Laal Ishq 15th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhika and Shaurya and Hypnotism

Laal Ishq 15th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika reminisces people badmouthing about her that about her that she is manglik/inauspicious and nobody will marry. Her Shaurya asks her to sing for her. She sings Haan Hasi Bangaye….song. Family claps for her. Shaurya addresses whole Kanpur is mad behind her voice, but he is mad behind her smile and simplicity, he is lucky to find her on and says let us start engagement ceremony now. They both sit. Shaurya says he is feeling hot and goes in. He gets tensed seeing someone and his expression changes into maniac. He walks out nude wearin only underwear. Everyone are shocked seeing him. He asks what are they looking at, let us finish engagement ceremony. Radhika asks what happened to him. He shouts he was feeling hot, so he removed clothes. His mother scolds him to wear clothes. He says he will not. After sometime, Shaurya calls Radhika. Radhika does not pick call cries reminiscing Shaurya’s act. Her mother comes and consoles her not to cry, she got such a good in-laws. Radhika asks how can Shaurya come out nude. Mother says he was wrong, but maybe he is too modern. Radhika cries that 11 boys rejected her and she is thinking not to marry at all. Mother consoles her that she is best girl in Kanpur and leaves. Shaurya calls Radhika and apologizes for embarrassing her in front of everyone. Radhika says 11 boys rejected her, but she felt he is different. He tells what if he says he did not do it and someone forced him to it, he loves her a lot, apologizes again and disconnects call. He goes out and lights cigarette and senses someone around. He asks who is there, hears bell sound, and gets hypnotized and maniac again.

Next morning, Shaurya attends his news office while boss does pooja. Boss then asks him and his colleague to sit. Shaurya gives him wedding card. Boss says he has promotion pending, he is getting married, but his graha are not in his favor. Shaurya says he does not believe in astrology and is getting promotion because of boss. His colleague inform boss about some scam. Boss asks to print it then. He returns to his desk where his colleague insists for party. Peon informs him that someone came to meet him and is at backdoor. Shaurya asks why did’t he let guest in and goes to meet guest. He hears bell sound and gets hynotized again. He then meets Radhika at a restaurant and gifts her earrings. She likes it. He hears girls sitting in nearby table chatting loudly and gets angry. Radhika asks if he is fine. He says he is tensed as new house owner wants advance money 5 lakhs more, he wants to keep Radhika away from his mother’s taunts. Radhika says she has 2-3 lakhs arranged for marriage, she can give him that. He says he cannot take money from her. He gets a call and goes aside, speaks over phone, gets attack again hearing Radhika’s earring sound, returns to Radikha who says she can take money from him. He asks cheque or cash, walks to nearby girl picking rose and proposes her. Radhika is shocked to see that. Girl gets afraid and runs away. Radhika confronts him. He yells girls are weird, they get ready to show and then react, he leaves.

Back home, Radhika’s mother does her scalp oil massage and reveals she is her stepmother, but loves her a lot, she wants to perform her marriage in a grand way. During dinner, Shauray’s mother yells at him what did he see in mangalik Radhika, she is elder to him, he should do some manglik nivaran pooja, etc. Shurya reverts back that Raadika is beautiful and ears well, he loves her, what else he needs. Mother plans something evil. On the other side, Radhika’s mother and her emotional bonding continues. Neighbor lady meets mother and giving her daughter’s kundali says she heard she helped other neighbor’s daughter married in same house they desired, even she wants to get her daughtr married in selected house. Mother says she will try. Radhika gets out of house and is about to return back when Shaurya comes and hugs her. She gets afraid, but relaxes seeing him and says somtetimes he is unpredictable. He gets romantic and tries to hug her, but she asks to wait till marriage. He says I love you and praising her beauty tries to lure her again, but she says same and sends her away. Shaurya returns home and is busy on call when he hears same bell sound and gets hypnotized. He walks to office and molests his colleague. She hits him with something on table and runs away calling watchman. Watchman says he did not expect such a heinous act from him. Shaurya asks to help him instead, he is injured. Watchman drags him away. Next morning, boss shows him CCTV footage and dismisses him job.

Radhika’s mother returns from bank and says 3 lakhs rs are missing from account. Radhika says she gave it to Shaurya for their new house. Mother says money spoils relationship. Shaurya returns home. His mother asks how did he get injured, let us go to doctor. He shouts he hit gate and says he left job as he did not like it. Father scolds him. Radika walks in and confronts how can he stoop so low and reveals all the incidents and seeing molestation CCTV footage. Shaurya says he can explain. She returns engagement ring and leaves while Shaurya continues to plead. Radhika returns home and her mother consoles her, gives her sleeping pill and makes her sleep. She reveals she is the one who hynotizes Shaurya, holding bell. Shaurya walks in and says he wants to talk to Radhika. She shouts to go away. Shauyra says he realized something happens to him whenever he gets her phone call or she is around her. Radika walks out, and hearing Shaurya asks him to go away. Shaurya strangulates Radhika saying if she cannot marry him, he will kill her. Mother rings bell again and hypnotizes Shauyra to stop. Radhika realizes her mother was hypnotizing Shaurya and slaps Shaurya. Shaurya gets back to his senses. Radhika confronts her mother why did she do this. Mother reveals she cannot live alone without Radhika, so she broke Radhika’s all alliance, Radhika is not manglika. Radhika says she will marry Shaurya in temple right now. Mother hynotizes Shaurya again and orders to suicide. Shuraya picks knife, but Radhika snatches knife and slaps him. She says if mother wants to end all , she herself will kill herself. Shaurya stops her. Mother runs towards Radika to stop her, but slips and falls on broken vase and dies. Radika marries Shaurya. She then stands in window sadly. Shaurya consoles her and says someone left them wedding gift. She opens it and finds bell.

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