Amita Ka Amit 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 25th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Amit changing the band-aid and Ammu crying explaining, that what is my fault in all this, Here you are upset and over there dad is upset.. I am just trying to be a good DIL..but everything goes wrong everytime. Ammu is crying uncontrollably and Amit tried to put his hand on her shoulder to console her but takes it back.

Its 11pm and Ria-Tina are up waiting since past 1 hour for Amit to go to the guest room. They are confused as to how come they are sleeping in one room.

Amit goes and sleeps on the sofa, Ammu tells him to sleep either on the bed or in guest room. Amit replies that after all this, there is not need for them to take care of each other. Ammu says then how come he is sleeping here, only to take care of her. AMit taunts her that no, he is sleeping here so she doesn’t go and complain to her parents that her husband is not taking care of her.

Ammu goes and sleeps on the bed but Amit comes there and puts a pillow under her leg.

Its morning, and Ammu is trying to look for Amit in the bedroom but she finds his sticky notes everywhere, saying he has left already, to take her medicines and not to walk a lot. [It’s a really cute scene]

In the office, Amit is trying to work and Batuk, Sanjay are teasing him about Amita. Suddenly he gets up and says he needs to make an important call. He calls ammu to ask her if she took her medicines

Ammu calls her house to talk to her dad but her mom tells her he is busy. Ammu realizes that she is lieing. Her mother consoles her that she doesn’t know what is wrong between them but everything will be okay soon. After the phone call ends, her mom yells at her dad and tells him to talk to Ammu but he pays no heed.

In the living room, nani comes and gives a note left by Amit instructing at what time to give Ammu medicines and leg massages. Falguni and his dad are really happy hearing this. Ammu comes there and asks for Falguni’s permission to go to her father’s place. Amit’s father agrees to drop her off.

Ammu arrives at her house and tries to talk to her father in private. Her father leaves from there and goes in his bedroom and closes the door behind him. Ammu and her mom try to get him to open the door but he doesn’t open. Ammu slides in a chit under the door, which says “Sorry Papa [J]”. Then she fakes a leg pain and her dad comes out.

She apologizes to her dad for saying the things she said to him. She tries to explain to her father that the A2’s relationship is weak at the moment and they need to make it strong and it will take a while for that to happen. She explains to him that he only heard half of the conversation yesterday and that’s why he misunderstood. She tells him how much Amit took care of her. She says Amit is a really nice guy, he doesn’t show off, he does everything from his heart. She is waiting for the day when Amit himself will want to start a relationship with her. But until then, we both have to wait for that but it will surely happen one day. Ammu’s father melts now. [It was a really sweet scene between the father and daughter’It’s a must watch scene]

Precap: Dining table at Amit’s house, Priety and sanjay are there. They tell them they are going to the movies. The rest of the family insists that A2 go as well. Ammu is waiting for Amits reply and has her finger’s crossed.

Update Credit to: dare.devil

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