Pyar ya saza (part 10) (wht r u hiding?)

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Let have a summary abt story till now

Sanskar is a famous business tycoon ….son of dp and ap and thy have a daughter uttara..swara and Kavitha daughters of sumi nd shekar…Kavitha is elder one….swara is doing degree final yr
Sanskar is engaged to Kavitha…nd sanskar is happy in thr relation…. WHR swara is in love with sahil …her CLG frnd…thy both love each other madly…..after engagement …one day Mrng Kavitha gone missing after leaving a letter at home… All were shattered… Sanskars was hrt broken as his love cheated..nd both family was thinking abt the reputation …the same time.. Rp father of sahil asked sahil to go to London for some meeting… First sahil opposed but later agreed nd in hurry he miss his phone….he reach London nd on the way frm airport he hit a girl by car…nd it relieved tht girl was Kavitha…he took her to his home in London nd she told her name as kriya…same time the letter which Kavitha left said tht…she is going away as she don’t want to be in a relation as she need freedom in her life nd want to enjoy it…nd she suggest abt swasan marriage….. The families who were thinking abt reputation agreed tht…nd swara was hrtbroken as she can’t live without sahil…sanskar too promise shekar tht he will keep swara happy nd ask her to marry him…swara try to contact sahil but no use as he didn’t took his cell…after seeing shekar nd sumo broken swara said yes to marriage… But she was dying inside…nd atleast swasan marriage take place nd swara bcm swara sanskar maheshwari…which is hard for her to accept….swara feel guilty to cheat on sahil nd spoil three life’s….Thr marriages functions were over nd she was finding hard to keep Strong…. Sanskar enter the room nd ask her to take time to adjust but for his surprise or for a shock she ask divorce frm him….sanskar felt sorry for her as no one asked her opinion abt marriage… Evn he didnt ask….but divorce?.. It he didn’t expect.. He understood something she is hiding….sanskar nd swara shift to Bangalore as Thr is sanskar business going on…nd he took admission of swara at CLG in Bangalore… Nd swara kept on asking divorce…..
In London next day sahil was Drming abt swara nd smiling in his sleep nd Kavitha ask who he is Drming abt …nd he told its swara…first kavi got shocked but she thought its not her sis….
Swasan reach Bangalore …he show swara a separate room…swara keep demanding for divorce as she thought Tht whn sanskar came to knew abt her past he himself will throw her out of his life…nd hr sanskar saw a lawyer for divorce nd he told tht only after 6 month can apply for divorce… Nd he advised sanskar to give a chance to Thr relation…nd hr swara is thinking only abt sahil nd divorce…..

Link for previous parts??


Link for previous part

Poor swara she even not know when she fallen sleep. She lay on floor itself. Sanskar on her door and thinks alot whether he should enter her room or not. He sees her shivering on cold floor.

He goes to her. He tries to wake her up but all in vein. She is in deep sleep. He stops himself from holding her. She turns and holds his hand.

She is murmuring “don’t go leaving me.”

He holds her and lifts her in bridal style. He makes her lie down on the bed. She clenches his hand tightly. He tries to move his hand, but she does not leave him.

She says “please, don’t go leaving me.”

He covers her with the blanket. He sits by her side and looks at her. He moves the hair and tuck it behind her ears.

Its was early morning, Sanskar was sleeping on sitting posture. He was uncomfortable to sleep like that but was helpless as she hold his hand. He wake up hearing her talks in sleep.

“No!! please don’t go, don’t leave me, please. ” she mumbling in sleep.

He sees their position and thinks if she sees him like this may feel uncomfortable. He tries to get his hand away, but she not let. She holds his hand, says “how will I live without you, don’t go..”

He was surprised to hear her talks. He caressing her hair says he never leave her. She wakes up, leaves his hand.

She asks “how did I come here. Sanskar you here?”

He asks “are you fine?”

She nodes yes. He asks her if she saw any bad dream. She shooks her head.

“How did I come on bed?”

“You slept on ground, you were feeling cold, I tried to wake you up, you did not wake up. So I made you sleep here you held my hand, you looked worried, whats the matter?” He asks worryingly.

