Parvarish 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with the fight between rocky and ashok during which rocky articulates his feelings for rinku. rinku who is standing besides is happy to hear those words. police comes. on listening to the witnesses they leave rocky and arrest ashok. rocky is suddenly reminded of what he said about rinku. they look at each other romantically and blush.
they both take an auto. rocky keeps his hand around rinku. he hurts his neck in the fight. rinku says she l apply balm.

there sweety is getting negative thoughts about her family. she starts praying to Mata Rani.

Rocky and Rinku enter the house from the backside. Rocky locks the room from inside. He tells Rinku he l have a bath. Rinku takes out clothes from his cupboard. Rocky comes out of the washroom and tells Rinku to go out of the room. Rinku tells him to change his clothes as she l close her eyes. she then gives him a tshirt to wear seeing which rocky starts grumbling. he says he has never liked that t shirt.

mean while sweety is getting more tensed.she calls up rinku. the phone rings in rocky’s room. pinky thinks she must have forgotten her phone at home. she then calls up rocky. again the phone rings in rocky’s room. sweety senses something fishy and goes to rocky’s room only to find it look from inside. sweety is totally surprised. she finds the duplicate keys and is about to open the room that the door bell rings.

rocky and rinku are at the door. sweety is surprised at seeing rocky’s tshirt. she inquires if he had worn that tshirt today. she tries to question rocky but he manages to over power the situation.

at night rocky secretively tries to go the terrace where rinku is waiting for him but sweety calls him for some help. she asks him to find some important papers which she has misplaced. rocky finds them n runs to the terrace as fast as possible.

there rinku is waiting for him. they both exchange romantic glances and have a romantic conversation. and finally a hug. however lucky watches all this and is taken aback.


Update Credit to: neha

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