Mere Gusse Mein Toh Hai Pyar (Epi 12)

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thank u frnds…fr ur cmnds…. and mercy here in cmnd box I post epi 11 with English translation for u….hope u read..

Episode 12
In BH: rags told dadi : dadi mommy ji ne suhani ko cal kiya yahan ane kliye.
MMommy ji call suhani to come here)
Dadi: kyu.. Suhani ko yahan kya kam..wo toh chaligai na bina ring..( wat work she has here? She go with out wearing ring)
Rags: dadi aap nahi dekha yuvraj gusse me Hi mommy ji issliye suhani ko cal kiya..(( dadi I think u did not see yuvi. He s in anger)
Dadi: yeh pratima ko kya hoga.. Wo suhani Ko kyu cal kiya. Muje yeh bilkul pasant nahi. Par rehne do rags yuvraj mere potha hi. Wo guesse me kya bolrahi ussko nahi pata.aane do suhani ko.. Hum srif tamasa dekhogi. Rags Nods..(pratima lost her mind . leave it. Yuvi anger he may b talk wat he wants. I know him.)

Lata : suhani kya bat hi.. Tum bhoat achi Tara ready hogi.. (U get ready gud)
Suhani: mommy..mein baar chalrahii ho.. Exhibition kliye..( I Go to exhibition)
Rohan: mother India me bhi chalogi tumare saath.(I Also come with u mothe india)
suhani: nahi nahi mei kudh chalogi.(It’s OK I go alone) Lata instigates suhani to with rohan so he spending time with her..suhani accepts to go. Rohan starts his car. Suhani get inside the car ( kya karon suhani ab ..rohan ji KI saath chalna padega kya..)(wat to do suhani now) Rohan smiles at suhani and start talk with her but suhani did not listen to him. They reach exhibition place. Suhani and rohan do shopping for all.. Suhani sees one blue jacket and ask to bil.. Rohan ask for whom ? Suhani: wo i have to pratima aunty home she ask me to buy.. Rohan says ok i wil drop u there. Suhani nods.
Rohan drops her at birla house..pratima sees suhani talking to rohan. Pratima welcomes suhani inside. Pratima shows yuvraj room and ask suhani to go. Suhani nods and moves towards yuvraj room.
Yuvraj room:
Suhani knocks the door and says yuvraj opn d door mei tumse kuch baat karna chahiyw.. yuvraj ask who! Suhani says mein suhani. suhani continues knocking door and yuvraj gets iritate and finaly opn. Yuvraj: kya yeh suhani. Thodi der kliye muje akle chodo pls.(wat s this suhani. leave me alone!)
Suhani: arre yeh kya badamezz yuvraj tumare dost se bhi nahi baat karogi.. Deko gusse mei decision mat lo mere sadu.(wat this ? This s the way u talk with friends? Don’ t worry now u r in tension)
.Yuvraj: just shut up suhani get lost from here. I don’t want ur advice and u whom to me.. Sab ladki ki yehi problem hi ladka ki feelings ko masak baneki adat hi. (U came here for make fun on me crt)…get lost..Yuvraj said angrily which makes suhani upset and scared. Suhani face reflecting her mind..yuvraj sees her face and give a big sigh..

Suhani POV
I can’t understand y yuvraj s upset. AM really scared by his words.. Tat word hurts me lot. I didn’t expect this from him. I just talk with friendly but he s behaving strangely to me. It’s OK he said crt whom am to him.. Better Ieave from here.but wat i say to pratima aunty.
Yuvraj POV
Oh god wat I did suhani smiling facechangedI because of me. Am d loser its not a fault of suhani.. Wat should I do now shall i stop her or ler.. Par muje ab dost KI zaroorat hi. Which I cant share my feeling to my mom and dadi. They also get woried. Shall i share my feling to suhani..
Suhani gets up and says sry yuvraj.. U r crt am nothing to u. I just ask u to share ur sadnes to me as a frnd.. Bye.. Suhani turns to walk. Yuvraj came back to sense and hold suhani hand.. Suhani :chodo yuvraj muje der hogi..ghar Jana hi.
Yuvraj : nahi..ab nahi suhani. Am sry suhani. I can’t control my anger. muje kuch nahi samaj kya Karon mein..
Suhani: yuvraj I don’t come to make fun I just want to see u happy. I don’t want to reason behind.. But I want to say yeh halat bhi change hogi yuvraj. Don’ t spoil ur time by waste thinking of past. Jo hua so hua.forget that. One day tat person will realize ur value. Or u make them realize.
Saying this suhani phone’s rohan call. Suhani sees phone and say u have to accept wat God gives.. PRatima comes thr and see yuvraj hold suhani hand.. Suhani takes her hand back and leave from there.. Yuvraj sees her leaving…
Suhani call back rohan. Rohan says come home fast it’s urgent. suhani ask wat happened but he refused to tell. Pratima sees suhani tensed..and tel yuvraj to drop her at home. Yuvi goes to suhani and ask her to come. Suhani agrees.. Thy go..

