Who are angels??????
Angels are those who r sent by god to spread eternal joy everywhere they go.
Angels smile their smile makes others feel happy n gives them immense joy with relief.
You can wonder that how can smile make anyone happy

A smile what is meant by it .it means spread,make everyone live everyday smile it makes people radiant around u.

Ok angels spread happiness n bring people of their dark world but wat if the angel has a dark side??

Who will help that angel to come out of it??
everyone of us wishes god to send an angel but does any of us want to be an angel in someones life

This story is about an angel who spreads happiness in others life but has a dark past
Lets see her life story.
Guys guess me before scrolling down pls comment yr can i continue

  1. WOW!!!!! Another story loved the teaser. I’m so princess your also an angel dear waiting for the first episode

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  3. Nice….continue yaar….

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    A angel wrote about angels…what a miracle…the teaser was superb my dear princess… waiting for your ff

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      Thanks aishwarya darlu ill update soon


    Wow my cute princess with an angel story of abhigya… that’s so nice

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    Wow my angel wit an angel stry loved it darlu lovely love u?????

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  8. Nice teaser choti…eagerly waiting for read the story dear…always keep smiling dear??…

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    Awesome…… Sweety. I loved it

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  10. Awesome angel??

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  12. Awesome teaser ange????llll. ….waiting for the episode

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