Parichay 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parichay 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Parichay 8th March 2013 Written Update

Veena is in pain and the whole family is tending to her. Anokhi designs a pamphlet for their tiffin service and Ishani is accounting for the sales and budget estimates and profit margins. Siddhi suggests they do something unique and says they’ll concentrate on healthy food. They decide on menu and decide to campaign. Gaurav goes for an interview. And they update Veena. They are happy but Veena apologizes to Siddhi and Seema for not being able to give anything to them. Seema and Siddhi consoles her.

Anokhi sends Gaurav a mail to get the print of pamphlets but just then receives a mail from some Anand Sen asking her for her photographs. Anokhi gets confused and asks through mail why the person needs her pics.

Kunal is with the Aman trying to make his case strong. He asks if the guy was going through some medical treatment and says they can use the conncection to prove that he was under the influence of the medication.

Anokhi receives a reply asking to chat as then he can answer her queries. She thinks it might be useful for her and agrees. The guy says he has liked her face for some ad and says if she gets selected she’ll get a good amount. Anokhi gets lured and sends her pics. She hides it from Seema though thinking it would be a surprise if she gets chosen. Siddhi gets her first order of 15 tiffins.

Some guy meets Anand sen who takes Anokhi’s pics from him and give him a huge lot of money.

Kunal comes home late when everyone is sleeping and touches Veena’s feet vowing he’ll take away all of her pains. Gaurav gets a new job and everyone is happy. Kunal is going to Aman’s office and says to Veena that he’s leaving but they all ignore him and Veena says to him that he should work with honesty. Siddhi and Raj gets veggies for food.

Anokhi chats with the Anand guy and he says the agency liked her pics and she’s selected. Anokhi is very happy and gets ready to go for look test.

Kunal asks Aman to tell him exactly what happened on the night of the accident.

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