Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th July 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 5th July 2013 Written Update

After that bhay wedding of Ganesh with Siddhi n Buddhi.. its time for the rest of the rituals.
Ring ceremony is started by AS, as she puts the ring into the bowl of milk. Siddhi is very confident that Buddhi n she is gonna get the ring.. Ganesh says that even he should get the permission of using both his hands.

AS says that its fair, but Siddhi counters that he needs to abide by the rules or take it easy! they say that accept his defeat.. Ganesh says that its not a good thing in doing that and over teh top he pastes their dialogue on them that he’d give them the choice of defeat by using only one hand of his.
AS announces the start of the game…

as they try to search the ring.. Ganesh tries to distract by holding their hand naughtily.. Siddhi tells him to leave her hand if he has got any shame left doing that infront of everyone
Cleverly, Ganesh finds the ring…

Buddhi and Siddhi are surprised n on a settling scores spree.. Ganesh says all Siddhis n Buddhis are theirs but they are his now!
Ganesh take Mahadev’ blessings after that..

Then Vishwrup humbly requests Mahadev to start n lead (be the speaker) the gyaan sabhaa on the auspicious day.
Mahadev obliges the request saying that its indeed an auspicious day, for Ganesh is gonna start a new phase in his life. But he wont e the speaker the gyaan sabha, Ganesh is gonna do it.

Ganesh says that its his privilege to fulfill his wish.

All gather at a place with Mahadev n Parvati devi on the main throne and Ganesh with his brides in the throne subordinating the main ones.
Vishwrup feels blessed to be a part of the gyaan sabha which is gonna lead by Ganesh… on which HImvan says that they all have been blessed cause of their good deeds to be able to be a part of the gyaan sabha. (this is a must watch piece, it constitutes very deep wisdom)

Even before the sabha starts Himvan and Vishwrup kick start it with their dialogues, which says that they have got the chance of doing good deeds so tey have got the opportunity as it is their destiny.. on which Himvan says that ones destiny is dependent on their deeds.

Mahadev tells that they have got the topic for the gyaan discussions.

Ganesh asks “does our deed decide our destiny or vice verse?”
He further says “When we look into our past, we often feel whether it is our karma or the destiny that has brought us this situation. Karm and destiny aren’t different from one another, but they complete each other. We do an act -a karma- and we earn our destiny (bhagy) by it, and that will be the base of our future life. ”

Then Ganesh blows a feather in the air.. and continues “at this moment this feather is dependent on the air present in the sabbha hall.. and all your breath can change the feather’s course, at this moment the feather doesn’t have the ability to change its path by itself. Its fate can be falling into mud; but without doing any thing we can’t blame our fate, cause we have the ability to do karma using our intelligence. If we don’t do any karm then we have to bare its consequences. If fate is strong then it can effect our karma, in turn it will be helpful to our fate.. and which path to chose is dependent on us.”

All are amused to hear this piece of wisdom from Ganesh, where as Mahadev n Parvati devi are proud of their little one.


Back at Lanka.. Raavan’s pitah ma is weirdly gazing at the moon n sky at night time, only to be disturbed by an apologetic Raavana.

The old man says that realizing the mistake is the base of apology..

Raavan then tells that he heard that he (pitamah) has powers to see the future, and Raavan asks if he has seen him come there to apologize.

Pitmah replies that he is not trikaal darshi like Brhmdev, Narayan and Mahadev..

He says that he can only speculate the future on the bases of the placements of planets n stars..
On asked by Raavan how can that be possible, the wise one says that the moment of planets n stars decide the fate of a human. As the sun, animals, planet decide the fate does, so does the 9 planets.
Raavan says that though he has gone there to say sorry, but now he’d thank his pitamah for showing him a new way.


At Gyaan sabha

Vishwarup asks which is important between karm and fate?
Ganesh replies “karm- as it can lead us to good or bad- by his means karm is the completeness of it. Like just by giving birth to a child isn’t karm on the whole- to look after the child and nurture it is, they have to make the child independent too to survive on the world, to give good teachings, to give protection along with making the child realize and act for its duties. ”

He further continues “not to take karm as just a ritual but to think as the dharma and follow it. only this sows the future goodness of good karma n time. ”
The whole place echoes with praises of Ganesh

Now daddy dearest asks his little one a question.

“You said the choice lies with us whether to chose karm n fate we want to make… what if someone doesn’t wishes to chose? ie if the feather doesn’t care if it falls in the mud or get decked on someone’s head then? “asks Mahadev.

There is another way apart from karm and fate – the path of viragy.
The world for many yugas will contemplate on the importance of karm n fate..and such discussions will always be helpful in the growth of the society.

Ganesh repeats his daddy’s famous dialogue n funda!

“Na samman ka moh nahee apmaan ka bhay”
which means its such a state of being where all those things don’t matter anymore.

The whole place now echoes with praises to Mahaded, Parvati ma and Ganesh.

At Lanka.. Raavan is on his terrace and is so liking the idea of the fate can be changed and seen by the placement of the 9plantes .. thinking of it he laughs like crazy evil!


Then comes the bidayee time for the gals..
Daddy’s gals are sad on leaving him and so is Vishvarupa..
Then Ganesh asks Mahadev if he is allowed to do whatever he is going to do?
Ganesh then asks them where are they going?
Siddhi wipes her tears off and asks not to joke at sucha moment..

They reply that they are going to Kailash with him.

GAneshs says Kailash, who is going there?

Kartikeya questions, what is he saying.. they after their god bye to teh parents house are going with him to Kailash.

Ganesh apologizes o his big bro for forgetting him to inform about they attending his (Kartikeya’s) wedding straight from there.

Kartikeya gets the shocking surprise of his life on asking how come?
Brhm dev arrive there and permit- come -invite all to Brhm lok for the wedding of his Manasputri Devsena and Shivansh Kartikeya.

Kartikeya is pleasently surprised (dil main ladoo phoot raha haye actually )
Ganesh tells him not to waste time as there is so much to do for hsi var yatraa.. all are excited about this.


Next stop… Kartikeya and Devsena’s rushed wedding!
(both are lookin great)
At last getting married.. but not happy with the rushed ceremony with Bhrm dev dropping by and say “hey, come one come all its my daughter’s wedding, ek pay ek free with lunch, dinner”… very upset with CV’s for treating Kartikeya n Devsena’s story like that… Big for whoever has done such budget script n wedding!
Raavan tries to assault a yogini.. knowing this Mahadev is supper angry.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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