Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 4th March 2013 Written Update

Ram home:

The Episode Starts with Ram telling Priya that they shall talk to the elders at home. Priya says yes, you talk, I will take care of kitchen. Ram calls Kapoor Mansion and talk to his mother, his mother ask him about their health. She says we all miss you. Ram says I have a good news for you. Krishnaji says, Dadi is here talk to her too. Ram talks to dadi now, while Priya watches him talking from the kitchen and Ram then says to Dadi that I got an big business order for my small company and it can turn my destiny then there will no money issues after that and I can invite you people here at my place. They blessed him. And he keeps the phone down and they thanks God.

Scene Shifts to some road:

Vikram stops the car somewhere and it seems he have forgetten the path. then Suddenly Neha wake up from the sleep and she was shocked on hearing the cow’s voice. Daija, Cady, Rahul and other kids wake up too at this moment and shocked to hear the cow’s voice. They are shocked where they are. Neha says why there are so many cows, Vikram says we are in some village. Neha says we were in some hiway, Vikram says I saw some short cut direction and we reached here. Neha taunts him that why he is like that. He should thought about it. She ask him to ask someone about the way.
Rahul asks Cady not to be like mom.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Mamaji comes to Ayesha that he went to some restaurant and heard some foreigners and they have money which they want to invest in business who have family good values. Ayesha says but why family values. Mamaji says they have that issue. Ayesha says I have to do so much hardwork for one day of acting. Mamaji says you are a teacher at acting. she smiles.

Ram office:

Ram gathers all his employees and says we got a big order for our small company and we have to complete the order in a month’s time.we will get a big profit. I am a boss here but i never saw me like that and I want to talk to you openly. you all work well and i shall give you bonus but company position is not well, but i promise you that whatever profit i get, i will share the profit with you all if you all trust me.
Ram continues that this company will go far far. and you tell me whether we will achieve the target, all say yes.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

All the foreigners arrived at the Kapoor Mansion and Ayesha was about to say hi, just then they say namaste and Ayesha tells namaste and does their Aarti. Ayesha invites them inside and she says you are looking for a indian family. They say we have more money and we want to invest in your company. Those who respect elders are good people and we want to work with them.
Other way, Krishnaji comes to the kitchen and ask for food. Servant tells this food is not for you but for foreigners and you can eat the left over food. Ayesha comes to Dadi and Krishnaji and ask them to join for the meal. Mamaji tells the guests about Ram’s father. Ayesha asks them to sit on the sofa. Ayesha says give me your blessings as I am starting a new business and she says the same to the foreigners. Dadi and Maa are shocked and thinks that her mind is not working well. Just then Rishabh and Soumya comes there and Ayesha address them as her brother in law and sister in law and says that soumya is like a sister to her.

Ayesha pretends to be a good daughter in law infront of guests.

Scene Shifts to some road:

Neha ask Vikram to stop the car and says that since one hour we are just going round and round. Vikram says I am searching the way naa. Neha says ask someone naa. Kids says we are feeling hungry. Rahul says I will check on the Map. Daija says lets search the way. We have to reach home. Rahul shows him the correct way and ask him to follow this. Neha says we will ask someone and ask him about the Delhi highway. That man explains him the directions and they thank him. Neha says pls go according to the direction. Vikram asks Cady not to be like Neha.

Scene Shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

All the guests are having a dinner and Ayesha says I hope you are enjoying all tradional indian meal. and pretends to take care of dadi infront of them. The guests appreciate their food and says we are impressed with the love you have in your family. Ayesha says I cant do anything without my family blessings. Soumya gets up from her chair and Ayesha says where are you going? Soumya ask him to stop acting and stop fooling this innocent people. Ayesha says whatever you want to tell, say after they leaves. Soumya comes closer to Ayesha and says do you know what you are doing, you are lieing. you are trying to tell this people that you are typical indian women. Ayesha ask Soumya to talk in hindi. Soumya says they will get to know the truth. She then turns around and tells the guests that Ayesha is not the way she is pretending. She is like a ugly witch in the fairy tales. She insult dadi, maa. Ayesha stops her and Soumya says I am a part of this family too. Ayesha says you give you the right. I take care of your every need. I can do whatever you i like. The guests says whatever is happening now. and says that you are totally opposite of what we need. you are shouting on elders. The care, love and warmth is missing and we shall leave now. He says mujhe hindi samajh me aati hain. Ayesha shocked.
The guests leave and Mamaji says all the hardwork got into the water.
Krishnaji, Rishabh smiles and Ayesha angrily leaves.Sowmya looks on.

Scene Shifts to Ram office:

Priya comes with Pihu to Ram’s office and say him hi papa.Ram ask him how was your day at school. She then tells him that she got a star. Priya says she got a star from her teacher. Ram says it means you are a double rockstar. Pihu ask Priya why we came here to Papa’s office. Priya replies that we came here to have lunch. Pihu says but why Papa will not come home. Priya explains that Papa is having exam and he needs to prepare and without preparing how can he study. Pihu says how can Papa get a star like Pihu. Pihu says papa say during exam we used to sleep early.
Priya says elders have to prepare for exams, thats why papa here is preparing for exams and thats why Pihu and me came here to Papa office. Ram smiles.

Just then Ram gets a call from Mr. Shailesh Sherawat. He tells you might have got a call from my office and Mr. Patel informed you about the delivery time wrong, it is not 1 month but 1 week’s time and you have only 1 week’s time for the delivery. Ram says 1 week.

Priya ask what happened. Ram says I thought I have a month’s time to deliver the consignment but I have only a week. It is not possible. Priya says not possible? you are the one who fulfilled my stupid wish and Ram remembers the FB scene where he fulfilled her wish to stand on two states. you made that too possible and you have 1 week not 1 hour and I am sure you can do it. Ram then calls his employees and informs them that they have to deliver the consignment in a week’s time. and i know this is a big thing. I think it can be done now too. I will make a plan and everybody will work in shifts. It is going to be difficult but i think we can do it. I need you support and if you are with me we can do it. They say we shall start the work from today itself. Ram smiles. Priya says everything will be done. lets have lunch. Episode ends on Ram tensed face.


Ram tells to Priya tomorrow all our worries will end. It is going to be a beautiful tomorrow.Then suddenly Rain started and Ram panics and says that all the stuff are still not packed. I have to rush to the factory. he leaves and Priya says Mr. Kapoor…………

Update Credit to: Amena

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