Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 28

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Hello everyone! Back again with a new update. I hope you guys like this one too. To warn you in advance, here too Shivaay doesn’t know Annika was in an orphanage.
Recap: Shivaay inspects the kitchen and finds the food in the fridge intact. He takes Annika to their room and confronts her. Annika rewinds their past in front of him, reminding him that his actions now did not lessen or wipe out the force of his reactions then. Shivaay kisses Annika after which she runs away from the room, regretting meeting him ever.

Shivaay POV:
‘..If it was possible, I would go back in time and erase you and our first meeting from it! I really regret everything, you…’
Tears glistening those honey brown eyes…
The hands wiping the tears away from that determined face…
What do they actually call this? Observing the minute details of a person and falling for them yet again, even in moments of despair like this?
As far as erasing was concerned, he wouldn’t allow that to happen. One ,time rolling back wasn’t a possibility.Two,even if that happened, he would break the limits that time placed on him too. And make them meet again. Make them love again. Make their journey complete again. Except the part where Daksh entered.
Because he was Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
More so, Annika’s Shivaay….With the kanji aankhein.
But the situation now couldn’t really be helped at all.
He needed, loved, all of her. But she didn’t. At least, now.
She wanted divorce. He didn’t.

The odds weren’t quite in his favour now. The plans to postpone the divorce weren’t many, he thought.
Maybe running off to an Overseas office of the Oberois,exactly after 5 and half months were over. Maybe Annika would have second thoughts, given more time.
Maybe get some baba,the guy in her locality who could cure madness, to say something along the lines of this marriage is destined to last 7 births and all that….
“Whom am I kidding? She’s the woman who said Check and Mate to me long before she properly knew me!” ,he said out loud, exasperated.
“The reason is Shivaay, you still can’t unravel what she actually is!”, suggested a deep baritone voice.
“I am hearing Om’s voice in my head? Clearly, he should’ve been the elder brother! Or maybe, I’m becoming mad!”, he said equally loud.
“Jab mile the pehli baar,usne kaha Shah maat,
Itna time hua ,phir bhi nahi seekha bhagad bille ne karna dil see baat!”,said a voice,not a deep baritone ,a chirpy voice everyone would recognize as being the youngest of the trio.
Shivaay turned around in shock.
“Shivaay,no,you are not becoming mad.What happened?”
“Nothing is right,O! I can’t think of one proper way to sneak out of this divorce drama. You are not your usual philosophical self. And Dumbbell Oberoi,well,he is now making up better shayaris.”
“And you called O,O. You are right, Bhaiya, nothing is right.”
“I need to talk to you Om about something that cannot be ignored any longer,Om”
“Shivaay, sometimes the most complicated of problems in life beg for a simple solution.Its the person involved that complicate it so much.All you need is..”
“..Love, patience, hope from your side, Didi!”, Akira chirped to Annika.
“Sometimes, Chutki…”
“Big problems seem to have easy solutions, but the reality is not so, Om”
“But everything……”
“…deserves another chance, didi!”
“I have given him…”
“A lot of chances, Om. A lot…”
“I personally don’t think I’m that saintly and insane ……..”
“…to give me another chance, Om!”
“Shivaay….Think of Annika. Think of yourself. Think of your relation. Think of what you did. Think of what she needs. You will have the answer, Shivaay!”
“And remember the three S’s Bhaiya…..Simple.Sach.Seedha.A certain intelligent girl told me.”
“Who? Love Angel? She’s the only intelligent girl who’s directly rubbing off on you in a positive way!”
No!Rudra’s mind argued.Saumya’s there too. But Saumya was Love Angel. So yes, technically there was just one person. Who would affect him.That much.
“A chavanni for your thoughts, Rudra”
Rudra broke out of his mental analysis.
“I was just thinking when we are actually going to sleep!”
“Oh! Rudra Singh Oberoi is thinking so deeply about sleep…About sleep, Om!…”
“Yes…Shivaay….About sleep…Only sleep…Not about a Riya….A Romi….You remember…That “Devi” who made ‘Rudra Dev’ wear a

Krishna costume for her ‘Srarty’…And surely not about Anju….”
Oh what weird species were brothers! Either pulling your ears or your legs!!But then, it seemed the God above had decided to give a bit of ‘Roshini’ to his currently in-the-dark-about-what-to-do- brain. A smirk appeared on his face.
“You actually remember the names of all my girlfriends? Sorry!Ex-Girlfriends?So you both actually listen to me than PRETEND to listen to me?”
Om and Shivaay looked at each other while Shivaay said, “Of course, whether I want it or not, I have a really good memory!”
“Just like you remember Annika DIDI’s Chavanni?”
“What nonsense…What’s wrong with Chavanni? Chavanni is a word one would use….”
“Absolutely, Chavanni is a word one would use, especially when he has a problem with ‘Tadi’, ‘Kanji’, ‘Chop’ and other such weird, disgusting language. Don’t you know that, Rudra?”
“S-Shut up…B-Both of you. It’s normal. The speed with which you change the object of your teasing can put the fast speed pickup of my BMW to shame,Om.How I long to tease you the exact same way you tease us!Wait,I don’t think I’ll have to wait long”

