Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 4th April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the Swayam speaking with his dad where his dad says that dance can not be a carrier option.Swayam is in his room highly tensed.Taani comes in with the food to give hm.She gets concerned seeing him and comes in.He sees her and she says she has brought him food.Before Swayam could say anything She says that You will say that you are not hungry.I will say why to show anger on the food.And this will cause waste of time.So please have it.I have bought only that much that will make your full.She then feeds him the dinner.Swayam smiles at her.She then says to him that he much speak with Rey as he is sad owing to Sharon’s cause.

a new day when Rey is sitting in the canteen lonely.The gang comes to him and asks him to speak with Sharon.Rey tries to make them understand that Sharon is angry and she will not understand anything untill she gets cool.Swayam goes near Sharon and asks her to ask Sorry to Rey.Sharon shouts at him asking did Rey sent him hear.Rey must have not left them in the middle.She asks Swayam where Rey he.He says Canteen and she marches there off angrily.Hear gang is trying to make Rey say Sorry to Sharon.Rey says do you know how much it hurts when your best friend does not understand you.Sharon listens to this and melts down and asks him then why did you do that.Rey gets up and says that he is Sorry.She knows the protocols and she must understand that he had to follow it as that was VP’s orders.Sharon forgives him and a ShaRey hug takes place.

Again they start with you were wrong and his continues and Sharon moves away.Swayam goes behind her.the gang says She is your best friend yaar to Rey.. The dance on Yeah ladka hai deewana and the whole group enjoys in basket ball court.Taani sees thsi at end and thanks her kanha ji for bring them together.

The gang comes in and get to know from a guy that the new CS notice has been put up.they run to see the new Cs but it already crowded.Taani comes out after putting up the notice.The gang asks her who the new Cs is.Taani says its Aashi.The gang is shocked hearing this.rey asks You did not tell me to which Taani replies saying he was busy.Sharon asks what about the suggestions I gave.Taani says they were rejected and as Aashi was the old ACS she has experience so it will be better.

the gang feels like will Swayam now work under Aashi.Neha says she is happy as by this Aashi is away from Vicky.Aashi is worried about how will she handle Swayam says he will help her and someone has also told that he is the best assistant ever eying Sharon.Sharon does not feel so happy with Aashi being the Cs.

The gang gets a amount of 5000 from the cooperate event.Rey feels it is very less.A crash between Basket ball players and Rey.Swayam’s dad witnesses this and is impressed by Rey…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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