Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 6

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The sixth episode…I’m very sorry guys…Keeping you all waiting for so long…But I had to go on a trip for 2 days…I just returned back…But ,pinky promise I’ll update continuously for the next three days…Love the people following, commenting, reading this ff…..Razna dear,some more patience PLEASE.Till the next episode.….Let’s start…

A sheaf of papers lay on the makeshift bed. Nearby, some more papers lay, all antique, dusty and threatening to tear to pieces any random second. The girl sat down, sipping a cup of hot coffee, switched on her mobile, a sleek Nokia Lumia and started listening to songs again. Flipping the pages of the Newspaper, she came across the headline “THE JOURNEY FROM CHAI TO ESPRESSO” it said. It went on to say how a Chembur born girl had now established a food joint within 2 months using the money she won from a cooking reality show. Some people happen to make it, others make it happen, she thought. A surge of pride went through her and before she knew it the coffee had splashed over the article. She groaned. She had only read one paragraph and reached the heights of her imagination without completing the whole article.
Akira: Screw it! I didn’t even see her face properly!
Daadi: Akira dear, come for breakfast!
Akira: Coming, daadi!!
She looked up to see the time.
Only then she realised it.
Akira: Good Morning everyone!
And without waiting for a reply, she started wolfing the food down. Quite unladylike, thought Pinky.
Rudra : I know Didi,I know…Sumo can be quite a competition, but if you tell her she’ll leave some food for you.
Soumya : Crybaby Oberoi, did you just say I eat a lot???So what huh? I do..Else my terrace will also be empty, like yours.!
Rudra: Sumo..!!!!
Akira: Stop fighting guys! Rudra, Sumo..I mean Soumya is so sweet,she’ll never eat without thinking about others…Its just that I’m damn late…
Om: When are you not??
Akira: Oh Really, Baba Omkara??And how did I get to see your wonderful presence so early in the morning?I thought you only haunted the house at night..
Rudra: Stop fighting,Soumya..
Soumya: Rudra, stop fighting.

Aware of everyone’s presence, they quickly quietened down. Akira took a spoonful of the yet untouched Rasgulla and ate it. A smile quickly formed wide over her face and she closed her eyes. It was pure heaven. These brothers cooked heavenly food. She made a mental note to get ready faster to relish the food even better.
Rudra: How is it, didi???
Akira: Pure heaven Rudra….The Rasgolla is Pure heaven..How do you guys even make such food!!!I must get ready faster to relish it even better.
Rudra:Thank Baba Omkara, Didi.He made it! You can thank him…
Akira looked in shock. Masking it with her trademark arrogance,she cheekily told Rudra.
Akira: I thought you made it Rudra. Sweet person, sweet food.
Rudra : Oh, I….
Akira : He knows to make this really well , no?
Rudra: Absolutely right, didi…!
Akira : Of course,Baba Omkara has a head full of patience ,right?That’s why he made the rasgulla,patiently over many days.. He must be the one peeling the potatoes, onions and garlic in the kitchen,right?
Rudra : Oh God , Didi,How did you know??
Akira : He’s a patient,Rudra…A patient saint peeling vegetables patiently….
Om: Daadi, its 09:00 am, Someone was late half an hour ago…
Akira : What On Earth!!Why the hell is time so fast????
Om: Because you are slow….
Akira: Slow my foot! You are so slow that you will probably feel the presence of girls in your “Vatavaran” only when you stand in the queue for senior citizens..
Hoisting the bag towards her back, she quickly dashed out of the Mansion . Om makes a face at her.
Om: The Storm has passed..I am unharmed…!
Shivaay: Not so sure , Om…Your honour just got murdered…By the way,Someone was careful that a certain someone went to the court on time.
Om: I just wanted her to get out of here.
Rudra : Bhaiya said about someone else,O…Why are you affected? She’s brainstormed you!!!
Soumya : Duffer Oberoi! You mean brainwashed??Empty terrace,I tell you…
Rudra: I meant she caused a storm in his brain. Stop loading everything you see in front of you inside your mouth, Sumo.. See, There’s no space for your brain now….
Annika ate her food patiently in the silence of her room which was comfortable and all bright and sunny. Light brightened up the room, it brightened up everything, actually. That’s why lights were everywhere, even in the dark, dark, world of fashion, modelling and cinema. The lights in her hotel’s kitchen, gave her pride, warmth to do something delightful. Her friend, he was a shining beacon of light, making her feel all light and happy. Light was everywhere, it filled everywhere.
Except her mind,

There was darkness, bottled up worries, anger, disappointment,hurt….No..
He would never enter her life again.
She would never allow him to….
But she wouldn’t ruin her life for him…
She would enjoy it to the core, she would fill it with so many memories of them…She and Saahil…
She would fill their lives and many more ones with happiness…
She then remembered those girls in the support home and the invite…
To go there and make a donation , or adopt a child.
There was , one girl, however, who was going to speak or rather woo the audience to be more generous to the home…Her name was Akira….Somehow, it reminded her of her own name, Annika….
A sudden pang of anxiety gripped her…
She buzzed them away…
But again,a fear, that something life changing may happen..
A fear, that the person she most wished to avoid may be there…..
Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

A.N: People, charge yourselves for the next epi……….Sorry for any mistake..Thank you for the patience and the love….

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  7. are akira anika same ?
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    Very nice dear…
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    Hey Shubhadra. It is super duper amazing. The way Akira and Om had their cute catfight…awww…..really adorable. And Rumya was mindblowing. It’s great…plz post the next one soon.

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  13. Mrunal

    superb episode…
    i loved rumya fight and really enjoyed omira in tom & jerry avtar…
    too good…
    waiting for remeet of shivika…

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    Awesome..the sync of both the girls is commendable..

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