Anamika 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 8th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Panditji telling Rano that the burning of bangles the day before was not an accident but was an inauspicious thing. In addition to that he is also aware of Rano’s fearful dream. While in the Saluja’s, Jeet decides to punish Rano. After reaching the spot Rano asks Panditji as how he knows everything about the incidents. Panditji replies that everytime when he enters their house he can feel that. He also regrets her telling anything straightforwardly by saying that she has bad time turning over her. He advises her to leave Jeet in order to run away from the evil things. When asked by Panditji to choose between her life and Jeet, Rano chooses Jeet over it.

Panditji walks ahead while Rano following him. Panditji does not take the path of the mandir but walks ahead instead, leaving Rano in a dilemma. In the Saluja’s Jeet is tensed due to Rano not answering his call, while Jasleen and Balraj start giving some elderly advice. Jeet decides to go on a hunt for finding Rano. Panditji leads Rano to a weird spot full of fog when she falls off the cliff. Jeet stops his car hearing a woman’s scream and finds Rano’s car parked there. Jeet goes finding while Rano shouts for help. Jeet having heard Rano’s voice runs over to help her.
Jeet rescues her but finds her in an unconscious state. He brings her to the house. When everybody asks Rano how all happened, she tells them all the incident. Nani calls Panditji and is amazed to hear that Panditji is out of the city since two days, then how could it be?

Next we see Panditji sitting in a closed room, when the door opens and he scurries from there. When he reaches the road he gets run over by a Truck, thus leaving him in a pool of blood. At the Saluja’s doctor tells everbody that Rano is fine and advises to take special care of her.

Rano gets a call from Jeet. In the meanwhile the call gets disconnected and Rano gets a call from Panditji. She tells her mother to answer it as she has cold and cough and is not able to speak properly. Her mother notices the phone to be switched off and tells Rano to sleep.


Update Credit to: CouchPotatoes

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