Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 5th April 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Bharti refusing to go for Rahul’s wedding. Everyone’s taken aback. Her husbands goes to their room in order to talk to her. She tells him to ask Madhav about the issue. He insists on knowing what’s going on. Bharti then tells him about the “condition” she had put forward. Her husband is shocked and furious. he says that all these years he has been attempting to create a place for Rahul in her heart and all these years with each step she has moved away from him (Rahul). he adds on saying that he won’t spoil the day because of her as it’s the biggest day of Rahul’s life so marriage will happen without her.

He and Dadi ma make an excuse saying that Bharti has a splitting headache and she l join them later. madhav understands everything but stays mum. Rahul gets sentimental and looks Madhav who in turn assures him that all will be fine.

@Aardhya’s house:

Aardhya is getting ready and looks like a princess. The Barat arrives. All her friends get excited to see the barat as well as Rahul dressed up as the groom. they run to receive the baraat except for one of her friend who is watching everything from the balcony in Aardhya’s room.
she teases Aardhya saying that Rahul is looking like “brown boo” and Aardhya gets annoyed as well as scared. n then she scold her for joking.

There Rahul is thinking of Bharti. Madhav assures him that Bharti will definitely come before the marriage rituals start. he tells Rahul to enjoy the moments as they won’t come ever again in life.

@Aru and Madhav:
Aru comes to the place where wedding will take place. she’s looking as pretty and beautiful as ever. Madhav gets a glance of her and looks at her with admiration and pain in his eyes.

@Jai Mala…

Rahul and Aru are standing infront of each other for the jai mala. Rahul’s friends including madhav lift him up and Aru is not able to put the Mala Aru’s friends lift her up as well. Aru makes quite a attempt to put the Mala around Rahul but in all the “lifting game” she puts it around Madhav
Madhav is shocked. Aru is scared. Dadi ma looking at the tears in madhav’s eyes and the pain he must be going through. Rahul gets a bit angry. Aru looks at Madhav and says sorry. Madhav takes out the mala and gives it to her without making any eye contact; looking at her. he has tears in his eyes.
Jai mala of Rahul and Aru take place

@Rahul and Dadi ma:

Rahul is worried about Bharti. he’s roaming here and there. Daddi comes. he tells her he cannot proceed with any more rituals without Bharti and is going to get her to the wedding. as soon as he moves ahead Dadi shouts saying Bharti wont come till he leaves the house.
Rahul understands everything and is heart broken. he weeps. Daadi consoles him saying he doesnt have to worry about people who doesnt bother about him.

@Madhav and Bharti:

Madhav comes home to talk to Bharti. he requests her to not to do all that she is. he begs her to come to the wedding; give her blessing to rahul. Bharti inquires if he has talked about her condition with Rahul. Madhav says NO. he adds on saying that he doesnt have the courage to speak up such rude and insensitive things to rahul. he says Rahul is not his friend but his brother; he is a part of him and he cannot let that part just go away. Bharti refuses to listen to Madhav.

@Rahul and the CD:

Rahul who is already hurt gets a CD from a lil boy who says somebody has sent a gift for him. there a note with the gift which read “Bharti ke shaadi mein na ane ke vajah vo nahin hai jo tumhe btayi jaa rahi hai. Aasli vajah janane ke liye tumhe yeh CD dekhni padegi”

Precap: Rahul is watching the CD. he watches madhav’s recording his love confession.

Update Credit to: nb.neha

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