And he became my life ( Kundali Bhagya FF) part 6 + 7

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Hello everyone✌

At Night

Rishabh:- Karan is so happy today… This time Sherlyn and Sunny remained at Sherlyn’s mom place for 2 weeks… And in these two weeks Karan missed them a lot.

Preeta:- Yah! But visiting your parents is a thing of happiness for a girl.. Girls have to live apart from our birth parents and only girls know the pain.

Rishabh:- You are right… You should also visit Sarla Aunty’s place… If you want.

Preeta:- No Rishabh ji ….already she did a lot for me … N now I don’t want to bother her much.

Rishabh:- She loves you

Preeta:- I know …. I love her too…. But

Rishabh:- OK … I can understand. Wese bhi tum aur Vaanya mere paas nhi rahoge to mai to mar hi jaunga.

Preeta :- Rishabh.ji… don’t you dare to say this again.

RishTa shared a hug….

Next morning

Preeta covers herself with the bedsheet and went to the washroom.


Preeta is now became everyone’s favorite in the hospital and in Luthra Mansion too….. but of course Kareena Aunt don’t like her.

Preeta’s POV

It was raining heavily…. I didn’t brought umbrella today .

Dr. Sehgal was leaving and he asked me if I want a lift. I refused . Are you sure Dr. Preeta, he said

Yes sir …I will go myself.

I was walking on the road fully drenched when some boys start following me.

I was so scared…. One of them pull my dupatta and another hold my hand.

Leave me… I shouted

One of them start getting close …. I slapped him. He get angry and raise his hand on me when someone hold his hand.

Mr. Rishabh Luthra!

He beat them blue and black….. And make their conditions vulnerable.

He give me my dupatta….and asked me to sit in his car.

I was hesitate to do so…. He opened the door and asked me once again. I decide to sit in the car.

I was so embarrassed …. I don’t know why God made girls physically weaker than men. They always wants to dominate…. Jo ladki pasand aayi uske sath sona hai…. Yah to uski marzi se ya zabardasti se….

Girls are not weak…. Said Rishabh

I was shocked ….how he know what I was thinking?

Preeta ji…. Men are stronger physic all and unfortunately they took advantage of this. Its just an injustice. But still girls must fight against such thing…. They should not surrender.

They should make them self so strong that no men can misbehave with them.

Rishabh ji said to me

Flashback ends….

He asked me to become my own hero. I m lucky to have him…. I m really lucky .

She turns off the shower.

Scene changed

Preeta is in the OT doing an important surgery.

Preeta came out of the OT n announced that the surgery was successful.

She went to her cabin and find her phone beeping.

Sherlyn is calling her

Yes Sherlyn! Said preeta

Preeta I and srishti is coming to the hospital to pick up you . Sherlyn informed her

For what? Asked preeta

Don’t tell me…. U forget about our plan. We are going for spa. Sherlyn said.

Oh… Yah, now I remember … Preeta said

We will be there in 10 minutes… Bye Sherlyn cuts the call

Preeta’s POV

This girl is crazy…. Always wants everyone to be in style…. She always want me to take care of my beauty. Sherlyn n Srishti both are my bae…… They always wants me to enjoy fully.

I met Sherlyn for the first time at Luthra Mansion. She was Karan’s friend and only friend. My BIL (karan) is a DIL FEK AASHIQ….he have many girlfriends but Sherlyn love him so much. Many times I saw him her crying when Karan chill out with someone else.

Karan and Rishabh ji are very different persons. Karan give tips to Rishabh ji of flirting and all but Rishabh ji was not interested in Girls…. except me.

POV ends

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  1. Di awesome waiting for next update super

  2. Jasminerahul

    Why does preeta feel that she is bothering sarla when no mom will feel like that?rishta hug was cute.rishab saving preeta and understanding her self thought talking about that was nice.his dialogues about how a woman should be were too good.sheryline loves karan a lot n even sheds tears seeing him with other girls?is she positive in this ff?

    1. Mystery

      She is not her real mom

  3. Great update
    Rishta hug was lovely
    Surprised to see that sherlyn loves karan
    Keenly waiting for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smiling??

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