Totally fallen for you!!! Episode 22.

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Hello guys. I know that by Friday’s promo, everyone have gone into a shock and are completely clueless on what’s going to happen next, right? So I thought why not to make you all relax and get relieved from the stress by my story. So, I am back with the next chapter of my fan fiction . So, I hope this will relieve your stress and will make you enjoy the show more and more. So, let’s get started……

Recap : Munna and pandit leave for their hostel. Sameer feels so sad for their departure. Naina and preeti get ready to go to their college but firstly naina decide to go to temple.

Now, the episode starts ……

Naina and preeti start their way to temple. While on the way, they both are having a talk.

Preeti : Naina, I have a small doubt.

Naina : About what preeti?

Preeti : Why do you want to visit temple today?

Naina turns towards her seriously .

Naina : What sort of a question is this?

Preeti : Arey, tell na. I know this is really a senseless question but I really want to know the answer for this. As this is our first day of college, we need to be at the college as early as possible but, we are going to temple. What’s the hurry to go now? We can happily come after our college, right?

Naina : Oh! So, this is your doubt. Ok, I will clear it to you. Preeti, you know that this is my dream of getting into this university from many years and it wouldn’t have been possible without God’s blessing. And so, I need to thank the God for making my dream true right? And what would be the best time than morning, when our mind, soul and body are fresh. So, I thought this would be the best time to go to temple. Got it preeti?

Preeti : Completely my behan ???. But again I have a doubt. And Please don’t scold me for this!

Naina : Why will I scold you?

Preeti : You know the way I question right? So, I am just checking out.

Naina : No problem. You can ask me ☺️☺️☺️

Preeti : You gave such a huge essay on my question. How can you form your answer without any tremble, doubt and give it clearly???

Naina turns towards preeti in a confused manner ??? and preeti smiles ???

Naina : Firstly, I am getting a doubt. How can you form such type of questions???

Preeti : Natural talent ???

Naina : You are never going to change! ☺️☺️☺️

Preeti : That’s for sure, naina ???

Naina : Let’s go now. We need to be at the temple as early as possible.

Preeti : But why naina?

Naina : Preeti, we need to go to college soon right? We can’t get late for our first day itself. And we even need to check out our classrooms. So, let’s go fast.

Preeti : Oh ha. Ok ok. Let’s go fast .

They both continue their way to temple.

At Sameer’s home……

Sameer is shown sleeping on the bed. Nanu comes in and sees him sleeping. He comes and sits beside him on the bed.

Nanu : Arey Sameer, get up get up. What are you doing?

Sameer : (in a sleepy voice) Nanu, can’t you see? I am sleeping ???.

Nanu : Arey my prince, I understood that but you should get up now. It’s time to go to your college, isn’t it?

Sameer : I know that Nanu ???.

Nanu : Then you are still sleeping? Don’t you want to go to college?

Sameer : I want to go Nanu but I am feeling so sleepy now ???

Nanu : Sleepy??? But you slept so early yesterday right?

Sameer : Nanu, please stop questioning like that. Let me sleep now ???

Nanu : No way. You are going to wake up now and get ready for your college. (pulling sameer by his arms) Come on Sameer!

Sameer : (slowly getting down the bed with his eyes closed) But Nanu?

Nanu : No talking. Just get inside the bathroom and get ready!

And slows pushes him into the bathroom and locks the door from outside. Meanwhile, his landline phone rings…. Nanu answers it

Nanu : Hello!

Munna : Nanu, it’s me Munna.

Nanu : Ha Munna. Have you got ready for the college?

Munna : Ha Nanu. Pandit is getting ready and we will come there by few minutes. Has sameer woke up Nanu?

Nanu : Ha, he is in bathroom.

Munna : Ok Nanu. We will come there soon.

Nanu : Very good. I will inform Sameer about that and don’t be too late. You guys can’t get late on the first day itself, ok?

Munna : Ok Nanu.

Saying so, he ends the call.

After a few minutes, Sameer knocks the door and Nanu opens it. He comes out of the bathroom with his uniform and his hair wet.

Nanu : Sameer, your hair is still wet. Haven’t you dried it properly?

Sameer : Nanu that is…..

Nanu : You sit down. I will do it.

He makes Sameer sit on the bed and starts wiping his head with the towel.

Nanu : You have not at all changed Sameer. Do you remember how you have been in your childhood with me?

Sameer : Yes Nanu. You used to wake me up like this and with a lot of difficulty, used to make me wear the uniform, do my hair, make me wear the shoes and drop me in the school on your scooter.

Nanu : (with a surprised look on his face) Sameer, you still remember all this?

Sameer : How can I forget all these Nanu??? These are my favorite memories that I can never forget in my life ???.

Sameer hugs his Nanu tightly.

Nanu : Ok ok my boy. Now get ready fast. You need to have your breakfast and go to the college. Come on, I will wait for you at the dining table.

Sameer : Ok Nanu ☺️☺️☺️.

Nanu leaves from there and Sameer starts making his hair, wears his watch and then takes his bag and gets to the dining table.

Nanu : All set my boy???

Sameer : Ha Nanu.

