Amrit Manthan 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 4th April 2013 Written Update

Amrit wondering how Nimrit knows about Agam’s memory loss and Vishal says she must have
found out from the medical file.
Nimrit takes Agam Sehgal to their old house and tells how she and Agam spent their happy moments in that house. Agam vaguely remembers and says that he came here before.
Nimrit asks him to remember when he came and further tries to give him hints.Agam gives a closer look at the house and thinks to himself that Nimrit loves him a lot and he should tell the truth to Nimrit. He tries to tell Nimrit but Vishal calls him and tells him to come very urgently. Agam Sehgal leaves immediately and Nimrit thinks to herself that Agam wanted to say
something to her and wondered if he might have remembered something and would have shared if the phone call did not interrupt him
Bani calls and Nimrit asks how her exam went.Bani says it went well and asks why her mamma
is sad as she can make out from the voice. Nimrit says she is not sad but she was in a business
meeting with Agam Sehgal..Bani says that Sehgal uncle also like the same star which their favourite star is (She calls it dadda wala star) Nimrit decides to ask Mr Sehgal.
Agam comes to Vishal and asks what’s so urgent.Vishal enquires where he was to which
Agam replies he was at Mahi Mallik’s place with Nimrit. Amrit asks him that he said Nimrit
was very angry with him to which he replies that Nimrit could be angry with Agam.S but
not with Agam.M and says that he will not hide the truth anymore and will tell Nimrit about
Nimrit comes to Agam’s place and searches for Agam saying she knows the truth
that he is her Agam ji but the maid comes and informs that Agam left to London.
Yugam happy that their plan is successful and boastful how they made Vishal to convince Agam that he will not contact Nimrit ( I wonder how Vishal is such a big business person as he never thinks and has no brains at all )
Nimrit is sad and Tej comes and asks why she is sad. Nimrit tells him about how Agam sehgal can be her Agamji. Tej tries to cool her and tells her that there might be a possiblity that he could be Agam but they need to also get answers for why Agam came in a disguise to AmritGarh and also why he left to London so suddenly without informing them.
Nimrit makes bani ready for her school exam. Amrit drives to school as she learns about her exams.Bani going to school in a car and there is a traffic jam as some argument is going on due to an hit and run accident.Bani’s Driver uncle requests to let them go as Bani is getting late to school as she has exams.Amrit too at the same spot notices Bani in the car and requests them to let go as her daughter has exams.The guy who blocked the road denies their request as he says until he finds the rich guy who made the accident he will not allow a single car ( How I wish the rich guy is Yug and they catch and trash him )
Bani gets down the car and sees Amrit. Amrit asks why she got down.Bani says she is worried about her exams.Amrit assures that she will take Bani to school.

Precap: Amrit asking doctor what is in the sonography results and the doctor says that Amrit can never become a mother ( Now , is this the reason , she will become obsessed after Bani )

Update Credit to: saina

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