hey.. don’t say anything about my bhai..
Abhay ; oye bhai ki behen…… Jo bhi ho… Abb voh bachega nhi… ( I won’t leave him )
Pooja : arre but…
Abhay : what but?? Pooja I considered him my best friend..but he…. I won’t leave him…. .
He turns to go but hearing pooja’s sobs he stops and turns back.
Abhay ; pooja…
She turns.
Abhay : god.. such a dramebaaz.. okay baba I’m sorry…. look I’m holding my ears also… common yaar….
She turns towards him and nods accepting his sorry. He wipes her tears. They both have a cute eye lock which is disturbed by ragini – Sanskaar who came there a few moments back.
Ragini : ahem ahem….
They both moves away from each other.
Sanskaar ( putting his hand around abhay;’s shoulder ) : kyun kake… whats going on??
Abhay : k..k..kuch nahi…. par saale …. teri life mein itna kuch ho gaya.. saale bataya bhi nahi muhe… kutte kamine… (so much happened in you life but you didn’t told me anything )
He runs behind him and beats him ( mazak mazak mein 😉 )
Pooja smiles seeing them and ragini smiles seeing pooja. She hits her shoulder and moves her eye brows up and down.
Pooja : what??
Ragini agains does the same. Pooja tries to hide her blush and goes from there nodding her head. She laughs.
Abhay : bhabhi ji…. bhabhi ji bachao…..
Abhay comes towards her shouting with sanskaar behind him. They both run around ragini and almost pushes her in the pool but sanskaar holds her hand In a nick of time but naught abhay pushes them in the water and laughs like a maniac.
pooja comes there and is shocked to see the whole seen. She hits abhay on his arm.
Pooja : u idiot di doesn’t know how to swim… oh god..
Abhay : oh no…. before he could jump in the water sanksaar and ragini pops up. Ragini was tightly holding sanskaar while he took her in his embrace.

Abhay : sorry bhai I didn’t knew bhabhi ji doesn’t know swimming.
Sanskaar nods. Arshi and all other comes there, worried.
Khushi : ragu.. are you okay??
Sanskaar : yeah khushi she’s fine.. and ginu.. u can stand you wont drown.. the water in not deep….
She looks in his eyes. He blinks his eyes and holds her hand and makes her stand. Ragini takes a deep breath. Sanskaar looks at pooja. She bites her lips and nods. Sanskaar movesa bit behind with ragini and smirks.
Pooja goes behind abhay and pushes him in the water. All laughs. Abhay comes out of the water sliding his fingers in his hair.
Khushi : poo yeh kya bachpana hai?? Koi aise kisi ko dhakka thodi na deta hai??

She said pushing pooja in the water and then laughing. Not expecting anything like this, pooja coughs badly as water goes inside her mouth and nose. Sanskaar pats her back.

Arnav ( angrily ): khushi?? What kind of prank is this?? What if something had happened to poo haan??

Sanskaar ( whispers in ragini’s ears ) : khushi’s gone now…

Ragini ; naah.. arnav’s gone..
Sanskaar ; what??

Ragini winks at him and signs him too see.

Khushi : arnav… actually..

Arnav ( coming towards khushi ) : what actually khushi??

Before he could push khushi, khushi brings her leg forward and arnav falls in the pool.. < guys u understood na?? Khushi gave ADANGI to arnav 😉 >

Ragini : dekha… never even think of taking “panga” with a girl..

She smirks and gives hi five to khushi in air…. everyone laughs.. all the other youngsters too get inside the pool and they all enjoy the unplanned pool party.

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