Savitri 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 5th July 2013 Written Update

Dhoomkethu appears and helps savi by capturing Vikrant in his powers preventing him from hurting Savi..Savi sees him and whispers Dhoomkethu. Dhoomkethu in return smiles and thanks savi for showing him the right path of Mukti. Savi is confused and Dhoomkethu explains that. Now he will say the truth that he is not just Dhoomkethu by name but in actual the real star whom god gave the responsibility of safeguarding Damyanti. But then he failed in that 1000 yrs back and was hence trying to get mukti all these years. Now he did his duty and so his responsibility is done to attain his mukti

She replies sadly that now she did all that dhoomkethu said and infact made star too but still kaalchakra didn’t opened…

Dhookethu asks her (pointing to trishool holded by vikrant) that he gave the trishool to savi for this purpose and that she need to put it at middle…Savi turns and see Vikrant holding it..She question as if why Vikrant attacked her…Dhoomkethu replies that its because of Gulika’s effect and that vikrant will be fyn now as he is free from guli effect then..

He asks her to take trishool and put it in place..Also makes her cautious that if she puts trishool in wrong way kaal chakra will open or else all powers of tara dwar will be out..Before going he also asks savitri to get out of place soon after kaalchakra opens orelse she would be in difficulty.


Savi takes the Trishool and is about to keep it that RK nad Gulika rushes in…As soon as they enters RK gets mesmerized seeing his lega while Gulika was shocked to see Savi holding the Trishool..She screams RK stop savi, but then RK just ignores all those and keeps on starring his legs. Gulika who realised RK not acting rushed to stop Savi and then Savi-Guli will have their Physique showing fi8…

Savi is unable to move forward and keep Trishool..Vikrant who gains conscious by then Rushes and hold Gulika asking Savi to keep the Trishool in place ..(Gulika even missed Vikrant’s hold ladki khaati kya ho) There RK stands on his real legs and is busy gaining powers of his legs.

Savi almost puts the Trishool that Vishgati comes pointing knife at savi’s neck cornering her to a side also shouting for RK

RK comes out of his own world hearing Vishgati’s sound and opens his eye sto see savitri under his mom’s knife point. Vishi asks RK to backoff as he is standing right above Kaalchakra by whose opening RK will fall and go behind 2000yrs… She adds how Savi is cheating him all the time .RK whispers…Phir Dhoka… But i won’t allow u this time. ( poor rahu he had pain evident in his eyes).

Just then Satya enters pushing Vishi to a side and releasing Savi..He says savi that now he remembers everything and orders her to put trishool at place and to mark an end to all this problems. Savi nodes and before any one could stop her puts the trishool in place …Vishi shouts nahi…but then it was all over as powers got released to open kaalchakra


The kaalchakra opens RK falls in to kaalchakra within seconds He is about to fall in to it but then with hands he held on giving a final look to savi as he knew he could never return. (His eyes was filled so do Savi’) Before going he admitted how truthful his love was 1000yrs back as well as then. (He seemed proud n painful saying that ) But then like before she not only did smartness but also cheating. He says that she did chal with him this time and with painful eyes he fall off the kaalchakra wall before Vishgati could reach. …All three-Savi, Satya and Vikrant rushes out

Gulika tries to take away Vishgati saying that now nothing could be done as 2000 yrs is pretty much and they can’t do anything now for RK. He is dead now..

Vishgati nodes and agrees to Gulika but then she says that she can’t save RK but then she do can take time back..Gulika is shocked and question if really she can do that..Vishgati nodes and bids with Kaalchakra that now she will give her amaratva to which in return Kaalchakra will have to go back 1000yrs which had RK,Damyanti and Veer.


She turns to Gulika and asksher to promise that she will stay by RK taking him to Kaalibhumi (kingdom of RK) and never let him do the mistake that he hid in past, mistake of loving . She asks her not to allow RK n Damayanti face to face saying that if so happened the past will repeat itself. She asks gulika to keep RK away from Love and also to promise that she will help her brother to attain that which Chapanagar has with it. Also Vishgati gives a ring to Gulika saying that if by chance RK ever comes across Damyanti just show him the ring so that RK will remember this day and her cheating stopping him from repeating fate..

She takes a sword and pierces it to a time machine and finally threw it in Kaalchakra well…


Before dying(perhaps) Vishgati gives a curse to Damyanti that she will never get her Veer for whom she did cheating with her son Rahukaal. And that now time will change veer’s face will change and Damyanti will never be able to identify her Veer.. She will be deprieved of love…

Outside mandir Savi apologises for saying bad words to satya in front of RK and says how she kept her Mangalsutra with herself all the way..Satya says he knows everything and they share a hug..Vikrant interrupts saying that the place is not good and they need to move away but then with Vishi’s curse a wild storm comes and all three will all in to it..Savi asks satya to hold on her and the storm continues to effect badly

Precap: Savi saying it all will start one again…and at another place veer falls with his sword hitting groung..Half of his face shown..{.Ashu without Moustache and shirtless too( in RK type dressing) with short hairs and abs }

Update Credit to: snowdream

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