Anamika 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 25th April 2013 Written Update

Jeet arrives just when Anamika controlled Shalaka is about to stab Rano, and gets her arrested. Anamika and Shalaka both threaten each other in Police station. At home, Anamika is thinking she needs Jeet’s blood to strengthen and heal her wounds inflicted by Shalaka.

But Jeet does not comes to his room that night and Anamika wonders why he hasn’t come. She sees him sleeping on the couch in the hall and goes to him and asks him why he is sleeping here and why is he not coming to his room. Jeet takes too long in coming to the room and Anamika wonders that Sun is about to rise and if she dosn’t get Jeet’s blood, then her wound on her hand won’t heal. Jeet comes to the room finally at 5 am, and Anamika insists that he goes to sleep now while Jeet does not want to sleep. But Jeet starts talking to her about what’s been happening these days, and seeing no other option, Anamika hypnotizes him. He falls asleep at 5:20 am and Anamika starts taking Jeet’s shoes and socks off. (I wonder what’s with the foot fetish ).

Sun rises and Rano wakes up and sees Jeet’s injured toe. She goes to fetch first aid, and sees blood on her lips in the mirror. She is shocked and wonders what she did last night and hopes that Shalaka is alright. Jeet wakes up with pain in her foot. Rano tries to know what happened last night. and Jeet informs her that he reached there just in time and now Shalaka is behind bars and now she should stop going to such people.

Rano realizes that this must be because of that bad spirit. Just then Shalaka calls her and asks her to come outside her house as she is waiting for her. She informs Rano that she has got bail and she called her here so that Jeet does not get angry with her. She tells that they need to call that spirit and trap her. Rano asks how, and Shalaka says that she will handle everything and she should just tell whatever she knows about that spirit. Rano informs about Jeet’s injury and blood on her lips to which Shalaka informs that such spirits are often blood thirsty so she may be using Rano to suck Jeet’s blood.

Rano gets upset thinking she is Jeet’s biggest enemy and that she would end her life. But Shalaka tells her that this is exactly what that spirit wants and so she should be brave. She asks her to tell everything from the beginning and Rano starts telling her everything from the beginning. Shalaka understands that to get rid of that spirit, she will have to begin from that highway. She tells Rano to stay away from her family after sunset and then leaves hurriedly as they see Jeet coming up. Rano lies to him that she was exercising. Rano then insists on seeing Jeet’s injury on the pretext of trying to heal his sprain. She notices that Jeet’s blood has indeed been sucked.

Precap: Shalaka trying to capture Anamika….

Update Credit to: -dishu-

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