She says “I m fine, did you sit all night, I sorry to disturb your sleep.”

“It’s ok Swara. Relax!”

Suddenly he start laughing seeing her eye kajal spread under her eyes.

He says “I m sorry. ”

She asks “what happened?”

He make her stand in front of dressing table and points at her reflection in mirror. She looked so horrible. She cries remembering her marriage and her asking divorce. How her life messed up in single day!!

He holds his ears “sorry, I should have not laughed, you look funny.”

She smiles seeing his antics.

“Swara you get ready. I’ll wait you on hall.” He said leaving from room.

He moves to his room, get ready. Then he moves to kitchen prepare something for both of them.

Swara went to washroom and washed her face. Then she got ready to college wearing black jeans with navy blue top and scarf over neck.

“Swara….. ” Sanskar called her from hall.

Taking her bag she hurried to downstairs. She looks at Sanskar who made breakfast for both. Swara took seat in front of him, they both eat. He was a good cook.

Getting in the car, she started to panic. She was sweating badly. It was noticed by him for sure, as he gave me his hand and he held it tightly.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“I guess I’m bit nervous” She replied.

“Just relax. You’ll be fine.” He smiled assuring.

“First day it will be. Try to make new friends. You’ll be alright. Ok now let’s go.” He said starting engine.

Swara stares at outside window, taking deep breath to calm herself. After half an hour they reached college.

“Close your eyes.” He said softly.

“What? ” she gasped in shock.

“Close your eyes.” He repeated his words.

Swara closes her eyes. “Now inhale deeply and exhale slowly. ” he said looking at her.


“Do as I say.” He ordered. She does what he told feels bit relaxed.

“Now tell me how do you feel?” He asked her with smile.

“Better than before.” She smiled back.

“Ok. Let’s go.” He opened door for her. They walk inside college.

Sanskar finished all formalities regarding her admission. Her heart beat is increasing due to nervousness it’s not like her previous college where she had a mini friends gang and Sahil.

Seeing clg the first thing she remember is Sahil, her first love sahil. It’s embracing her now to think about him after her marriage with Sanskar. But some times she just thrown back to olden days.

Sanskar while walking calls”Swara.” She turns to him with questions on her face.

“All the best.” He said while side hugs her making her stunned.

Swara just gave fake smile and waved bye to him.

She took deep breath murmuring “I will be ok.” In process bumped into someone.

“oops I’m sorry.. “said the girl.

“I am sorry actually mistake is mine. I should have seen you.. ” Swara startled.

“I guess you are new student right.” Swara nodes her head positively.

“Well very nice to meet you. Myself Ragini you can call me rags and you?”

Swara passed her smile and replies “Swara.”

“Swara nice name. Which stream you are?” She asked with excitement.

“Bbm final year.” Swara replied.

Ragini lips crept smile. “That’s cool same stream we are. So friends?” She asks offering her hand.

“Yeah friends.” She said shooking her hand

Both had few similarities on them. Swara sees her sister Kavitha in her who was her best friend too. Whatever Kavitha done she was good sister was point she can’t deny. She didn’t know anything about Sahil so no one can blame her for spoiling Swara life.

After class completed Swara walks out of college with Ragini. She sees Sanskar waiting for her. She hugs her and walks to direction of Sanskar.

She sits inside car. Sanskar drove car.

“So how was your first day ?” He asked.

“It was ok.” She replied.

“Did you make new friend?” He asked.

“Yes I got one ragini.” She said with excitement explain him what all fun both did. Suddenly reality hits her she stops herself tears filled her eyes. Sanskar notices this.

Sanskar stops the car and turn to her
“Swara I should not talk about it. I feel as if something bothering you, you should share it with someone, your problem will get less. I know after what hapoened you don’t trust me, its not your mistake. If you feel you have to share something with me, please share it with me.” He said looking to her.

She looks on but didn’t say anything give a weak smile. “I’m ok Sanskar if anything was there I’ll share it with you.”

“Swara don’t bother about anything. Just take care of yourself, tell me if you need anything, it will be done.”

She says “I know.”

He start car.

Precap:swasan moments…

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