Hello friends, this is Balaji here to disturb you all again. As I Promised to Xavia, I am here with LOVE ME OR NOT SEASON 3. Like previous Season, it’s also have past and present but both are very different time period. Here is the prologue.

There are so many camps planted and everyone is getting ready for war.
Two men are speaking something serious.
Man 1:Samrat Durga Prasad, tomorrow the war will start. Even our forces are bigger, but Tanishkant Rajkumar Adityavarma’s force is so ferocious and no one can’t beat him in war planning. You know very well about him.
Dp: I know Samrat RamPrasad , but he is so eager in his revenge. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
RP: whatever happen we will affect by it. our childrens life is at stake but we can’t do anything but this world call as Samrat.
Rp said sarcastically.
Dp: it’s all because of that promise and we bound to do complete this.
Dp and Rp closes their eyes to control themself.
A huge wind starts to blow.

In Tanishkant side,
A Soldier enters into camp.
Soldier:Rajkumar , Rajkumari RaginiDevi is missing in her camp. Someone used sleeping smoke to her.
Aditya eyes turned into red and clinches his fist. By seeing his state,Soldier taken aback.
“where is Senapathi?”Aditya roared while taking his sword in his hand.
“ he is also missing Rajkumar…”Soldier said while nodding his head down.
“no.. you can’t do this…”Aditya murmured himself.
“tell RajKumari Swara.. to take control of forces till I return…”Aditya ordered and walk towards camp of Senapathi.
He entered and sees a chit which was written in silk cloth.
“take Raj kumara Ragini with you, come to Kalimaa mandir and we will make them married to stop this war.. –Rajkumar Sanskar… ” with Rajmutra of Sanskar.
Aditya throws cloth in fire.
“it’s a trap.. no..”Aditya murmured himself.
“Veera…”Aditya shouted while coming outside camp and starts to run.
A white horse is running towards him and he climbed in horse.
In Dp and Rp, kings of Mahishmati and Mayankpur Kingdom,
In Rajkumari Uttara’s camp,
Uttra is taking a sword in her hand and sees it’s shine in fire.
A maid enters “Rajkumari Uttara ka pranam. Samrat went to Kalimaa’s temple with Rajkumar Sanskar. They decide to do the marriage tonight itself and RajKumar Sanskar is taken incharge for Safety…”
“no.. it can’t happen…”Rajkumari Uttra muttered and runs outside , takes her horse.

In Kalimaa’s Temple,
Samrat LakshyaDev takes pheras with his Bride Rajkumari Kavya, behan of Rajkumar Sanskar.
Tanishkant Senapathi Sahil fights with soldiers and injured most of them and get inside. Ragini lays on horse itself.
Sahil gets inside and sees Laksh marries Kavya, goes towards him to stop. Someone stops him by putting his hand in Sahil’s shoulder. Sahil turns and sees Sanskar and takes Sword in his hand.
“ you..cheater… how could you do this ”Sahil ferociously starts fight with Sanskar.
On another side, Laksh completes pheras and Ragini gets inside while Laksh fills Kavya’s mang with Sindoor.
Sahil sees this and angrily kicks Sanskar on his chest and jumps in mandap, swings Sword to Lakshya’s neck and Lakshya closes his eyes as a acceptance of his death.
“Cling..”Another sword stops Sahil’s sword and Sahil turns to see the person.
“Ragini di..”Sahil muttered.
“ leave me di.. today I will kill him..”Sahil roared but it didn’t affect Ragini.
“ stay back .. it’s Rajkumari Ragini devi’s order..”Ragini roared back and Sahil stay back as he is bounded to thrown’s order , Sanskar stands.
Ragini closed her eyes and a drop of tear escaped from her eyes and then look Laksh with Rage.
Ragini walks towards yagnam and takes a stick with fire and throw it in a hole. Fire takes place in hole.
Ragini walk towards the hole and stands before it.

A huge thunder blows in that place.
“Lakshya… maa ek Rajkumari Lakshya. I can’t love who is husband of another girl and at the same time I can’t forget you. why did you do this?”Ragini asked painfully.
Laksh looks at Ragini with pain and both shares a painful eyelock.
Ragini closes and then opens her eyes and it will full of Rage.
“ maa Suyam Tanishkant ka Rajkumari Raginidevi tume shrapt theya Lakshya. How my heart is burning in pain, you will also feel the same. I will reborn in this place and you also. you will feel the same pain what I am going through now. Haan.. mea swayam Ragini devi thumse shrapt theya..Rajkumar lakshya…”by saying this Ragini falls on fire.
“di…”Aditya yelled while entering into mandir and stops before the hole.
Aditya stands and takes his sword in his hand . Sanskar kneels before Aditya .
“ now I can’t kill you Sanskar. But I will born again to end this enmity and take my revenge. I will born again to safeguard my di and to take revenge from you. at that birth, we will have only one relation enmity. Haa mera Vadha.. Rajkumar Sanskar”By saying throws his crown and it’s lands on Sahil head. Aditya cuts his wrist and put blood in fire.
Aditya jumps into fire at the nick of time, Uttra holds his hand and smiled to him painfully. The blood in Aditya’s hand fills Uttara’s mang. Fire absorbs them inside and flame highs towards Sky.
Lakshya walks down and Rain starts . Rain water falls on Kavya’s mang and sindoor removed by Rain drops.
Swara runs inside and sees the scenario and looks Sanskar painfully.
“ I will born with you Ragini. Whatever happens, I will never leave your hand in that birth. Hea mera Vadha “by saying this laksh jumps in fire.
Swara throws short knife towards Sanskar and Sanskar falls down in ground. Swara runs towards him and take his head in her lap.
“ thanks Swara..”Sanskar muttered and Swara stabs herself, falls on Sanskar’s chest.
Kavya silently witness this and turns towards Kalimaa idol.
“From my birth, I worshipped you and stayed here by sacrificing my wealth. But what you returned maa? I become widow on my marriage night itself, lost my bhai and behan.(turns in rage) Maa… tapasvini Kavyakavithayini curse you until they born and their marriage happens in this mandir, you will remained as just a stone..a stone..”Kavya jumps in fire but her body stands in there itself and a diya blown off which is placed in front of kalimaa’s idol.

At 1995,
A lady is shouting in labor pain.
“Kalyani.. just hold on…”Rudra , husband of Kalyani try to pacify her.
They reaches hospital and admits her.

After an hour,
A nurse comes outside.
“Sir, you have twins a boy and a girl but their last fingers connected with a light skin”Nurse informs.
Rudra enters the ward and sees his babies, kalyani smiles to him.
A 5 year boy and a 3 year boy who just come with their parents enters the ward.
5 year boy holds baby boy’s finger lightly . by his touch, baby boy kicks him and starts to cry louder. “uncle, why he is crying?” 5 year boy asked.
“Sanskar, you also cried like this..” Rudra answered with smile.
Laksh, 3 year old boy holds a baby girl hands and she smiles, by seeing this Sanskar frowns.
“what is their name, rudra” Sanskar’s father asked.
“Ragini and Aditya..” Rudra said unknowingly.
Well, friends as usual past is for raglak and present is for Swasan . past fully deals with ragini and Aditya and present deals with swalaksan. Kavya is just a cameo . hope you will like this season also.

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