precap: yuvraj suhani gets enters home and shocked bavana…cries nd suhani lose her balance yuvraj hold her….screen freez on rohan face….

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  1. Wow because of that stupid sowmya yuvi hurt suhani.hope soon yuv will realize that suhani is d right one for him.all d very best dear.its very interesting.

  2. Aqsxxh

    Amazing episode, it is very alluring, I am in love with it x

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      thank you aqsxxh di

  3. Thank you so much for the trouble you took. I love reading your ff they make my day. Keep up the good work ?

  4. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    for mercy: epi 11 with English translation
    Episode 11
    Yuvraj and somu get back to the world and shocked….krisnha shouts.. somu getu ultimate shock and moves back..yuvraj gets up and ask Krishna who is he?
    Krishna: wo yeh tumare asli chera..issliye tum mujse aisa msg kiya..hai na soumya.. msg came bfre 5 min…but u r already plan to move from me.. muje andass bhi nahi somu..(I didn’t expect this from u somuya!)
    soumya says aise nahi hi Krishna tum galat samaj rahi ho.. (It’s not lik tat u misunderstanding me!)
    Yuvraj: kon ho tum….iss tara mere soumya se baat mat r u? How dare u talk lik this with my soumya?) yuvraj gets anger and his eyes terribly seeing Krishna eyes..with red…
    Krishna: mei kon ho…wow…. Tumare somu….se pucho na..mein kon…( if u want to knw me. Then ask ur soumya!)
    Yuvraj sees somu confusingly..somu asks Krishna to calm…but Krishna moves her hand from his shoulder.. yuvraj ask somu who s he…
    Somu: yuvraj just stop it.. he is Krishna and we love each other.. I don’t expect this proposal from u..somu asks Krishna to believe her.. but Krishna goes from there somu gets teary eyed…and runs back to him….
    Yuvraj was speechless at this moment wen he hear such a reply from soumya… whom he loves more…she not loves him back.. and not going to be love him anymore.. he control his tears and left from there.. he shows his anger by driving his car fast to home… yuvraj enters his room pratima sees yuvraj goes anger and call him but he did not listen and locks his room from inside..
    Pratima thinks wat happen to yuvraj , saurab and anuj also comes there.. anuj told maa muje laaga bhaiya suhani ki saat jagada kathi ho.I think he fight with suhani!).issliye isss tara gusse mein jarahi thi..(tats y he s going in anger!)pratima says tum sahi kehrahi ho na anuj…did he fight with suhani or else… saurab says maa rehne do…suhnai ab yahan hoti na yuvraj ki mood thik hogi..jaldi se yuvraj suhani ki shadi karna chahiye.. (Leave it mom.. If suhani s here she will take care of him.. V have to make yuvraj suhani marry soon) anuj and saurab smiles.. pratima thinks to call suhani..
    In suhani home:
    suhani goes to freshup.. she open the bathroom door scolding yuvraj for making fool for broke his encagmnt ..
    suhani(mein na uss sadu ko chodogi nahi… I cant control my anger aise kasie wo kar sakte papa ko pata chalega marogi muje… ab mere samne wo sadu hoti….(I won’t leave him how he fool me for broke his encgmnt? If dad knew tat he will not leave me! Now tat sadu came infront of me then I won’t leave him.)
    .she opens the door and she see yuvraj inside the bathroom crossing his arms around his chest…she gets shocked and cant believe her eyes she start talking…with yuvraj imagination..
    Suhani: yuvraj tum…( yuvraj u?)
    yuvraj: haan suhani mein hoon…tum muje yaad kar rahi ho na issliye me aarhi yahan…(ya its me, u remember about me na tats y i came here!)
    Suhani: kya bakwas kar rahi ho..muje tumare yaad nahi hi… chalo yahan se..( wat a idioic talk.. I don’t think about u.. Go from here now!)
    Yuvraj: tum jute bolrahi ho mere jansi ki rani.. ab bhi tum bolrahi thi me tumare samne hoti chodogi nahi…hai na…bolo? ( jansi rani u r lier , Just now u told if i came before u.. U won’t leave me right?)