And they both start having their breakfast. Meanwhile……

Munna and pandit : Sameer, we are here!!!

Sameer and Nanu turn towards Munna and pandit at the door.

Sameer : You both came ☺️☺️☺️.

Munna and pandit come towards the dining table.

Munna : We came, as promised ???.

Pandit : By the way, the food looks so tasty.     ???

Sameer : I know that. Did you both had breakfast?

Munna : Yes completed.

Nanu : But I am not able to believe by seeing pandit’s face.

Munna : Nanu, pandit loves food a lot and wherever he sees food, he gets mad. That’s it Nanu.

Nanu : So that’s the matter. Pandit, you can happily eat if you want to.

Pandit : Really Nanu? ???

Nanu : Ha ha pandit. Eat as much as you want.

Pandit : Thank you Nanu ???

Saying so, he started eating….. 

Nanu : Munna, you can also join us.

Munna : Thank you so much Nanu but my stomach is full. I will eat later.

Sameer : Your wish munna. But I think you are missing something very good ???

Munna : No problem Sameer. I will ask kichu to make this later for me. Will you kichu?

Kichu : As per sir’s order!!!

Nanu : No need to ask me kichu. Make whatever munna and pandit want. OK?

Kichu : Ok sir.

Sameer : Thanks a lot Nanu ???

Nanu : What’s the need for thanks sameer? Even munna and pandit are like my kids right???

Munna and pandit : Nanu, you are really so so nice ???.

Nanu : Always my boys.

They complete the breakfast.

Sameer : Munna pandit, shall we go now?

Munna : Ok.

Sameer : Nanu, wish me good ☺☺☺

Nanu : Always my prince ???.

Munna and pandit : And us Nanu?

Nanu : You both too rahu ketu ???

Sameer : ??? Rahu, ketu. Nice names Nanu ???.

Nanu : As expected ???

Munna and pandit : We loved the names Nanu ???

Sameer : Let’s go now Munna and pandit. Bye Nanu.

Nanu : Bye Sameer and be safe ☺️☺️☺️.

They all sit in the car and start their way to college.

Naina and preeti complete their prayers and get down the temple.

Naina : I feel so happy now preeti.

And sees preeti in shock ???

Naina : What happened preeti? Why are you looking so shocked?

Preeti : Once see before you, you will understand.

Naina turns and gets shocked by seeing her cycle on the road, in a dirty condition.

Naina : Oh no. (running towards her cycle) Who did this to my cycle?

Preeti : Looks like something has knocked down your cycle.

Passersby : I saw how your cycle is knocked down.

Naina : Who knocked it?

Passersby : A car was coming at a huge speed and accidentally knocked your cycle down.

Preeti : But how did the car came this edge?

Passersby : I don’t know about that. But a mam immediately got down to see but the others immediately spoke to him and took him away. He seemed to be very concerned about your cycle.

Saying so, that passersby goes.

Naina : What’s this start preeti? Just now I thanked the God for this day but see what has happened with me?

Preeti : Ha naina. Even I didn’t except this. If I got the person who knocked down your cycle, I would have scolded him a lot.

Naina : At least, he has got the guilt of spoiling my cycle. But preeti, how can I bring the cycle to the college? See the condition of my cycle. It’s spoiled completely with the dirt.

Preeti : But naina, we can’t leave the cycle here right? This is not a safe place. Let’s take it to the college. The college is near from here. We will clean it after going to home, ok???

Naina : Ok preeti ???. Don’t know whose eyes have fallen on my cycle that it got spoiled first day itself ???.

Preeti : Who knows that. Ok, let’s go now. We are getting late.

Naina : Ha let’s go.

Sameer’s voice over : Such a bad starting for naina right? Even I feel the same but do you guys think that bad time has completed? Munna, pandit and me are happily going in our car whereas naina has to go by walk to the college . What’s going to happen in the college? To know that, you have to get to know the complete day of our college ???.

Hope you guys will enjoy this. I will make sure to upload the next part as soon as possible. Please do read it and comment your views below. Please!!! And please keep watching YehUnDinonKiBaatHai from Monday to Friday at 10:30pm as an exciting track is going to start. Happy reading ☺☺☺

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  1. Awesome episode plsss upload nxt episode fast

    1. Ghvpriya

      I will update the next chapter very soon dear ☺️☺️☺️

  2. Wow I’m even more shocked to see your update after such a long time I su rely missed it loves sameer nanu bonding and naina’s cycle being spoilt takes me back to old episodes loved it too good please don’t stop updating???

    1. Ghvpriya

      Thanks a lot dear ??? and I will surely not stop updating ???

  3. Samaina_loverzz

    Its An Awsm Update … Loved This Chappy A lott.. Was waiting For ur Update And missing ur ff a lot..Plzz up

    1. Ghvpriya

      Awww….. Thanks a lot dear ???

  4. Samaina_loverzz

    Continuation… Plzz Update ASAP..❤❤????????????

    1. Ghvpriya

      I will definitely update the next chapter soon ☺️☺️☺️ and you too please update your next chapter ???. I am very eager to know what’s going to happen next

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