Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kapoor Mansion: Ayesha says hi to Ram addressing him as Mr. MD. Why are you so angry? Mamaji fears Ram and thinks that the music should be stopped. Ayesha tells no. she have to celebrate. Ram says you are the boss and if you want to party by all means, music etc then why not. Ram asks Mamaji to start the music. song starts playing laila tujhe lotlegi… Ram says what a song it suits ayesha’s well. While Ram’s family members are shocked to see no reaction from Ram. Ayesha is annoyed. Ayesha says music off. Ram smiles. Ayesha says you are troubling me. Ram says you are the boss, I am just your employee. I am smiling because I could not get to see this party after one month. Ram says but these people looking hungry. Ram tells dadi that he will order food from a five star hotel. He calls the restaurant and order lots of Indian food. Ayesha says all this they will eat. Ram says this I will eat, I have to order still for my family. He says Ayesha that according to company rules she have to pay. Then he asks the servant shankar what he wants to eat and order mutton for him. Ram asks mamaji to start the music.

Ayesha is annoyed and says mamaji will shankar eat mutton?. Mamaji asks Ayesha to take care of her money as Ram will empty her bank balance.

Dadi says till when we will order from the hotel. Ram conforts her saying that he knews that somewhere there is an angel and soon he will find him. Ram smiles while everyone is in thoughts.

Scene shifts to Sharma home:

Priya brings colour pencils for Pihu. Shipra sees Pihu’s drawing and praises her drawing. shipra ask her how was the prenatal class. Priya replies that Ram asked her to accompany or else she would not go. she says they taught Ram how to wrap the doll. Shipra says she knows what they can teach. She herself took care of three kids.
she says she will bring the tea.

Shipra says you might have impress them. you are an expert in impressing people. expert mamma. Priya is loss at words and says yes. shipra says she got a call from her class to get photos. Priya says ok I will take. shipra says they said that they send two kids outside. Priya says they might have sent someone after we came.Shipra says that was Ram and Priya. Shipra asks Pihu to give her punishment. Pihu says priya princess, hold your ears and say i will not do any mistake from now on. Priya says the same. Pihu says now you can sit. Priya smiles..

Scene shifts to Vikram home:

Vikram asks neha why are you not ready. you said Ram asked us to come. Neha says she is not fine. She have nausea. Vikram says he will call Ram and inform him that they are not coming and he will call the doctor first.

Scene shifts to Ram home:

Ram calls for Priya and ask her to come downstairs. Priya says why you called me here. She sees so many food there. she asks who will eat this. Ram says you. Priya says you didn’t allowed me to eat street food. Ram says this food is prepared in mineral water. Priya says he should have asked her before. She already had food. Ram asks her to have atlease little amount. Priya oblige. Ram says he wants to tell her something and she will start jumping after listening him. He tells what Sid told him about his marriage to ayesha. Priya is overwhelmed. Ram says this is what he wants to see. Ram says tomorrow morning they will go and find the pandit. Priya says you will be soon getting your business, but one thing is needed. your black suit, in that your truly look Mr. Ram Kapoor. Ram says i will wear that from tomorrow.

Vikram calls ram and informs him about Neha’s ill health. Ram and Priya rushes to his home.

Scene shifts to Vikram home:

Priya asks how are you feeling. Neha says horrible. she is vomiting.Ram finds Neha talking nimbu pani and like for khatta. Ram hints that she might be pregnant and you at this age are ready or not. Vikram says this is not possible. Neha says baby you are romantic. Ram says yesterday you lectured me that you have planned for your kids. Now plan for one more kid.

Neha tells Vikram you might be ready to become father again but i am not. actually Priya and me had street food chola batura. Ram scolds Priya. Priya says she had just ginger tea. she says whenever I begins eating. I sees your face that dont eat this. Priya tells Neha that Ram organised a good dinner for her and before she could eat. They got a call from vikram. Vikram says sorry. Priya says its ok. Neha says lets go and have pani puri.

Scene shifts to Mandir:

Ram and Priya reaches the mandir and ram argues Priya to sit in the car. Priya tells she will come with him as pandit might need her to check the documents. Ram asks her to hold his hand and walk. she hesitantly agrees and walks slowly. Ram ask some person to get up from the chair and asks Priya to sit and have biscuit and water for him. he then takes newspaper from some person standing there and starts rotating it so that Priya feels cool. That person takes the paper back and Ram says his wife is pregnant.
Priya tells him to tell the world about her pregancy and also tell him to stay out of the hospital during her delivery or else he will not allow the doctor to deliver the baby. Finally they starts walking to search for pandit.

Scene shifts to Pihu’s School;

Pihu talks with her friend. Her friend says that his sister did spoil his book. he says every mummy papa loves the small kid in the house

Scene shifts to Mandir;

When Ram enquire about the pandit with someone. The man says that panditji dies a month before. They ask about his family, but no luck. That man says that somewhere here is the office where marriages are registered. They decide to check in the office.

Mamaji in a disguise of a beggar in the mandir sees Ram and Priya and informs ayesha. Ayesha cuts the call saying they might have gone to do puja. Mamaji have a funny moment with the fellow beggar.

Mamaji thinks he shall go towards Ram and Priya. Priya tells Ram that we will do the darshan of the mandir. Ram says you are in tension because of records. Priya says it is not so important. she takes tension about the family, and she is concerned about the baby. Ram says you take stress. Priya says you always take my stress. Ram says I am a good husband and you will not get a good husband other than me. Priya says she dont need. BALH music plays.

Scene shifts to Marriage Registrar Office:

Ram and Priya come to the marriage office and the pandit there ask for the reason. Mamaji is spying on them. Priya says she got married here that day and she didnt get the marriage certificate on that day. Ram and Priya tells him different dates of their marriage. Pandit asks did you marry at different dates. Priya says she got married on 16th feb, and Ram says 14th feb. Priya request him to show him the records. Ram says his wife is pregnant and he have to show the marriage certificate in the hospital. They sees Sid name in the marriage book and asks the pandit to get the marriage certificate ready. Pandit suspects him but they managed to convince him. Priya says her name is Ayesha and Ram’s name is Siddhant. Episode ends on Priya’s smile.

Ram and Priya come on some building and tells the watchman they need to go to the 5th floor. Priya says her name is not written here, may be she lives in a rented house. Ram sees shetty name on the board and says we want to go there. Watchman says ok then says he needs to ask on the intercom

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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