Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th March 2013 Written Update

the epi starts with rajshri waiting for g3.. the maheshwaris are talking about having a lovely breakfast… soon G3 enters.. she informs that they had decided to go to the market! She is in a bit of hurry thats why they have to rush!

Naitik and Mohit are playing video games.. duggu wants to play too but they say its an elders game! Akshi enters and duggu complains to her! naitik tells her to take duggu down.. she takes her down.. akshi tells her to finish his work after playing.. naitik says his work is always done..

g3 and rj are trying to learn english but the people make fun of them.. they rethink their decision to learn English..

Duggu is sitting sad beside Akshi.. g3 comes and tells him why is he sad? he says nothing.. no one loves him and all that Duggu says he wants to play on the laptop! G3 says okay, and Akshi allows him.. but just for 10 mins!

Soon, Akshi’s friend comes.. Naitik and Mohit come down.. Mohit leaves to help Nandini in the holi preps.. here akshis frnd asks Naitik to talk with them.. naitik thinks akshi has so much time to chat with her frnd.. naitik tries to whisk away.. akshi tells her frnd not to force him when Naitik agrees to talk with them..

Ananya is trying to make rotis.. but they arent becoming round.. so she cuts them using a glass.. dadi gives a vishesh tipanni “Where theres a will, theres a way”..

Naitik and Akshara bid adieu to Akshi’s friend.. akshi invites her for holika dahan.. after she goes, Naitik says that she has time for friends.. Akshi says that she hadn’t called her friend.. Naitik says that his work always gets over on time and goes away..

Duggu is playing on the internet.. *ahem* 18+ site pops up and just then naitik comes.. he shouts at him.. duggu is SO scared.. he just runs away.. Akshi enters then.. Naitik shouts at her that she should have been careful. She doesnt know what is up! Naitik says that how can she give duggu the laptop to play with? it is so risky! He was on the internet, opening sites which he shudn’t! Akshi says that she agrees it was her fault and she should have been careful and stuff.. but the fight continues. They start the blame-game and are literally fighting, when Duggu enters.

Naitik asks him why is he here? Duggu is scared and say his pichkari.. akshi gives him to him.. tabhi he says sorry.. he won’t do it again! He will never touch the laptop.. Akshi says that its okay, from next time they both will play together! Naitik also comes and says it is okay.. Duggu asks them if they were fighting because of him? Akshi says no, they were discussing how to make holi special for him! Naitik agrees.. Duggu gets very happy and he hugs both of them <3 The maheshwari's take a video for Shaurya and Anshu.. they all are missing them and ananya decides to show them the video when they return! PART 3 Next morning.. the kids are playing with water... they won't get colros.. but g3 says give them colors Akshi tells them to play safely and outside the house.. G3 and bm are talking.. bm is sad that dj is here but doesnt participate in any activity.. G3 puts color on her to lighten her mood.. akshi puts more color.. they all put colors on each others cheeks.. Akshi enters her room and starts picking up the things that are scattered in the room! She dreams of naitik hugging her and romancing with her But alas! its just a dream. Naitik enters limping.. she asks what happened? should she get some spray? Naitik says no and is about to sit when Akshi says that two mins she will just cover the bed with another bedsheet.. Naitik says do it later.. Akshi says that two mins.. the kids have started playing with colors, two mins she will just cover the sheet.. Naitik says he will rather sleep in duggu's room atleast there's peace there.PRECAP: duggu takes ghee and walks.. but he skids on something and the ghee falls in the fire! Everyone gets scared..

Update Credit to: stutz

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