Checkmate. Aham & Kashmira FF( Manmarziyan) Part 19

Arjun was doing some paper work sitting in his cabin. His mobile buzzed. He checked, messages from Samaira.
“No words can explain how much you meant to me.”
“I love it when I make you smile.”
“Your presence is enough to rock my world.”
“24 hours is not enough when we are together, I want to be with you longer.”
“You are mine, & I am your’s. I love you. I love you.”
Reading all the messages a bright smile covered on Arjun’s face. He also typed to reply.
“Don’t tell me your boss kicked you out from birdsong.”
After reading Arjun’s reply, Neil started laughing holding his stomach. Samaira felt like throttled Arjun. She sent some angry smileys in reply. Neil placed a banana in her hand & gave her a dirty expression.
Neil- What a couple you both are. So, I am felicitating your & Arjun Jodi with this banana. Don’t eat alone. Share with him also. ( with a wink)
Samaira started beating him with a file.
After sometime,
Samaira- Neil, he loves me the most & I trust him completely. So, we are the blockbuster couple.
Neil- ohh. But how you know Sammy that he loves you the most?
Samaira- You have doubts?
Neil- No, but, I just want the best for you.
Samaira- He is the best for me Apple.
Neil- Demo please, Samundar Singh.

Rajat rushed towards Arjun’s cabin. He knocked & entered Arjun looked at him, still completing the files.
Arjun- Yes Rajat, any update?
Rajat- Boss, last evening, a new number was activated only for some minutes in a blacklisted IMEI mobile handset, but we unable to track the person because it’s impossible to track one among crowded Chowk bazar market area. Plus, the call list is empty.
Arjun- hmm ( He threw the pen on the table)- The call list is empty, but there is possibility that conversation happened only through messages . Ravi already became alert, that’s why he did not want to take any chance & activated the cell in crowded area to confuse us.
Rajat- So, what next?
Arjun( After thinking for sometime)- We will track Ravi through this number. Get complete details of this number & most importantly track the shop from where the SIM is issued.
Rajat nodded his head & left from the cabin.

Arjun lit a cigarette & stretched his body. Finally, he completed all the pending paper works & forwarded it all to the higher authority. His mobile buzzed again, he checked the message. Cigarette fall from his hand & he stubbed the burning cigarette with his boot. It’s a message from Samaira for help as she is thinking someone is following him. He dialed Samaira’s number but the call get disconnected after two rings. Arjun tried again, but this time he get a response from cold metallic female voice “The number you are calling is currently switched off”. Without thinking anything, he rushed towards control room. Everyone there is surprised to see Arjun. Rajat also looked at him. He looked tensed. “What happened Arjun?” But he did get any reply. Rajat noticed the drop of sweats in Arjun’s forehead. Arjun tracked location of a mobile number & rushed outside. “Arjun, where are you going? Please inform me for any emergency.”
Arjun- You just track Ravi & inform me. That’s it. ( & he left from the office.)
Arjun parked his bike on bypass road. He impatiently looked here & there. He took out his gun & rushed towards the bushes on the side of the road. “Samaira” he shouted. A soft hand suddenly covered his eyes from the back. Arjun was flabbergasted as he knew the touch. He turned & saw Samaira standing there with a bright smile on his face. She hugged him tightly but Arjun did not responded. He just stood like a statue, cold & unaffected.
Samaira- I just love you too much. ( She kissed his cheeks.)
Arjun- So, Everything was fake.
Samaira- Actually, when I said to Neil that you love me the most, he asked for a demo…
Arjun- oh, so it was bet. Stop being childish Samaira.
Samaira tried to say something but Arjun gestured her to stop. “Enough for your foolishness Samaira. Now, just shut up.”
Samaira’s face fell & Neil rushed towards them.
Neil- It’s not her fault. Why are you behaving rudely with her?
Arjun narrowed his eyes.
Arjun- Don’t poke your nose in our matter Neil. Who are you to teach me how I should behave with Samaira?
Samaira- Don’t you dare say anything insulting to Neil.
Arjun( now more angry)- Waah! Samaira Khanna you are so concerned about Neil. I am only sighing disappointed to think about myself ( in a sarcastic tone)
Neil- What you are saying Arjun? I think you misunderstood us.
Arjun- Stay out of this Neil. I don’t want to talk to you.
Samaira- Arjun, talk to me. I really want to know why you sighing in disappointment?
Arjun- First of all, who is Neil to test my love for you? Your Guardian? What?? Who is he that you gave him so much rights?
Samaira- Unbelievable Arjun. Really I am confused now. How can you say this type of things about Neil? when you know that he is my best friend.
Arjun- Yes, Your Best Friend. You dear Apple, that’s why when he said he has doubts regarding me, you also became doubtful about me & you thought let’s call Arjun faking yourself in danger. If I came, then I really care for you & else there is great Neil to brain washing you.
Samaira & Neil both looked at Arjun. They have no idea how to handle the situation.
Samaira- I trust you Arjun, more than myself.
Arjun- Don’t talk nonsense Samaira. You only trust Neil. I am no one to you else you will only tell me to come & meet. You never created this drama.
Samaira- Arjun please listen to me, you are taking it so seriously.
Arjun- I understood everything clearly. Now, please don’t explain more. I don’t have time to waste. I am in a mission.
Samaira stood there silently. A lone tear escaped from her eyes.
Samaira- I will remember it. Sorry. IPS Arjun Mehra.
Arjun without saying anything left from there.

