Amrit Manthan 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 26th March 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Bani touching Amrit forehead and says no are fine now..Jyothi comes and both sisters hug ..she says sorry to leave her alone but Bani tells her its not your fault..someone locked me in the room..jyothi says its the bad girls doings ..Jyothi sees the dressing in Bani’s elbow and asks her if she is hurt thats why in hospital..Bani replies No its the bad aunty who is ill..Jyothi instantly ties her dupatta and in her filmy style goes near Amrit..she says oye and really i was laughing watching Amrit facial expression..she was scared of little jojo..before jojo could say something the doctor came in to check on Amrit..he tells Amrit everything fine ,Bani is a brave girl and she saved your life..Jyothi tells Amrit you should say thank you to Bani didi..Amrit says thank you with attitude..jyothi says bad people will remain bad..Bani says No jojo aunty is ill ..lets go as she needs rest and can go home..both going out of the room when Amrit stopped them..She picks up a stem of rose and kneels down ..she tells Bani thank you for saving my life..she gives her the rose and says you are a brave girl touching her cheek..this makes both happy..

Yug gives someone Bani’s pic.. he tells him to bring a false birth certificate of Bani..her name is Gurbani Malik..the guy asks Yug wat’s her parent name.Yug tells him mother is Nimrit malik and father’s put Tej malik..Agam hears this and angrily asks Yug wat’s happening here..he tries to cover up saying nothing just asking him to get Bani’s birth certificate..the guy leaves and Agam tells yug about Nimrit not at all what they have said about her..he tells him about Nimrit love for him ..Yug tells him all its her drama to fool you..thats why i will prove that Bani is their illegitimate child..Agam says beware if both of you taking advantage of my memory loss then it wont be good..he asks him to call Amrit..

Yug calls Amrit and a bit later vishal brought her back home..Yug tells vishal to go meet Agam and he will take care of Amrit..Yug tells Amrit you are really not well..Amrit replies that kid is really amazing..i was so rude to her but she saved my life..Yug tells who Bani..he tells her leave this go and meet Agam..really wanted to kick Yug today..ruthless to the core of what he is doing against Bani and Agam.

Kids are home and the lady in charge tells the truth about what happened in the Bani was left there alone..Mahiji gets angry about such carelessness..Bani says no Dadu its the bad girls who did the mistake..the lady says but Bani did a great job staying there..Jyothi says a twist in story papa..then she relates how Bani saved the bad aunty life..later all at the dining table and mahiji says Bani deserves a treat..Bani shows her rose and says bad aunty gave it to me and said Thank you.jyothi says Bani didi can change bad into good..she can change bad aunty into good aunty..Nimrit says yes as she is good hearted ..

Amrit comes to meet Agam..once more doing her best to brainwash Agam against Nimrit..she keeps on her mantra about how bad is Nimrit and has succeeded in fooling Agam once again..vishal tells Agam to trust Amrit as she is his friend..Agam says friend and trust..he tells Amrit..yug if the day i come to know you both has took advantage of my memory loss then i wont spare both of you..vishal tells him try to understand ..Agam replies i have eyes and a mind and leaves from there..

At the palace all decide to have icecream..Mahiji gives money to Bani..She says where is sardar uncle he too can come with us..Just then Agam enters and Bani asks him why he was out as he is not well..Agam replies i went to the doctor.Bani asks Agam were you not afraid of the snake?..Agam says i did not have time to think about it as i had to save your Mama giving a loving look at Nimrit..Bani asks him where the snake has bitten you..he showed them and both give him a kiss there saying now you will get much better..Nimrit gets a phone call..she moved a bit away to reply it..Tej tells the girls i’m going to get the car keys..go get ready and we will see who comes down first..Agam alone with Nimrit and he keeps staring at her talking on her cell..Nimrit smiles while talking and Agam too smiles staring at her..awww after so long got to see Agam smiling looking at his Nimrit..such a beautiful scene..Nimrit ends her call and tells Agam it was an urgent call.she has to write a mail..she walks up the stairs but slipped and Agam catches her in his arms in time..their usual BG was so good to hear it after so long..their eyelock and Nimrit feeling awkward moves away but felt pain in her leg..Agam without saying anything picks her up in his arms and comes down the stairs..Nimrit keeps staring at him..he made her sit on the couch..Nimrit sad as she has promised the kids to have icecream outside and now she cant as she has sprained her leg..

Agam tells Nimrit to look at him..she does so and Agam tells her i cant see you in pain..if you are in pain i cant bear it to see you like this..i cant bear any pain on your face and in your eyes..
someone who always bring a smile on everyone face due to a pain her smile fades away i cant bear know why because i love you…i love you very much..i love you..ends on Nimrit shocked face..

End scene was a ditto same scene in preleap Epi ..Agam to heal Nimrit sprain told her same he cant see her in pain..he loves her..then he told Nimrit just to divert her mind from the sprain he said all this to her…Nimrit at that moment was shattered..the truth was Agam confessed his heart feeling but was in a misunderstanding Nimrit dont love him..

Crossing fingers everything Agam said to Nimrit is true and he dont have any confusion in his heart about Nimrit love for him.. will be a worth watching Agni romantic dil yeh mera shor karein.Nimrit all smile turns around but shocked to see its Agam ..meaning for her its Agam sehgal..

Update Credit to: saveeta24

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