Amrit Manthan 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 12th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit crying and asking Amrit that why did this happened with her ? Why did anyone killed Agam Ji , he has never did wrong with any one , no bad things in his life , than why ?
Nimrit looks at Karan and then Asks Amrit that who is he ? So Amrit said that its not important i’ll tell you anytime later , Nimrit remembered about Bani and Jojo and asked Amrit that how are both ? What will i say to my daughter that where is her dad ..

The police and the whole family was down along with Karan , in the room , Yug was asking Amrit that now Nimrit is been back and she can now handle everything , so can they both start their lives ? so Amrit said that i still want some time , Nimrit is still not fully well , she needs time and till then i will be with her ..

Nimrit was sitting with Bani and both were talking , bani told Nimrit that how did she reacted when she became a kid , so she showed Nimrit’s drawing to her and said this is your drawing Nimrit was shock to see such childish drawing , then Bani showed her Amrit’s drawing , and then said that If today we are fine its all because of Amrit Masi , she was like shade of us , always helping and taking care of not only you but of all of us ..

The police , Karan and whole family was down , the doctor told them that though Nimrit’s memory is back , but her recent past , as a child which she reacted after losing her memory , she did not remember is any more , and then doctor said that because she got a shock and got her memory , because Karan gave her a big shock , and so she got memory back by the same sorrow she felt because of which she lost her memory .

Amrit said to Karan that don’t think that if you did this , then i will forget your sins , that’s not all , Tej said yes , he went to Karan , hold his collar and tease him to say the truth while from the stairs Yug said that i know why he did it so , everyone looked at him with question in their minds , Yug comes down and showed a psycho book , and said there are ways to look after such patients .

He gave the book to the doctor and then doctor said yes its right , so Yug said because of it , Angad did it to get her memory back , Tej and Amrit looked at Him , Karan thought in his mind that this is right time to get a stay in palace again and then he said yes i did for it only . so Amrit said then why you did not told us this before so Karan said because you all were not listening to me .
Every one thanked him for saving Nimrit ..

Nimrit went in Amrit’s room and she saw some pics , then Amrit comes and then Nimrit thanked her for everything , Amrit said i was the fool one to do such things with my own family , only because of my ego , she said to nimrit that i am sorry that i wasn’t able to save Agam , so nimrit said that but at least i got my sister in spite of that . Nimrit said from now on wards we will live like this only , with love and care ..

Then Nimrit too, out raksha bandhan thread and tied it on amrit’s hand , and then both hug , amrit said that now i will not let anyone harm you ..

Karan was on the terrace , he was thinking that his sister died , his mother is in jail and he is here having a pain for such a small wound , he pressed his wound and blood was falling , nimrit was passing from there when she saw it and then she went to karan and said that pressing the wound would not let the blood stop ..

she said to him that she knows that he has helped her a lot and thanks him and did first aid . and then went away ..

Precap : Amrit , Nimrit were in jail standing outside Indu’s jail room and Amrit took Indu’s daughter Soni’s bridal dress and throw it and put petrol in it and then burned it and said that Nimit did now like to make her hands untidy so i have to do this .. Indu was crying loudly , angad/karan was watching this all .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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