2612 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 4th March 2013 Written Episode, 2612 4th March 2013 Written Update

Shahana tells Rashmi to say that her aim is to destroy peace in India. Rashmi says she cant say this, Shahana tells one of his guards to inject poisonous gas into Rashmi’s nephew’s chamber. Rashmi agrees to do anything for them.

Jaddah brings Randip to the hospital, He asks one of the policemen to stay out near the jeep. Doctor tells Jaddah that Randip is allright now, but he needs rest and therefore he should use wheelchair for now.

Shahana calls Rashmi and asks her to come at a place sharp at 4.30 PM. Rashmi takes an auto and looked confused as she had to meet Randip at 4 but she cant delay Shahana’s deadline too.

The policeman standing near the entrance tells her to go to ward 4 and not look back. Randip sees Rashmi in Shahana’s dress *back facing at Randip* and wonders what Shahana was doing there in the hospital. Rashmi turns back and dreams about Randip, they hug and cry. Randip makes a hand gesture and stops Rashmi from coming towards him and tells that he’ll call her. Jaddah comes running towards Randip to check who was he pointing at but he couldnt see Rashmi.

Rashmi gets a call from Shahana, Shahana yells at her not not obeying her order and going to the hospital. she tells Rashmi to reach at her place otherwise she’ll kill one of her family member.

Randip asks if he could go to the bathroom. Jaddah checks the bathroom, meanwhile the policeman gives a mobile to Randip. Jaddah allows him to go inside alone in the wheelchair. Randip locks himself inside and records a video, He tells Rashmi to try capture video/photos of anything that could prove that Shahana is trying to change Rashmi’s identity forcibly. He also assures that he’ll handle everything.

Rashmi watches the video in the Rickshaw. She again gets a call from Shahana, Rashmi says she is near her destination.

Jaddah laughs sarcastically at Randip as he crushed his plan of running away. Randip says he did his job and he didnt wanted to run, and if he wanted he could’ve succeeded in doing so as the bathroom had a window. Jaddah fires the local guard and appoints his man at his place.

Rashmi reaches and gets a call again. Shahana tells her to come inside a shop. Rashmi somehow opens the shutter and finds a computer and Shahana on the screen.


Update Credit to: SilentPromises

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