Amrit Manthan 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amrit Manthan 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 1st April 2013 Written Update

Amrit hugs Bani and asks why she isn’t playing holi when she is ok. Bani says that her friends are hurt as someone mixed chemicals in the colors and she is feeling sad and doesn’t feel like playing. Amrit tells Bani that she got scared when she got the news and Bani says that she and JoJo did not play holi in school thinking that she would play with her family at home.Amrit gives her a chit on which home remedies are written to help cure chemicals interaction on skin
Bani asks Amrit that she took so much pain to see her and meet her? Amrit taken aback with the question tries to explain that she was just thinking of her safety and Bani gives her a tight hug and says that she knows that Amrit cares for her and loves her. Bani says that she just helped Bani as she helped her.
Bani says that’s ok as she thought that she bacame a good Aunty and Amrit tries to leaves from there and sees the rose.Bani says it is the same rose that she gave and she will keep it safe with her forever. Bani says she likes Amrit even though she doesn’t like her. Amrit feels happy and at the same time Mahi and Tej calls Bani. Amrit gets alert hearing their voice and Bani asks her to meet her family. She says she will but Bani needs to hide as her family will pour color on her.
Saying so she asks Bani to leave and hide and Bani leaves.
Tej comes inside Bani’s room but somehow Amrit escapes.Tej and Mahi search for bani and she comes and puts holi on both.Mahi asks her to come down and she says that she will get Bad aunty. Tej says he did not see anybody here and Bani says she must be hiding somewhere. Amrit gets down the stairs when she hits JoJo. Jo doesn’t allow her to leave until she meets her mamma
and tries calling Mamma.Amrit asks her not to scream and asks Jojo to go get her mom and she will wait there.Jo goes and tells Nimrit that Bad aunty is here who bani saved her and takes her. Amrit tries to go away and the mean time Jo along with Nimrit come from behind and Jo says there she is . Amrit who is back facing tries to flee away and Nimrit asks her to stop.Amrit comes outside and joins in a group that is dancing and covers her head with dupatta.Nimrit searches but says to Jo she might have gone away.
Amrit goes to her place and sees that her skin got irritated due to the color.She asks Yug’s help in applying lotion but Yug shouts at her for going to palace to see Bani when she has sensitive skin and Amrit tries to explain.Yug says that their freedom is at stake if she keeps shows Meharbani.
At palace Tej,Sunithaji and mahiji all on phone. Nimrit asks Tej what’s going on and Tej tells that they are receiving calls from parents of all Bani’s friends as they are thankful for the home remedy that Bani provided to heel the chemical interaction . Tej says that the Bani’s bad aunty gave the remedy to Bani and Bani has given to all her friends. Tej says he is surprised that a home remedy works for a chemical contact and Nimrit remembers and tells him how how Amrit skin was sensitive and she use to use the home remedy to cure.
Agam tells Vishal that Nimrit loves him. Vishal asks if she loves Agam Mallik or Agam sehgal to which Agam replies she loves her husband Agam and says she sees and feels Agam mallik in him.Vishal tries to talk him out but Agam leaves to palace saying he will be at palace until
he knows the full truth. Agam driving to palace and remebering AgNi holi scenes with bhoolpana as BG and Nimrit remembering the same at palace.
Agam is worried that Agam sehgal has not returned yet but justifies herself saying she must be worried because he is not keeping well. She hears the Car sound and runs downstairs but stops halfway realizing what she is doing and thinks she is rushing to ask him if he ate food and agains think to herself that if he is hungry he will eat and why is she bothered to ask?
Meanwhile Agam wonders if he can meet Nimrit since it is very late but thinks she might have slept .

Next day at dhaba Nimrit tells the workers that a big group is coming to their dhaba and asks them to look after the decorations and cooking.She looks at Babaji’s photo which is tilted . Nimrit steps on a school to adjust it and ties her hair in a bun . Two guys who are sitting and eating at the dhaba tease looking at her back.Agam who comes sees these two cheapos ogling at Nimrit’s back goes behind Nimrit and tries to block their view. Nimrit done with her task turns around and sees Agam . She tries to step down the stool and slips and Agam holds her in time.Agam looks at the cheapos who are still trying to look at Nimrit and Agam goes behind Nimrit trying to cover her . Nimrit wonder why Agam keep coming behind herShe turns around and Agam gives her the file that Mahiji gave her.She takes the file and leaves and Agam again goes behind her. Nimrit gives him a look and tries to go away and Agam keeps coming behind her. Nimrit asks what his problem is and why he is coming after her?Agam pulls her hair down and tells Nimrit that open hair looks good on her (We too love open hair for Nimrit , please tell this to CV’s also yaar )

PRECAP: Agam beating the heck out of the cheapos who ogled at Nimrit and has no glasses on his face. Agam turns around and Nimrit sees him. Agam realizing he has no glasses quickly turns back (Same Precap as friday ).

Update Credit to: Saina

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