Amrit Manthan 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 4th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Bani coming face to face to with Agam along with Nimrit and family.
When Bani asks who he is ? He replies Agam Sehgal. Bani warns him not to trouble her mom and Nimrit interrupts that she should not talk like that with elders and Nimrit requests
Bubbly to take the kids inside.
Nimrit requests Agam to come inside and they can sit and talk to which Agam replies that it is impossible for him to enter that house.Tej says whoever you are why are you against our Dhaba and Agam says that as per his information it is Nimrit’s dhaba and he is talking to
Nimrit .Sunitha calls Agam and says that her sons name was also same to which he replies that he know that her sons name was Agam Mallik . He says that he is here to buy dhaba and Nimrit says that her dhaba is not on sale. Agam replies that in this world everything can be bought be it relaionships,love etc and he is ready to offer 10 crore Rupees which is 10 times more than the price. Nimrit says that the Dhaba has a special place in her heart and it is priceless to her.
Agam asks them to either accept the offer or watch what he can do. Nimrit says that she will not let anybody disrespect the things that are special to her and says that the Dhaba is not on sale today and will never be in future.Agam warns them to leave the Dhaba and leaves.
Jo asks why Bani is not sleeping and Bani says that she is worried how much that bad uncle will trouble her mom.Nimrit comes and says that no one will trouble her.Bani asks what the problem is and Nimrit says that uncle wanted to buy dhaba but the dhaba is a gift to her by her dadda and she cannot sell it. Nimrit says that uncle doesn’t know that she has Bani and jo who are 2 brave soldiers who will beat him if they mess up with their mother
Yugam on video conf in phone ,excited that they pulled their dirty trick on Agam. Yug says that their wok is over as Agam hates Nimrit and is in disguise of a Sardar to take revenge on her. Amrit says that Nimrit’s support team is strong.Agam comes when Yugam is talking on phone and Amrit sees him and stops the topic.She requests Agam to let go and come to Mumbai but Agam refuses saying he will see that he will bring Nimrit’s truth to the world .

Mahi discussing who this Agam sehgal is and why he is after their Dhaba. Nimrit says that nobody can force them to sell dhaba and sees how he will make her dhaba his. Mahi says that these Rich people can sometimes seize property by hook or crook to which Tej replies there are laws which one has to abide and they cannot just seize one’s property. Nimrit says that to her the dhaba has Agam’s dreams and she will never let anyone shatter them and will see how anyone can seize her dhaba from her.

Vishal asking Amrit to stay at their place till however long she wants.Amrit praises Vishal that he is very nice and blah blah. Vishal says that he will do something which he has never done to a girl and gifts her a necklace.Amrit all happy and speaks to herself ( what happens with this small gift , there is lot more to lootfrom you ) Vishal phone rings and It is Nimrit . he puts it on speaker and Nimrit says that she was not able to talk to his patrner about her dhaba project and asks where he is and Vishal says that he went to London urgently on some work.

Bani and Jo ready to go to school and Jo and bani says that they are all set to go.
Sunitha ji comes and says that they have a arranged a pooja in the evening at dhaba as things are not going well.

Nimrit comes to dhaba and there are no workers and sees all customers complaining waiting for their dishes to come.She comes and sees all her workers at one table serving food Agam sehgal.
He says the food is nice and gives them big tip. Nimrit asks what he is doing here and Agam says that people come to eat food at dhaba and he did the same.Nimrit asks worker to get the bill and Agam says he also came to see the location of the dhaba as it will be his soon.

Nimrit asks him to stop dreaming and she will not sell the dhaba and Agam says that he wants to buy it and she has to sell it. Nimrit asks why he is after this dhaba and why he is so stubborn.Agam aska her just to think that some old accounts needs to be settled.
When Nimrit enquires wht accounts he stays mum.Nimrit repeats to Agam that the dhaba is not on sale and it has her husbands memories which she cannot seperate herself from them. Agam says that her husband is dead and she is already seperated from him.He says that he is offering her 10 crore rupees and she can live all her life happy and sell the dhaba and
forget her husband and dhaba.Nimrit gets angry and raises her hand to give a slap and Agam stops her hand in the middle.Agam gets lost in thoughts when he holds Nimrits hand with BG music playing. After some time he realizes and leaves her hand.
Nimrit says that his name is same as her husband but wished he had atleast some good qualities that her husband had. She tells Agam Sehgal how her husband’s dream was that dhaba and tells that Agam worked hard to start this dhaba and she will never let anything happen to it.
She calls all the workers and asks them to return the tip Agam Sehgal gave and returns all that money to Mr Sehgal and says that they are not her workers but her family.She says that her dhaba was built on trust and love and not money and he can give any amount and she will not give up ..Agam silently leaves with Nimrit watching

PRECAP : Nimrit starting to do pooja at the Dhaba and some people come and try to stop her.

Update Credit to: Saina

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