    Suhani: haan par… (yaa but…)
    yuvraj: wahi toh mei aarhi hoon.. tum muje chodogi nahi na..pakdo muje…(ya tats y i came..hold me suhani…)
    saying this yuvraj gets close to suhani.. suhani moves back telling yuvraj mere pas mat aana…varnaaa…..(don’t try to come near me..otherwise..) yuvraj: varna kya suhani.. (Wat u do suhani..)
    she tells him tat she will shout..yuvraj: shout as much as u can.. wen all came and asek wat u say…suhani looks into his eyes which was inch left between them..yuvra moves his hand to touch her face..suhani moves back and fall…she closes her hand hold her..she asks chodo mere haat sadu….(leave my hand sadu) suhani hears smiling sound from back..she open her eyes and see bavana holding her hand.. bavana: suhani kon ho sadu… (who s tat sadu)muje chup karthi na tum…(u hide from me)
    suhani: dii aisa kuch nahi … galti se mein giri hi… (no..I just felt )
    bavana: par tum ne bold sadu mere haat chodo…na..(but u told sadu leave my hand)
    Suhani: smiles blushingly..bavana : haan muje pata hi wo sadu rohan hi na…
    (I knw tat sadu is rohan am I right?)
    Suhani shockingly ask kya,… wo di pls rohan ji ki baat mat lo.. (Dont take rohan name.) muje yeh shadi me intest nnahi(am not intrest in this mrg) but I cant do against papa…pls papa se baat karo..muje abhi shadi karna bilkul pasant nahi di.. (Pls talk with pankaj nd ask fr time)bavana ask suhani kya bolrhi tum…(suhani wat u told?) suhani says sach di..pls ask time for my marriage…she begs bavana…she also accept to talk with pankaj.. suhani phone rings and she see new number.. suhani attends the call.. pratima : suhani beta mei pratima..sharama se I get ur number.. muje tumse help chahiye beta..(I want help from u)
    Suhani: aap..pranab aunty… bolo na aunty kya help..(ya tel me aunty wat help)
    Pratima: beta can u pls come here now..tum dono ki jagada hi kya..(u two did any fight ?) wo kya hi na..yuvraj zara gusse me hain ab.(yuvraj is n anger now). muje laga tum use baat kargi pato na.. muje acha laga.. (U talk with him nd tel. I feel better!)
    Suhani: nahi nahi aunty hum dono nahi jagada karthi ho..muje idea nahi ab wo sadu kisiki saath fight kar rahi thi..(no aunty I don’t fight with him. I don’t have any idea about his anger) pratima asks suhani to talk yuvraj now..suhani says ok and cuts the cal. Suhani thinks..muje kya wo gusee me or kush me.. mei chal hogi aur nahi… .(wat i do he s hapy r anger? I go to him r not?) she thinks long time and decides to go.. _______________
    Krishna goes to attend oneinterview he tries to stop rikshna but no one stop. Somu come to him and wishing him all the best. But Krishna ask her to go yuvi he needs u and scold her for rich life style.they start argue and somu also geting insult she gets anger and goes from there.
    background music : saware ……oh sawaree…..
    Scren shift to suhani home..
    music plays wen she start ready..where suhani is selecting dress to wear. She selects one baby pink paatiya chudidar. Shawal was around her neck.. She comb her lengthy black hair thinking yuvraj.. She sees yuvraj standing behind her..yuvraj touches her hair ….. he buries his face n her neck….. suhani blushes…. his long nose traces her bublly face….suhani turn to see him but he disappears. suhani smiles herself.. Suhani runs smiles and goes to open the door but she stopped…. her big eyes losses its charmingness…struck to see lata and rohan standing near door


    This was AMAZING. I really loved their epi, their friendship is so cute. And that precap… WOW. It was mind blowing. I just cannot wit until the next epi!

  6. Nice episode plz post everyday two episode

  7. I didn’t understand the precap can any one plz explain

  8. Its interesting plz post asap

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