2612 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 4th April 2013 Written Episode, 2612 4th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rashmi hiding from the foreign Ex.student
and gets out without coming in contact with him.

Vidhisha is caught by Prashant but she makes an excuse
about looking around the furniture of his cabin and gets saved.
While leaving with him for lunch
she notices a peon carrying a “Libyan account” file folder.

Randeep is collecting information about Musa from some goon and Swami
is keeping an eye on them when Rashmi calls him to let him
know that she almost died because of him.

Vidhisha is flattering and flirting with Prashant to make him open up to her.

Randeep dons a goofy look to meet the minions of Musa
and introduces himself as a customer.
Randeep asks if his order is real big what he would have to do
and on this the man lets him know that this could only happen through their boss , and he should come and meet him at the same place at 5′o’clock.

Thus his mission to get a meeting fixed with Musa gets accomplished.
Swami calls him to know about if the work is done and Randeep
fakes a party talk in front of the goons, letting him know that the work is done.

Vidhisha is at the office and convinces Prashant to get an
upgrade on the accounting software.
Prashant seems to be considering it when Swami calls Vidhisha
and she addresses him as her mother.

Swami , Randeep , Rashmi and Vidhisha meet up for a round about
where Swami lets it slip that when Randeep
had gone to drop Vidhisha a man of Musa had attacked them.

Randeep , Rashmi nad Vidhisha are in the car
and talking about their work , where Rashmi seems highly upset
and Vidhisha understands her predicament as a lover’s tiff.
They reach Vidhisha’s place and she winks at Randeep and leaves.

Rashmi and Randeep talk about her sour mood and Rashmi tells him
that she understands that he and Vidhisha are just friends
but she will be happy if he would stop hiding things from her about work ,
like the attack.
Randeep accepts this and promises not to hide anything from her.

The student who swapped the bags hands over some sort of
experiment to the man in-charge of the professor and
tells him to let him know what result will
come out of the experiment so that he can start with step 2
and also they’ll need a code for it.

The in-charge tells him that the code will be 2613.

The End

Precap: Rashmi is outside a mall when she sees the reflection of
professor’s handyman is the glass.

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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