Kriyam(Love, a beautiful relationship) Episode 23

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Episode 22

Hey guys, how are you all? Let’s begin this episode.

Everyone was gathered in the hall as Elsa called her men to stop hurting Krishna. They left Krishna.

Elsa: So now, I told them to stop hurting her. OK!
Saiyyam: Let her go. I am marrying you then let her go.
Elsa: No. No. Not that easily.
Saiyyam: What else do you want?
Elsa: Nothing, until we marry, I will not let her go.
Saiyyam: OK! We will marry tomorrow.
Elsa: OK.. But donot think of calling police or doing anything. Or else you all know…

She goes away…

All the family members were left there. Saiyyam falls on his knees. Everyone gathers round him. Saiyyam was crying heavily.

Saiyyam: It is all my fault.
Suhani: Why?
Saiyyam: I shouldn’t have let her go for shopping.
Suhani: No beta, its not your fault.
Saiyyam: It is. (Crying)

Yuvaani: But why are you marrying Elsa???
Saiyyam: Then what can I do?
Yuvaani: We can plan something. There must be a way.
Saiyyam: Yes, there is a way and that is I should marry Elsa.
Yuvaani: I thought that you love her.
Saiyyam: Yeah I do love her that’s why I can’t let my love die.
Suhani: We can’t do anything except getting agreed for the marriage.

Everyone sighs…

While Elsa was watching all this.

Elsa(thinking): At last, he would be mine tomorrow. I don’t want any disturbance in this marriage.. And what do you think Mr. Saiyyam that I will leave Krishna easily. I will surely kill her. (Smirks)..

While at goon’s place:

Krishna was crying. She was locked.

Krishna’s POV:
Where is Saiyyam? Has he realized my absence? How god save me..

POV ended..

Suddenly she heard the voices of a goon talking.

Goon: Madam, yes the girl is locked.
Elsa: He was agreed to marry.
Goon: Mr. Saiyyam has agreed to marry you.
Elsa: Yes, don’t let Krishna run.
Goon: Okay mam.

The call was disconnected. The goon came to Krishna and removed the cloth from her mouth.

Krishna: Let me go. Don’t you know my husband. He will kill you.
Goon: I can’t let you go or else how will our madam marry your husband.
Krishna: Who is your madam??
Goon: Your best friend Elsa.
Krishna: No.
Goon: Yes that’s why we can’t let you go.

He put the cloth on her mouth and went.

Krishna’s POV:
What? How can Elsa do this to me. And Saiyyam , how can he marry her. Oh. I get it. Elsa must have said him that if he didn’t marry her then she would kill me so he agreed. I need to get out of here or else I will lost him forever.

POV ended.

She tried but due to tiredness, she slept.

In morning:

Birla house was decorated. Everyone comes there.
Suhani: What’s this.
Elsa: Don’t you know. Today a marriage is going to happen here.
Suhani: But why have you decorated the house.
Elsa: It is my wedding and I can do anything. Everyone be ready, the marriage will happen in 3 hours.

Saiyyam gets sad..??

Elsa goes to her room and gets ready. She wears her bridal attire and jewellery.

Goon’s place:

Krishna woke up. She was very thirsty. A goon comes there and places some water and some food for her. He removed the cloth from her mouth.

Goon: Here, eat the food.
A idea strike Krishna’s head.
Krishna: I can’t because my hands are tied. Open my hands so I can eat
Goon(hesitate): OK! But donot try to do any thing or in away.

He frees her hands. She quickly drank water as she was thirsty. She was watching the goon while he was talking to someone. She got a chance. She took a steel plate and hit it on his head. He fall down. She runs away.

She goes to the road and started to run. Some goons come after her.
Krishna: I can’t let Saiyyam marry her. I am coming.

She runs and runs. Finally, she got a taxi and sat in it.

While in birla mansion..

A mandap was shown where Saiyyam was sitting.

Pandit: Please bring the bride now.
Suhani: OK. Yuvaani go and bring Elsa.
Yuvaani: I will not.
Suhani: Please go..
Yuvaani: No no no
Saiyyam: Go Yuvaani. Stop this. Go.

She sulks and brings Elsa. She sat in the mandap.

Pandit: We will start the rituals.

Marriage rituals happen.
Pandit: Now put the Garland on eo.

They both stand up and make we eo garland. They stood and were taking vows when…


A voice came from behind and everyone looks there.

Elsa(shocked): Krishna!!!
Krishna: This marriage can’t happen.
Saiyyam: Krishna. You came.
Krishna: How can you elsa? How could you stup so low that you were trying to snatch my husband.
Elsa(becomes angry): I said no disturbance.
Saiyyam: I am not marrying you.
Elsa: Yes, you are.

She signed and a sound on gun came. Some men entered the hall.

Elsa: Don’t try to run and if anyone try then just shoot.
Saiyyam: Stop..
Elsa: Come on sweet heart! We have to complete our marriage.
Krishna: He will not.
Elsa: Get her.

The goons capture her.
Saiyyam: OK OK I will marry but let my family go.

Will Elsa be successful in her evil plan?

So guys, how’s the episode. Do tell by commenting..

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  1. Ohhhh this elsa?plz update asap?I can’t wait anymore?what is going to happen next?

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm?? I will update asap.

  2. superb episode

  3. Nice
    Waiting for next

  4. Good epi next uplid

  5. Awesomely composed depiction of various emotions and turmoils. The episode was descriptive of all the emotions and feelings in sayyam’s mind and focussed on his inner turmoils. It was a wonderful episode which focussed on the antagonists and protagonists in a proportionate way. A truly well-balanced and lovely work of art..

  6. Dinu

    Ugh!!!!??? nw I hate dis elsa.she’s getting on my nerves.???? Hope her plan won’t succeed. R u going 2 end dis ff dr.if so plz don’t do dat.plz reconsider ur decision. I love dis ff.??☹☹☹ waiting 4 nxt epi dr.bye tc????

    1. Princessporsha

      Tysm?? and I will think to not end this ff.

  7. AnahitaAnnie

    Loved it…nice twist at the end…can’t wait for the next one…keep going..

  8. Dinu

    Tnk u dr.hope u’ll change ur decision. ??????

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