Anamika 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 5th April 2013 Written Update

Sapnaji slips from the stairs which is the handiwork of Anamika. Sapnaji is taken to the hospital and Rano/Anamika is asked to inform the men of this accident.

Sapnaji inform everyone what happened between her and Rano.

Jeet wants to clarify matters as everyone reaches home… Rano/ Anamika cleverly twists the situation in her favour. She says that the mandir construction was halted as the sculptor who was to sculpt the image of Mata Rani has suffered a heart attack an therefore it will be three months before the idol of Mata rani can be made. She slysly accuses Sapnaji ofnot listening to her and goigon an accusing mode as she is the bahu of the house and not the beti. Her teary sad face melts the Saluja’s but leaves Sapnaji shocked. She does try to tell everyone that Rano had talked to her like this earlier.

Jeet feels guilty and tries to pacify a hurt Rano. Rano/Anamika plays along stating she wants to go to her mother’s place only to reveal she was joking and she has no ill feelings towards her sasuma.The pair make up where Jeet says he always wants to be with his Rano.. day or night when Anamika had said they will be seperated only during the day.

This statement too is covered by Anamika stating that she was referring to the Pag phere rasm.

Next morning Rano is unable to recapitulate about the incidents of last night when Bebe recounts it to her. She has a splitting headache. Is saddened to see a hurt Pushpa…

PRECAP: Jeet and Rano visit the doctor where her not remembering the events of last night is seen as an issue of major concern. The frame freezes on Anamika’s kohl laden eyes…

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