Amrit Manthan 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 5th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

episode starts with Karan and yug taking nimrit to the room , then mahiji , tej and the jounalist were watching the video , when karan , yug and nimrit enters the room they saw that it was a video of tej recieving the awards from rajmata , then karan and yug were shocked seeing how can the CD change , then nimrit take a sigh of relief , yug and karan wonders how can it happen then karan says to nimrit that i think you did it , now see what can i do , and both karan and yug leave , nimrit was standing there only and wondering how can the CD can change .. On the other side , the CD was in Amrit’s hand and she was thinking what can be in this CD that’s why karan was wanting to show it to everyone , she then thought to play the CD and then she played the CD in her laptop and she was very shocked seeing what was in the CD , while Nimrit enters amrit’s room and she saw that amrit has seen that video , then amrit looked behind and she saw nimrit there , then nimrit sits on the sofa , amrit went to her and said that nimrit did angad shoot this video , nimrit nodded her head and then amrit said that nimrit i know all about angad , that he is karan , and he has been torturing you for so long , but why are you getting through all these , i know you cannot do anything wrong then why are you doing it ? so nimrit said i am doing it only for you , because i don’t want you to leave your good life and return in bad life , amrit got shock and asks nimrit what is she talking about , so nimrit told her that she made a video of a girl named soni and tortured her for money and because of that soni did suicide , so amrit got shocked and said that nimrit what ever you are thinking isn’t correct i haven’t done it , so nimrit told her that the mails were sent from her laptop only , amrit said that though it might have been sent from my laptop but i was not the one who send those mails , amrit said that i know who can easily use my laptop it can be yug , karan and yug were in the room , karan said to yug that i was wanting nimrit to suffer from the same pain , by which my sister had suffered , but where can the CD gone , i am going to find it and he leave from there , yug said to himself that karan is thinking he is using me , but actually i am using him to destroy everyone , to take my revenge , i am so lucky that even my sins punishment some one else is getting , anyways i am quite lucky .

Part 2

nimrit said to amrit that its only one and real copy of this CD , that is why karan was shocked to see that the CD has not been played , so amrit said if this is so , then we might destroy it , and she broke the CD , while karan enters the room and saw amrit doing it , he says what are you doing , so amrit and nimrit both turns around and saw it was karan , amrit said that i did it all , and i know that you are not angad , you are karan and i know all the truth , but this isn’t the truth , nimrit did it all for me , she thought it was my fault but its yug yug who did it , karan said what do you think you can make me fool , no , how can a person do so much for anyone , so amrit said its nimrit , she can do anything for her loved ones , she can even fight but can’t see a tear in her family’s eyes , karan said you sisters cannot make me fool with such stories of yours and he leave from here , nimrit said to amrit that yug has did his work beofre only , both have got together and it was yug only who send tej to jail . amrit and tej were standing , tej said to amrit that when everyone said me a traitor i felt very bad , amrit said that but let the world say whatever they want to say , but your loves ones know that you are honest always , and then tej said for timing i was fully broken , but you came and i got strong again , so amrit said its good that my words attracted you , tej hugs amrit and said that don’t go anywhere now , i feel very alone without you , amrit said what do you want to say , so tej said amrit i love , amrit got smile on her face , but then she said that tej i am not perfect for you i did very wrong with the entire family and she leave .. she went to yug and said that what ever you are doing isn’t right and then promised him that if he accepts that he was the one torturing soni that she will come back in his life , and both hug .. tej was watching this all , and the episode ends ..

Precap :
Yug announced that i was the one who tortured soni and make those videos , karan hold his collars and said i will not leave you , then yug said that listen i said this because amrit and nimrit asked me to say it , both amrit and nimrit got shocked

Update Credit to: Mehak

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