Suvreen Guggal 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 1st April 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rehan seeing Ira in the college. Ira asks him what happened? coz he was not so happy to see her before. Rehan says that he is happy to see her coz he wanted to call her. He says that he has to go anywhere, so she has to handle everything alone till he comes. She asks who is she? Ira doesn’t want to do his job for safe his date. She asks who is it? Rehan answeres Suvreen. She gets shocked And then he says that he is going to Suvreens parents for the internship. Ira asks why he is doing that? She says that Suvreen is not a kid she can ask her parents alone. Rehan says that he wants to meet Suvis parents. It’s his decision. Ira gets shocked and asks what?? She asks why he is doing too much for her? Suvreen is not the only person who is talented in the country. Rehan says that she is right but Suvreen has a natural talend, they can’t find a person like her. He wants to meet her parents as a teacher to help her. And then he goes..

Next Scene: Suvreen is waiting for Yuvraj outside. And then she hears Yuvis voice. She turns around and calls his name. Yuvraj is angry with Suvreen and ignores her. She comes closer and says listen to me. She says that she knows that Yuvi is feeling bad coz she is feeling the same. They didn’t talk each other for long time. She knows that it’s her fault. He says that she doesn’t tell him about the internship in mumbai. He says: You said it, that we will share all the problems each other but you didn’t do it. She says: Why I won’t tell you about that? And then RC comes. He is behing Suvreen. He screams Suvis name. She asks for 1 minute to talk with Yuvi. Suvi wants to say something but Yuvi stops her. He says I know you don’t have time for me.! She says that it isn’t like that. He says that RC sir is waiting for her, she has to go. And then he leaves.. Rehan is talking on phone. Suvi is almost crying.

Next Scene: Rehan is at Suvi’s home and talks with Puppa guggal. RC says that he knew Suvi decision before Puppa knows. Suvis decision was to doesn’t go to mumbai before her parents agrees. RC says that she deserve it! Puppa asks: why in mumbai??

Back to Yuvraj. His phone rings. It’s Rishab. He asks when will you come home? Yuvraj thinks: If he goes home will Suvi be here? He thinks that Suvi will go to mumbai till he comes. He says that he can not go home coz he has an important thing to do in college. Rishab says ok. And then they hang up.

Back to RC and Suvi. Puppa guggal says she can not live in mumbai alone. RC says that he knows that mumbai is a big country but the internship is important. Her friends will go there too. Annie, Alisha, Zorro,.. and he. He says that he believes that Suvi deserves it! Puppa guggal looks to Suvreen. Suvreen has the paper in her hand. Behind her baby is hearing everything. She hopes that her dad will say yes. If Suvi goes mumbai then she will go there too.

Suvi and RC are outside of Suvis home. Suvreen says thank you for helping her. She says that she don’t know if her that says yes but it was really nice that he talked with her dad. It really means a lot for her. RC says that she is a special student. He says that he is going to mumbai. Suvi asks so fast?? RC says that he knows but he has to go there to work. He has to plan everything and all.. She is almost crying and then she hugs him… they are hugging each other. And then she goes..
Next Scene: Zorro is showing trainers to Annie in the cafe. Zorro started making jokes again..

Next Scene: Alisha is looking to Yuvraj’s pictures in facebook. She says: I don’t like only your pictures I like you too. And then she sees a picture with Suvreen. She says I hate you Suvreen.. How dare you come closer to Yuvraj? And the she sees a picture from the beach scenes. She says it’s mumbai. And then she imagines that time when Suvreen called her and said that she is with Yuvraj and that they are enjoying and all..Alisha says: That’s means Yuvi went to mumbai with this loser.. But then she got an idea: If suvis dad gets out that she was with Yuvraj in mumbai without telling him then they will be single and they will not let Suvi go to mumbai. That means: Internship is mine and Yuvraj is mine too..

Back to Yuvraj. He wants to call Suvreen but she doesn’t take the call. Rathi says that she doesn’t see that he called her.. Yuvi says that all the problems is because of this phone he says that he will call her last time.. if she doesn’t take the call he will switch his phone off.

Back to Suvreen. They are having dinner. Puppa gets up and goes to bedroom. Suvi asks him what is his answer about the internship? He says that he is tired and wants to sleep. Then he goes. Mumma guggal comes near Suvreen and says that her teacher came and explained everything but he has an other opinion like us. We can not leave a girl alone to the big county mumbai. She says if you want anything that doesn’t means that it will happen.

Suvreen is in her room and sees that she has missed 9 calls from Yuvraj. She tries to call him but his phone is switched off.

In the morning. Suvreen is going to Yuvraj. He is sitting with Rathi in the cafe. She says that she wants to talk to him. He says ok say. Suvreen looks at Rathi.. Yuvraj says : Say what you want to say. Rathi smiles and goes .. Suvreen says that she knows that he is angry with her and upset but how can they solve the problem if they didn’t talk. Yuvi gets up and sits on other chair. Suvi sits on the chair where Yuvi has sit. Yuvi asks her: What’s the tension? Puppa is very angry says Suvi. And then she tells everything what happened. Yuvi asks: What is the problem? if your parents says no it’s ok for you? Suvi says it’s not like this Yuvraj. She says that she told that what her parents says she would follow it but this is her dream. Yuvi says: Your career is the important thing in your life not me. Not your parents.. She asks why he is talking like that? She says that she loves him. And then she holds his hand. Their relationship is important for her. She says : What do you mean?? I don’T care for you?? Ofcourse she cares for him. How can you understand it.. you didn’t have any plan for future for your career.. how can you understand my plans for my career ? Yuvraj looks angry to her.. She says I’m sorry.. Yuvraj says I know what you meant.. what do you think?? I don’t undestand you? Everyday I thought what should I do for topper to see her happy.. But now I know that I didn’t understand you. I didn’t want to stop you from going to mumbai. But I only wanted to say to think about our relationship too. You are soo busy you couldn’t think about our relationship.. And then he goes.. She wanted to stop him but he goes.

Episode ends..

PRECAP: Suvreen says: Puppa I want to tell you… And then Puppa guggal slaps Suvi. Mumma and baby get shocked. Suvreen too.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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