Badho Bahu 23rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 23rd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lucky asks his father if he is happy to bring Komal back in the house. You played such a big game. You made me lose in one move. Raghubir ji declines planning any move or game. Komal saved Pragya. You came here for that. Lucky asks him if he ever thought of him. You always speak well of Komal. I am also your son. You can say honestly if I am not your son! Raghubir ji feels bad. You are my son. You are misunderstanding me. Lucky denies. You cannot see anything in front of your wish. You always do what you want. Your wish has ruined my life. No one can snatch these 6 months from me, not even you which is why I will take the first flight tomorrow morning and go very far away from you, your DIL, this place and this home! No one can snatch these 6 months from me! He walks away upset. Raghubir ji looks on.

Teji comes to Bharpayi’s room and acts to be sad before her. Zalim Singh dint took Pragya ji to Bakriawal. She went there on her own. He tells her something in mute. Bharpayi says even I know of this. She always says she wants to go to Mumbai and wants a photo-shoot. He says I said no to her but she insisted saying she will kill herself. I had to say yes. what else could I do? She blamed me for all of it on our way home. Bharpayi says she is like that only. She blames everyone for her mistakes. He suggests burning his hand today in Holika as a punishment for himself. She might believe it then that I was not at fault. I have no other option. She gets thinking.

Payal happily talks to her husband as he comes home. We are ready to celebrate Holi. Vardaan and Jamuna ji come holding bags. Payal and Shankar ask them what’s going on. Jamuna ji says it is you (Payal) who is leaving. She tells her son what all Payal has done. I have vowed to teach Payal a lesson now. I will throw you (Shankar) too if you will side with her. Shankar asks Payal what she did yesterday. Jamuna ji says I don’t know why I kept quiet before KOmal yesterday. Now I will do what I wanted to do back then. Payal says you know me since so many years. I don’t mean any harm. What I do is for everyone’s good. I always say what’s in my heart. I don’t hide anything inside and it means well for everyone. Komal went to her home after all. Jamuna ji stays put. She asks Vardaan to keep her bags outside. Payal stops him. She tells her MIL that even India and Pakistan can solve matters by talking. How can you do this to me? I am your DIL. You spoke so easily about throwing me out of the home. She acts to cry. Shankar tries to say something when his mother clearly tells him off. I wont listen to anyone not even you. Get your bags and leave from this house!

Pragya asks Bharpayi to get water for her. Bharpayi says I know everything. Teji ji told me everything. Pragya panics. Bharpayi says Teji isn’t responsible for whatever happened to you. He is very sad since he has got to know you blame him for everything. He has even told me he will repent by burning his hand if you wont forgive him. Only you can stop this now. You are the last hope. She goes. Pragya gets thinking.

Everyone has gathered outside to celebrate Lohri. Pinki comes there. Kamla ji happily welcomes her. Ladies compliment Pinki on her beauty and then ask about Komal. She deserves to be applauded. It is really difficult to find a DIL like her. Everyone claps as Komal enters. Ladies again tell Malti ji that her DIL is number 1. You are really lucky to have her. Pinki says there is no number 1 or 2. Everyone lives in the same house after all. One does whatever they have to do to protect their family. Kamla ji feels proud of her DIL’s values.

Raghubir ji address everyone and then asks Kamla ji to start the ceremony. She nods. All ladies join her. Newly married couples start the ritual followed by everyone. Komal keeps looking at Lucky but he does not even look at her. He prays to God to keep this fattie away from him. Komal thanks Bholenath for bringing her back in this house with so much love and respect. I don’t want anything for myself. I want Lucky ji to get so much love, fame and respect that he too shall look at me with respect for atleast 2 minutes like I always do. Teji looks at Pragya and then hurries off towards the burning woods. Pragya shouts out his name just when he was about to touch the wood. Everyone looks at her. He asks her what happened. She asks him to be careful or he might get hurt. Sorry, I shouted for no reason. He assures her he is fine. Kamla ji stops her husband from eating sweets.

Teji pulls Pragya aside holding her hand. He asks her if he has gone mad. If anyone sees this then villagers here with kill you. He smirks. See what I will do tomorrow! She goes from there.

Ahlawat ji requests her wife to allow him to have one laddoo. She gets upset. He sings a song to pacify her. Komal thinks of how Lucky asked for her hand asking her to come home with him. She imagines dancing romantically with him. She gets distracted by the noise of drums. Dancers dance around them excitedly eventually pulling everyone for a dance. Raghubir ji looks at Komal’s happy face as she distributes sweets. He tells his fellow villagers how proud Mahender ji would have been if he was alive today. Satpal ji agrees. I saw the same spirit in Mahender ji that I saw in Komal. Jitesh asks Lucky to take them with him too. Lucky denies. I have borne you long enough. I will take first flight tomorrow and go away from all of you for forever. He gets a call from his coach that they are cancelling the camp as it is raining heavily. It will take lot of time to repair camp.

Precap: Raghubir ji shows Rs. 10 note to Komal. It is of the time when you’re Bapu and I used to wrestle. We used to keep this as a bet every time. She says that dream is a dream now. He says I can still see that possibility. She asks him what he wants to say. He says I want you to wrestle on behalf of our family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. fun will come.


    Tooooo much late in lohri celebration.. but komal shouldn’t hve come so easily…. anyway waiting for precap

  3. Why Pragya change..,,?????

    1. Hi, I was wondering the same.

  4. bakwas… in haryana jaat don’t celebrate lohri at all its not their festival. kya bakwas dikhate hai.

    1. Exactly risu i was also thinking same.

  5. Hi Pooja, please update episode. Many thanks. 🙂

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