Uttaran 4th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 4th March 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 4th March 2013 Written Update

Meethi and Vishnu get down from the car.(Sapthaswaradha maroodam’.twam suryam pranamamyaham playing in the background)

Vishnu’s mother opens the door. His mamaji and the women join her. They fake a smile at Meethi. Vishnu and Meethi take blessings from mamaji, Mayya. With a stern face she blesses her that god should give her all the happiness that a suhagan (married woman) deserves.

At Meethi’s home
Iccha and Damini waiting for Meethi’s call.
Tapasya trying to call Mukta but hesitates. Damini and Iccha encourage her to do but Tapasya doesn’t. Iccha says both mother and daughter are alike..stubborn. Tapasya with teary eyes says that’s the thing she is afraid of. She doesn’t want her daughter to be like her ! Iccha consoles her saying every one of them believe that Mukta did not want to ruin Meethi’s life and that she doesn’t have any feelings for Vishnu. Tapasya feels bad for having raised her hand on Mukta when she couldn’t show any love towards her all these years.

Tapasya and Damini together cheer up Iccha who is worried for Meethi.

Akash’s maasis complete the arti ritual. They make Meethi put her legs in the alta water with glass pieces. Meethi complains that something struck her in her feet. Vishnu’s Mama ji says ‘to take back a step is a bad omen at grihapravesh. He advocates that the ritual should be done without stepping back. Meethi volunteers to complete it inspite of the pain.(Horrible I say..)

Rathore enquires the airport employees about the boarding of Vishnu and Meethi over phone

Update Credit to: prajju

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