Rudra looked at them meaningfully.
“It is true then what Su..Love Angel said…”, Rudra said picking up a few more pillows from Shivaay’s side to his side of the bed. “Every husband, boyfriend thinks true love they need to give their women power when they enter their life. But women, you know, it seems actually need their space, their family, career, a lot of respect, equality, care and a little bit of love. That’s it, it seems. And no one’s the wiser when it comes to understanding what their wives want. Not even a Great wall called Shivaay!” He turned to the right, in a position to sleep.
“…Not even a great way called SHIVAAY…Respect. Equality…………”,the words repeated one by one in his mind. And he knew what exactly to do. Who knew Rudra Singh Oberoi could be so smart?
“Now even I’m convinced, Shivaay. Something is wrong!”
“Or maybe something is finally going to become right after all! Om. Let’s sleep. Good Night!”
Om wondered why he sometimes got thoughts like maybe his egomaniacal…..Okay; past tense egomaniacal brother had bipolar disorder. Wasn’t he on the verge of eating his hat just a few minutes ago? But then he saw Shivaay smiling.
That unmistakable Shahrukh Khan in ‘Baazigar’ type smile. That meant only two things. One, he had got what he wanted.
Or he had found a way to get what he wanted.
Annika had better watch out, he thought to himself.
The Next Day Morning, ShiOmRu’s rooms, 06:00 AM in the morning:
“Yes Khanna. All the information I need. Employ the best researchers you can. All in secrecy. She shouldn’t come to know of it.Not even catch a whiff. This is very urgent, Khanna.”
Shivaay kept the phone down. He drank some water to calm his nerves. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around, startled.

It was Om. Who could it be, in his room, so early in the morning?
“What are you doing now, Shivaay? You better watch your step, my dear Bhai. Your faults have been one time too many. Another serious mistake with her will be your undoing. Don’t act on an impulse. Think before you do something.”, he said wisely.
“Business tells me, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Om. And as every advertisement warns, Mutual relationship efforts are subject to situation related risks! This is one thing I can actually do alone, to save our sabotaging relationship. Trust me, Om!”
“Just don’t hurt yourself, Shivaay!”
“It’s not much as I am worried about hurting her than hurting myself, Om.”
“That’s what I mean too, Shivaay. Don’t hurt yourself.”
Om walked out of the Room. Shivaay, meanwhile, planned all the party masks, the fake praises, fake gestures he had to pan out in the for-no-obvious-reason party in the evening.

That’s it people!I hope you loved this.Finally,I’m off my writer’s block and can actually see the series coming to an end. Thank you In advance, for all the love, the comments, the requests and the clarifications you’ve made so far.There’s going to be another update pretty soon……Any appreciation intended, only with comments please… 

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    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Alekhika????

  1. It is awesome dii… Rudra intelligence is superbbbbbb…

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  4. Tanz

    It was really worth the wait…. I really loved the way the pairs completed each other’s sentences.And Rudra’s shayari – Wah,Wah kya baat. He is becoming smarter day by day. And I think you pay a lot of attention on TV ads -“Mutual relationship efforts are subject to situation related risks!”-They speak it so fast that I never paid any attention to it but now I know what they say,Yaay….and all thanks to you.
    waiting for the next part.

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Tanz…Rudra’s Smart not very smart… At least not till now….So a medium Wala Shari…. It’s actually,Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks.??I just changed the words a bit to suit the situation….??

  5. Diyaa

    It was a lovely update! The conversations were very interesting and my favorite boy Rudra was just awesome ? Ye writers block is an infectious disease it seems?Anyway, glad you are over it. Waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank​you Diyaa di…. I was walking around with no idea, and when it actually did,it was plain absurd…. Thank god I’m over it??

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    Awesome di , mind blowing. U nailed it. Muahhh. ..???

  7. Nita D

    Wow….this is awesome di….there were so many ‘wow’ moments in it….loved the conversation between Obros n sisos going on at the same time….N there were lot of funny moments like obros talk, Shivaay’s bipolar disorder, relationships subject to risk…..all in all it was worth the long wait….

  8. SUPERB……. AWESOME…… MINDBLOWING…… U again nailed it di…… rudra become more inteligent….. hahaha…… totally luv it….. Waiting 4 nxt plzz update soo……..

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  9. Awesome epi

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