Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th March 2013 Written Update

Mohan arrives home and Guru hands him the letter. The letter warns Mohan not to put an innocent life in danger for his stubbornness. Guru apologizes to Mohan for not heeding his advice on remaining careful. He tells Mohan that they should return to Bhopal. Mohan refuses by saying that they have made so many promises to so many people and given them hope. Mohan says he will not go back out from fulfilling all those promises and to make Project Talaash a success. Mohan says he very well understands the pain of losing a child so he won’t back out.

Dada tells Munna that breaking and damaging things won’t make any difference. Munna says but it is important to stop Project Talaash. Dada says he has never needed his help nor will he ever need it. Munna looks pissed off.

Navi pacing around in the living room worrying about Mohan. Beera watches her and calls up Mohan to check on him. Navi is relieved to hear that Mohan is fine. Beera smiles at Navi and Navi tells Jiji that she would now eat food.

Megha in her bedroom tries to shut the window which overlooks Mohan’s house. She has FB of meeting Mohan in the police station. Navi comes into the room and tries to stop her. But Megha continues hitting the lock to shut it for good. Navi makes Megha sit down and asks her what happened? A gust of wind opens up the window. Megha tells Navi that she went to the police station and she met Mohan there. Navi says Spiderman? Megha starts crying. Navi asks if Mohan said something? Navi hus Megha and tells her that they should think with an open mind. Megha is taken aback and asks what is left to think? Megha says you yourself told me that you saw Mohan slapping Addu and scolding him. Megha says Addu kept telling me that Mohan mistreats him but I never believed him. Megha says if you want to become weak then become weak. But he was my son and it hurts my heart every single day. Megha says you won’t understand the pain of a mother. Megha walks to the window ,tries to shut it and injures her hand in the process. Navi tries to help her but Megha shuns her. Megha tells Navi never to take his(Mohan) name in the house again. Navi thinks to herself that the man her mother hates is the one she works with and he is not a bad person and it was not his fault.

The next day in Awaz India office Mohan addressing his team says they(kidnappers) destroyed our records and killed our guard and all we are still stuck in our databases. Mohan says it is time to find a kidnapper or at least a child who was kidnapped to make a point to these people. Mohan says we had an opportunity to do it in the past but we lost it. Navi has FB of clicking pictures of the kidnappers. Navi says all may not be yet lost and shows Mohan the pictures. She tells Mohan that we can find the kidnappers using the pictures.

Awaz India telecasts pictures of the kidnappers and asks its viewers to give any information they have on those people.

A few days pass. The on March 30th Awaz India reporter tells the viewers that Project Talaash has had its first success today as the police have arrested a kidnapper based on the pictures shown. Dada and his cronies are watching all this with worry. Sharma tells Dada that they need to do something to stop Project Talaash. Munna thinks that it is time Mohan Bhatnagar started counting backwards.

Jiji is watching the Awaz India news telecast and calls Megha to watch it as well. Both are happy.

Everyone in Awaz India is congratulating and praising Navi. Mohan comes there and congratulates her and calls her Miss Navika Vyas. Navi is hurt and wonders how to get Spiderman to come around.

RJ is using the water pistol on Guru. RJ praises the dance teacher. RJsays she loves the dance teacher as the dance teacher loves her back. RJ says tells Guru that she is sure sure her mother would have loved her the same way. Guru says why do you need a new mother when you have me and Bhaiya? RJ says she is going to invite Dance teacher for Holi celebrations the next day. RJ says this is the first time I will introduce Papau to Dance Teacher and then I will tell him what I want.

Mohan walking on the road when he hears a bell ringing. He sees Navi in a park ringing the bell with two ice creams in her hand. He has FB of little Nanhi giving him an ice cream. Mohan walks up to Navi. Navi holds out the ice cream to Mohan. Mohan refuses to take it with a shake of his head. Mohan tells Navi that there is no place for all this in his life anymore as there is no Chavvani and no Spiderman left. Mohan walks away and turns around to tell Navi to stop it. He says all these old memories would hurt both you and me. Mohan walks away from the park. Navi is disheartened. Mohan stops to look at her but walks away again. Navi says no matter how far you walk this relation cannot be broken by either of us. Navi says I have become Nanhi from Miss Navika Vyas and soon I will become Chavvani as well. She says we both will search for Addu together and soon I will bring you and mom together again.

Precap: Munna standing in front of the holika swearing to make Mohan’s life miserable. Mohan wishes RJ Happy Holi but RJ says she will not play Holi until the dance teacher arrives. Navi throws water on a sleeping Beera and yells out Happy Holi to him. Beera chases her outside the house.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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