Arjun & Rajat entered into a small mobile shop. A middle aged man was doing some calculation with full concentration.
Arjun- 879********
The man irritatedly looked at Arjun. ” Can’t you wait for sometimes. I was doing some important calculation. You spoiled it. Now, I have to start again.”
Arjun without any expression replied “Police.”
The man stood up hurriedly. He looked tensed.
Arjun- 879******* This number of SIM is sold from your shop. Who bought it?
The man- I need to check the record.
The man took out a diary.
Arjun- The number was sold two days ago.
The man found the record. Arjun threw a paper in front of him. “This is the details. Each Information & the photo is fake.”
The man joined his palms in front of Arjun. ” Sir, I don’t know anything. I sold this SIM to Akram. He said he want this SIM for his relative. He gave me these documents.”
Arjun- Who is Akram?

The man- There is a construction site on the left hand side. Akram works there.
Arjun almost dragged out Akram from the construction site & pushed him on the pavement. Akram hold Arjun’s leg & started pleading to leave him as he don’t know anything. Arjun showed him the fake documents which he used to buy SIM. Akram face lost its colors. Arjun carefully looked at his face. Realization dawned on him.
Arjun- Narcotics Bureau arrested you with Ravi few years ago for drug smuggling. You are an associate of Ravi.
Akram- I was saab. Once, I used to sell drug for Ravi. But after coming out from jail, I left all criminal activities & started working as a labor in construction sites.
Arjun- Then, what is this?
Akram- Saab, Ravi called me three days ago & asked me to meet. I refused first, then he said it’s urgent. He is leaving the city as he want to marry & settle down some other places with new identity & wanted my help. So, I met him & he gave me these documents to buy a SIM for him. I bought it & gave him. That’s it.
Arjun- Where you met with him?
Akram- In Chowkbazar market area.
Arjun- Give the number from which Akram contacted with you.
Akram took out his mobile & gave a number to Arjun. Arjun copied the number in his mobile & dialed walking in a distance.
After sometime,
Arjun- Akram, I am trusting you. But you will be stay in our custody till we get Ravi.
Rajat- What happened boss?
Arjun- Rajat, that’s a PCO number of Chowkbazar. Ravi met with Akram in Chowkbazar two times & we tracked Ravi’s number in Chowkbazar. So, there is possibility that he is hiding there. Make a team & search Ravi each & every corner of Chowkbazar. Just don’t let him escape at any cost.
Rajat- Yes Boss.
After few hours, In Chowkbazar, Rajat rushed towards Arjun. ” Boss, an Auto driver identified Ravi & Puja. They left towards Railway Station.
Arjun- What?
Arjun started searching train details in his mobile.
Arjun- Rajat, I think both are going to avail Howrah Mail. The train will leave Mumbai in an hour. From Bengal, it is easy to cross International Border & escape in Bangladesh.
Arjun sat in the car. Rajat took the driving seat. On the way, Arjun contacted with RPF ( Railway Protection Force)
In station,
Arjun – Team be alert, Howrah Mail will leave from platform number 12.
Arjun went towards Control room. He was monitoring the footages of CCTV cameras. Suddenly, a couple caught Arjun’s attention. Both are sitting in a corner. The woman was wearing a simple salwar & covered her head with a dupatta & wearing a sunglass. So, her face is not clearly visible. Arjun carefully looked at the man beside her. Though he put beard on his face, but Arjun has no doubt that he is Ravi.
Arjun get up & started running. Ravi suddenly felt something poked in his back. He turned to see but Arjun twisted Ravi’s hand & he winced.
Arjun( in a cold voice)- Walk straight Ravi & don’t dare to do any stunts, else I will shoot, but no one will know. I put a silencer in my gun. You are Under arrest, Ravi Desai. Game Over.

That’s all for today. Waiting for responses. Loads of Love.

  1. Thank u madhumitha, this is really interesting. Keep updating. And, my mmz fan friends pls be active in our page. This is the region which connect us. Eventhough we hav not seen eachother. We keep our friendship through this. So pls be active. And never let die our mmz. Mmz should rock always

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks hashmy. Glad that you liked the update. Will update soon & I will be definitely keep updating here also if I get Zero response. As I started posting the story here, So, it is my responsibility as a writer to end it.

  2. Nice lovely thanks for updating

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks. Glad that you liked the part.

  3. Arti viswanathan

    Madhumita darling superb, excellent, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, good, fantastic episode. ….. i loved it to the core. …. i liked all the scenes. … i liked where neil and sam tested arjun….. but why i don’t know that arjun doesn’t love sam…… tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. ….. Will be waiting for next episode. …. why i don’t know that puja is radhika i feel…..

    1. Madhumita

      Thanks for liking the part. Arjun Loves Sam. I don’t know why you feel so. Its my discredit as a writer. No, Puja is not Radhika. Actually, in Checkmate, there is no Radhika. I cleared it from the beginning, Its a SamArj story. Thanks again. Loads of Love.

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  5. Hi guys
    I am here after many days

    I forgot story’s name but the plot was
    ARJUN is a movie star and RADHIKA is his parents choice
    After break up from his actress gf he fall for simple girl radhika

    Can anyone pls tell ne name of story and author ‘s name

    1. Madhumita

      Sorry Anika, I don’t know. Please ask someone, who is a regular reader here.

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