Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st April 2013 Written Update

Ganesh has now become the messenger between his mother and father.
Adi guru says that he wont go to anyone…
Parvati devi says that she is a princess how can she live in that forest.
Ganesh then goes to his daddy and tells that mommy isnt ready and how can she live in a forest, its better if they all go to his maternal parent’s house.

Adi guru sternly rejects the plea.
A dutiful Ganesh goes to his mother in his way he feels that he cannot understand what exactly his father intends to do!

She says that she cannot live in a forest..
Ganesh adds that she is alone, unmarried how can she stay there?
Paravti devi seconds to this and asks Ganesh to convey this mesg to her guru.

now the CUTESTtt scene eva!!!

Ganesh goes to his daddy and says “(woh akale hai and samaj kya kahegaa) Father, she is unmarried , how can she stay here alone.. besides what will the society say?”

Shiva bends down and asks “(Yeh unke vichar hai? main kahhe nai jaunga)Are they really her thought? I’m stayin here” (Me swooned…)

He continues, he is the guru and if he cannot obey his (Adi guru’s ) orders he has no right to be called as his disciple.

Poor cute pie Ganesh thinks that why is his daddy testing her when he decided to stay with her at her parent’s house!
Mahadev tells him in hushed tone that, they have to test her determination. Its important see how long is she willing to wait to seek his permission to go to her parent’s house. Did you understand (says SHiva in his fake anger and fake stern looks)

Ganesh says to his mother that if he were in her place he’d wait till the guru’s heart melts!
She says that she’ll stay back.

Ganesha feels tired of playing here thus he asks them to converse with each other.
She tells her guru that she’d stay there till he comes.. Mahadev tells as she wishes..but the wait will never be over!
Then as they move a little further GAnesh asks how long will his mother wait!

Mahadev tells why is he so worried, its her decision she must have thought something and decided (Tumhai itna kasht kyun hora hai, yeh unka nirnay hai, kuch sonch samjah karhe kiya hoga!)

GAnesh feels bad on giving wrong suggestions to his mother..which only increases her miseries.

Back at Jal, who is giving his lat right to his mother… is devastated.
And breaks the weapon into two.. seeing this Shukrachary is certain that this lad will help the asura clan to get its rightful position.
He then asks the kid too move on and takes him along.

Back here Parvati princess is still waiting all day m night

Jalandhar tells that he wont rest till he takes his vengeance from his mother’s murderer. When he asks who murdered his mother.. Shukrachary gives him a pointed staff showing a tree and saying ‘there lies his aim’
At the first throw itself the boy hits bull’s eye…but with anger.

the kid wants to knwo abt the killer…
Shukrachary then gives another staff to the boy and tells that his mother was murdered in the same way!
Jalandhar with rage in eyes and anger consumed him totally…as he threw the staff it misses the aim.

Shuckachary says that his anger will never lead him to success, he tells the child to control his anger or else he’d never be successful!

Jal asks how would he do that?

Shukachary channelizes his anger saying that he has to know that he is greater than his anger and he is its creator…he just needs to control his breath.

Shukachary asks the child to rest as it is very late.. the next morning he needs to practice Jalvaas.. he needs to do it till the time he masters the control of his breath and anger and hoe he can make his anger as a weapon.

The boy tells that he has no time for rest..and Jal goes into Jal, finds a seat and starts to meditate.

He recollects all the memories with his mother..he even hallucination his mother.

Back here Ganesh is afraid to ask his father of his mother’s suffering..
Ganesh asks his father.. his mother doesn’t even has 10 mahavidyas and she is an ordinary lady now!
And why is he testing her at this crucial time and why is it inevitable to create obstacle.
Mahadev replies that its natrual to have obstacle while carrying out yog .. the biggest obstacle is a ward’s pride.. tthere comes a time when one will be at edge with ones self control and then comes a time when one frees oneself from pride.

He too is waiting for that moment..the moment when she takes away her powers.. that moment he’d fill her with his powers

Shukrachary await for Jal.. with supper confidence that the kid has grown in every complete sense.
From a kind a Whirlpool Jumps Jalandhar (with weird horse neigh)
(Inked Mohit looks and and )

Jalandhar grows young… showcases his talents of destroying a rock in a second! (Dnt know why is he jumping all the way!)
As Parvai devi faints Mahadev holds n catches her in his arms.. gives his Shakti his Shakti(powers)

Update Credit to:Killer_Shark

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